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Get Your Barbie Movie Cups Today – Exclusive Designs Available!

Since its release on July 21st, the Barbie movie has taken the world by storm, igniting a global Barbie and pink frenzy. Women all over the globe are donning beautiful pink outfits, carrying Barbie pink coffee cups/popcorn buckets, and heading to the theaters to watch this empowering female-driven film.

To save you some search hassle, I’ve scoured the web to find some stylish and practical pink cups, along with purchase links. I hope you all find the perfect pink cup that speaks to your heart and, most importantly, helps you become the ‘Barbie’ you’ve always wanted to be.

Barbie X Dragon 16 oz Insulated Tumbler – Pink Palm Tree Edition

This 16oz insulated tumbler is a collaboration between Barbie and Dragon, made of stainless steel with a thermal insulation layer, making it perfect for those who enjoy hot beverages. The main color of the tumbler is pink, with a touch of white, and it is adorned with the words “Barbie” and palm tree patterns all over.

In addition to the lid and two straws, the manufacturer also thoughtfully includes a cup brush, ensuring easy cleaning of the cup bottom. The packaging is top-notch, just like what you would find in offline retail stores, and it comes with free shipping, delivering within 2-4 days within the United States!

Dragon Glassware Barbie pink Stainless Steel Tumbler

Dragon Glassware x Barbie Glass Coffee Mugs – 16 oz

Meet the Double Wall Coffee Mug Set – a dreamy delight that embodies the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse colors and style. Sip in style with two clear mugs, adorned with chic pink handles and the whimsical “Welcome to the Barbie Dreamhouse” art! 💕🏰

But these mugs are more than just pretty faces! The double wall insulation keeps your beverage hot or cold longer, and here’s the cool part – your drink will look like it’s floating suspended-in-air! 🌟✨

Perfect for coffee, espresso, or tea lovers, these mugs are not only sustainable but also microwave, refrigerator, and freezer safe. Embrace the ultimate Barbie experience with every sip!

Customer Buzz

The Barbie coffee cups from Dragon Glassware have captured customers’ hearts! These delightful cups are a perfect gift for any Barbie enthusiast, adding a touch of cuteness to every morning coffee routine. While they are adored by many, some customers advise handling them with care due to their delicate nature.

One thrilled Barbie collector was absolutely delighted with the cups’ perfect size and Barbie-inspired design, deeming them a must-have addition to any Barbie collection.

For true Barbie fans, the collaboration between Dragon Glassware and Barbie is a dream come true. Customers are amazed by the unexpected sturdiness of the borosilicate glass and the beautifully imprinted dream house between the layers that remains intact even after multiple washes. Despite the widemouth design retaining heat, the vibrant pink handle provides a comfortable grip. As a result, customers find themselves reaching for these cups every single day!

Many customers also applaud the seller’s top-notch customer service. Quick responses and efficient issue resolution demonstrate the seller’s unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. With such dedication to quality, it’s evident that the seller takes immense pride in their work and products.

Barbie Dreamhouse Collection Glass Mugs

Dragon Glassware x Barbie Wine Crystal Glasses – Pink and Magenta

Get ready to bring Barbie’s world into your home with the officially licensed collection from Barbie and Dragon Glassware! 🏠✨

The Stemmed Wine Set is a showstopper, featuring stunning glasses in iconic Barbie colors for the ultimate Barbie experience. Sip in style with one pink and one magenta glass, both adorned with Barbie branding on the base! 💕🍷

Not only is it a fantastic gift for wine lovers and oenophiles, but it also comes in luxurious gift packaging, making it the perfect present!

But that’s not all – these glasses are as sustainable as they are beautiful! Crafted with crystal-clear, lead-free, high-quality glass, they’re perfect for daily use and easy to clean! 🌿🧼

Customer Review

Customers are absolutely thrilled with their purchase of the Barbie Cups, and they can’t wait to use them! The glasses are described as “absolutely gorgeous” and “tall and delicate,” adding a touch of elegance to any occasion. The iridescent color and the combination of gold and pink make these glasses even more stunning in person.

Most of them feel that the glasses are worth the investment, as they add that extra razzle dazzle to their drinking experience. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, these Barbie Cups are a must-have addition to their collection.

The only small note some customers mentioned is that the glasses turned out to be bigger than expected. However, this surprise didn’t dampen their excitement, and they are still looking forward to using them with their best friends, making their rose-sipping moments even more special.

In a nutshell, the customer reviews for Barbie Cups are overwhelmingly positive, with high praise for their stunning appearance and excellent quality. For those seeking to elevate their drinking experience and embrace the Barbie charm, these glasses are a stylish and delightful choice.

Dragon Barbie Pink Magenta Crystal Wine Glass

Add a touch of Barbie magic to your home and get your Barbie Cups now! Limited stock available! Don’t miss out on this fabulous deal!

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Cinemark Barbie Movie Pink Diamond Tumbler Cup – 20oz

This semi-transparent Barbie cup features a vibrant and sparkling hot pink color, with the entire body adorned in diamond-cut patterns that shimmer in the sunlight. The front of the cup showcases a large and elegant letter “B.” With a 20oz capacity, pour in your favorite coffee and take a leisurely stroll outdoors with your best friends, leaving everyone stunned and amazed!

Embossed Tin Popcorn Bucket & Pink Diamond Tumbler Cup Bundle

Watching a Barbie movie without popcorn? Not a chance! This set includes not only the stunning pink diamond-studded cup mentioned earlier but also an exquisitely designed pink and blue popcorn bucket.

The sturdy tin can features a large letter ‘B’ and a coconut tree, exuding tropical vibes. I checked for you, there’s not much stock left, so if you like it, hurry and grab it home!

Embossed Tin Popcorn Bucket & Pink Diamond Tumbler Cup Bundle

Barbie Pink Rhinestone Custom Tumbler – 20oz

This stainless steel cup is truly one-of-a-kind! Each cup is custom-made, with every rhinestone meticulously set by hand. The front showcases a beautiful Barbie design, while the back features intricate text, both crafted using water diamonds, all set on a rosy red body.

The cup is further embellished with numerous tiny sparkling particles, creating an exceptionally dazzling effect. It even outshines the brilliant Pink Diamond Tumbler Cup mentioned earlier.

Unlike the Pink Diamond Tumbler Cup, which is perfect for cold drinks, this cup is versatile for both hot and cold beverages. It effectively keeps drinks at the desired temperature, but because of its stainless steel material, it may be slightly heavier than the one mentioned previously.

Barbie Pink Rhinestone Custom Tumbler 20oz

👇Next up, I’ve gathered some fabulous pink cups for all you Starbucks fans! Unfortunately, Starbucks hasn’t released any Barbie collaboration yet, so none of these cups feature the enchanting Barbie doll design or the Barbie logo.

However, don’t be too disheartened! I’ve handpicked a few of the most popular pink cups from Starbucks’ collection! And who knows, Starbucks might surprise us with a Barbie-themed cup in the future, so stay tuned! If it happens, I’ll be sure to let you know first!

Starbucks Barbie Pink Gradient Studded Acrylic Tumbler – 24 oz Venti

This is an acrylic cup released by Starbucks in the winter of 2022. It features a gentle gradient pink color with the iconic mermaid logo in the center. Starbucks fans who love the matte texture can order it from the official Starbucks Amazon store.

On Amazon, it has an average rating of 4.5 stars, with the majority of customers praising its comfortable grip, clear design, and leak-proof feature.

Starbucks Barbie Pink and Blue Grid Kaleidoscope Tumbler – 24 oz Venti

Similar to the one mentioned above, this tumbler is also 24 ounce in size, featuring the same prominent mermaid logo, but with different colors and patterns. The main color is a sparkling pink, transitioning into shades of blue, forming a captivating grid-like design that adds even more shimmer. Personally, I am quite fond of this particular style.

As of now, there are 379 global reviews on Amazon for this beautifully designed cup, with an impressive rating of 4.7. Reviewers praise the cup, expressing how cool it is and how every penny spent on it is well worth it. Its excellent insulation keeps iced coffee cold, while its sturdy and non-plastic build sets it apart from cheap alternatives. Many are already planning to buy more of these cups.

Starbucks Summer Limited Edition Rosy Red Studded Tumbler – 24 oz Venti

With the same 4.7 rating on Amazon, this rosy red plastic tumbler seems to be even more popular, with over 1600 people leaving thoughtful reviews. Many admire the excellent details of the matte finish, which stay true to the design.

However, some individuals express a preference for an interior made of metal rather than plastic. Whether to add it to your collection depends on your personal preferences.

Starbucks Barbie Neon Pink Studded Tumbler – 24 ounce Venti

“The color of this cup is truly unique, a neon pink that resembles the enchanting glow of bustling city streets at night. Many consider it so beautiful that it’s an absolute must-have for Starbucks cup collectors and a perfect gift for others.

It’s easy to understand why, despite its higher price, this cup continues to enjoy impressive sales. On Amazon alone, it has garnered over 700 reviews with an impressive rating of 4.8! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely falling head over heels for it!”

Starbucks Barbie Movie Sangria Studded Tumbler – 24 oz Venti

With the same design, size, and material, this Venti cup comes in the color Sangria, described by some as “Hot metallic pink” and by others as “the perfect shade of a berry pink with an amazing metallic shine.” It’s an incredibly appealing color! Get it and add a unique touch of color to your pink Barbie kingdom!

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Starbucks Barbie Watermelon Pink Purple Gradient Cold Cup – Venti 24

Do any of you love purple? I’ve found a watermelon pink and purple gradient cold cup for you, paired with a green straw and grid pattern. If you can’t find it in local stores, Starbucks’ official online shop is your go-to destination.

Starbucks Barbie Pink Ceramic Travel Tumbler – 12 ounce

fter introducing so many Starbucks tumblers, now let’s share a smaller-sized ceramic cup in cherry blossom pink. It’s double-walled and has a fantastic texture. The design is simple and elegant, and some customers even say that photos can’t fully capture its beauty. Would you like to get one?

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