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Make Your Barbie Dreams Come True with This Mocktail Recipe

Looking for a super cool and fun drink to rock at your next party? Why not whip up a Barbie mocktail! This awesome pink drink is all about channeling that iconic Barbie vibe and will totally wow guests of any age.

In this article, we’re gonna show you how to make your own Barbie pink mocktail, and we’ll even throw in some awesome tips to jazz it up with your own flair. So, grab your shaker, and let’s dive into the world of Barbie mocktails! Let the party begin! 🎉

What is a Barbie Mocktail?

Regular mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks that totally look and feel like cocktails. They’ve been gaining huge popularity because they’re healthy and super customizable, making them a hit for those who want to enjoy a good time without the alcohol side effects. No wonder they made it to Yelp’s top 10 Food Trends for 2023!

Today, we’re spilling the tea on a super trending Barbie pink mocktail that’s blowing up on TikTok with over two million views in just a few days! From the name alone, you can tell that it’s inspired by the recent global frenzy over Barbie movies. Despite its uniqueness, it has managed to attract a huge fan base. The ingredients and tools needed for making it, however, are quite common, and the steps are straightforward, making it easy for any mocktail novice to learn.

Actually, the Barbie-inspired mocktail isn’t just a recent creation. It’s been catching on since the release of the first live-action Barbie Movie. It’s the ultimate fun and playful drink that’ll bring out your inner child.

Whether you’re throwing a Barbie-themed bash or simply hanging out with friends, a Barbie mocktail is the perfect choice to add a splash of fun and whimsy to any occasion. Let’s drink to good times and let our inner Barbie shine! 🎉

Essential Ingredients for Barbie Mocktail

Here are the essential ingredients that you’ll need to make this delicious drink.

Dragonfruit Juice

Dragonfruit juice is a key ingredient in the Barbie Mocktail. It is a refreshing and sweet juice that is made from the exotic dragonfruit, which is known for its unique appearance and flavor. The juice is vibrant pink in color and has a sweet and tangy taste that is perfect for this drink.

>> Check our Barbie pink dragonfruit frappe Starbucks copycat recipe 👉 CLICK HERE


Sprite is a popular soda that is used in many different types of drinks, including the Barbie Mocktail. It provides a refreshing and bubbly taste that is perfect for this drink. The Sprite adds a hint of citrus flavor to the drink, which complements the sweetness of the dragonfruit juice perfectly.

Edible Glitter

Edible glitter is a fun and colorful addition to the Barbie Mocktail. It adds a touch of sparkle and glamour to the drink, making it perfect for any party or gathering. The pearl white edible glitter provides a subtle and elegant touch, while the silver edible glitter adds a fun and playful element to the drink.

Ice Cubes

The final ingredient in the Barbie Mocktail is ice cubes. These giant ice cubes are perfect for keeping the drink cold and refreshing.

Step-by-Step Barbie Mocktail Recipe



Step 1: Start by adding 2 giant ice cubes to your glass. This will help keep your mocktail nice and cold.

add giant ice cubes to barbie glass

Step 2: Next, pour 1/2 cup of pink dragonfruit juice and 1/2 cup of Sprite over the ice. This will give your mocktail its pretty pink color and a nice fizz.

pour barbie themed dragon fruit juice and sprite

Step 3: Now it’s time to add some sparkle! Add 1/2 scoop of pearl white edible glitter to your glass and stir well with your straw. This will give your mocktail a subtle shimmer.

add white glitter to pink mocktail

Step 4: Finally, top your mocktail with 1 scoop of silver edible glitter. This will give your drink some extra bling and make it look extra special.

add silver glitter to barbie pink beverage

Step 5: Your bling bling Barbie pink mocktail is now ready to enjoy! Serve it to your guests and watch their faces light up with delight.

This mocktail is perfect for any occasion, from a summer BBQ to a birthday party. It’s easy to make and looks absolutely stunning. So why not try making it today and see for yourself how delicious it is?


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Variations of Barbie Dream Mocktail

Looking to switch up your Barbie Dream Mocktail recipe? Here are a few variations to try out:

  • Add Vodka – If you prefer a cocktail, simply add a shot of vodka to your mocktail recipe for an added kick. >> Check Our Barbie Vodka Martini Recipe & Barbie Vodka Bomb Recipe!
  • Add Dragonfruit Syrup or Simple Syrup – If you like your beverage on the sweeter side, try adding some dragonfruit syrup or simple syrup to your mocktail. This will give your drink a delightful fruity flavor.
  • Replace Dragon Fruit with Pink Lemonade, Cherry or Strawberry Juice – While dragon fruit is a great ingredient in this Barbie Dream Mocktail, you can always switch things up by using pink lemonade or cherry or strawberry juice instead. This will give your mocktail a different flavor profile while still maintaining its pink color.
  • Use Flower-Shaped Ice Cubes – If you want to make your Barbie Dream Mocktail even more magical, consider using colorful flower-shaped ice cubes. Simply pour your favorite fruit juice into a flower ice cube mold, add a touch of food glitter, and freeze for a few hours. When you’re ready to serve, add the flower-shaped ice cubes to your mocktail for a stunning and enchanting effect.
  • Use Zero Sugar Sprite and Sugar-Free Juice – For those who follow a keto diet, need to control sugar intake or or manage weight gain, try using zero sugar Sprite and sugar-free juice instead of the regular versions. This will allow you to enjoy the delicious flavor of the Barbie Dream Mocktail without any added sugar or carbs.

Tips for the Perfect Barbie Mocktail

To create the perfect Barbie mocktail, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that your drink is both delicious and visually stunning.

Use Fresh Ingredients

One of the most important things to keep in mind when making a Barbie mocktail is to use fresh ingredients. Fresh fruits and juices will not only taste better, but they will also give your drink a more vibrant color.

Experiment with Colors

Barbie is known for her bright and bold colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades when making your mocktail. Consider using pink, purple, and even blue food coloring to create a truly eye-catching drink.

Add a Touch of Sparkle

To give your Barbie mocktail a little extra sparkle, don’t forget to add some edible glitter. It’s safe to say that besides the pink juice, this ingredient is the most crucial in this mocktail recipe! It will make your mocktail stand out from the rest and look like it’s straight out of the Barbie fairytale world.

Serve in a Fun Glass

Finally, don’t forget to serve your Barbie mocktail in a fun and festive glass. Consider using a tall, skinny glass to mimic Barbie’s iconic silhouette, or opt for a colorful, glittery cup to really make your drink pop.

By following these simple tips, you can create a Barbie mocktail that is both delicious and visually stunning.


What is mocktail?

A mocktail is a non-alcoholic beverage that resembles a cocktail in appearance and presentation but does not contain any alcohol. It is often made with a combination of fruit juices, syrups, soda, or other non-alcoholic ingredients, and sometimes garnished with fruit or herbs to add flavor and visual appeal.

Mocktails are a popular choice for individuals who do not consume alcohol or for special occasions where alcohol is not desired. They offer a refreshing and flavorful alternative to alcoholic cocktails.

Is the Barbie mocktail suitable for all ages?

Yes, the Barbie mocktail is suitable for all ages because it is a non-alcoholic beverage. As it does not contain any alcohol, it can be enjoyed by children, teenagers, and adults alike. It’s a fun and flavorful drink that everyone can indulge in safely.

Is it healthy to drink glitter?

Yes, the glitter in this recipe is food-grade. Edible glitter made from food-grade ingredients is generally safe when used in moderation as a decorative element.

Are there any special garnishes for a Barbie mocktail?

Yes, there can be special garnishes for a Barbie mocktail to enhance its appearance and add extra flair. Some common garnishes include:

  1. Edible glitter or edible dust sprinkled on top
  2. Pink sugar rim on the glass
  3. A slice of fresh fruit, such as a strawberry or lemon, placed on the rim
  4. Colorful cocktail umbrellas or decorative stirrers
  5. Mint leaves or edible flowers for a pop of color
  6. Miniature Barbie-themed accessories like tiny sunglasses or tiaras
  7. Pink or rainbow-colored straws for a fun touch

What flavors are typically used in a Barbie mocktail?

The flavors used in a Barbie mocktail can vary, but they often include fruity and vibrant options that complement the pink theme and add a touch of whimsy. Some typical flavors used in a Barbie mocktail are:

  1. Pink Dragonfruit: To give the mocktail its signature pink hue and a unique tropical taste.
  2. Strawberry: A classic and sweet flavor that pairs well with the pink color.
  3. Raspberry: Adds a tangy and refreshing element to the drink.
  4. Pineapple: For a tropical twist and a burst of tropical flavor.
  5. Citrus: Lemon, lime, or orange juice can add a zesty kick to balance the sweetness.
  6. Berry Mix: Combining various berries like blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries for a delightful burst of berry goodness.

Barbie-Inspired Mocktail Recipe: A Recap

This mocktail recipe has gone viral on social media, with many people sharing their own versions of the drink. But we’ve got the original recipe right here. It’s easy to make and requires just a few simple ingredients.

This mocktail is perfect for a girl’s night in or a Barbie-themed party. It’s sweet, refreshing, and sure to be a hit with anyone who loves the iconic doll.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, channel your inner mixologist and whip up a batch of this delicious mocktail that would make Barbie proud! It’s the perfect way to kick back, relax, and enjoy some quality time together.

Barbie Pink Mocktail Secret Recipe

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