Best Coffee Shops In Irvine

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops In Irvine Worth The Hype

Irvine is a very beautiful city. Almost everything from the road network to the buildings, establishments and what have you seem to be made with a touch of excellence and foresight. If you are in Irvine anytime and would like to have coffee, there are a couple of cool places to visit. In this article, I am going to show you 10 of the best coffee shops in Irvine.

10 Best Coffee Shops in Irvine 

  1. Press & Moka
  2. Paderia Bakehouse 
  3. Lagu Cafe
  4. Wall Writers Coffee
  5. Kit Coffee
  6. Everyday Eatery
  7. The Lost Bean Organic Coffee
  8. Cha for Tea
  9. 7 Leaves Cafe (open late)
  10. Class 302 (open late)

Press & Moka

Press & Moka has a lovely range of coffee and espresso. From Americano to Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Cafe Au Lait, and much more, the coffee here is superb. But what I love most about this coffee shop is its outdoor seating.

The outdoor space is both a relaxing atmosphere and a pseudo sports complex. You can take your kids to Press & Moka and have them play games provided by the shop while you sit and enjoy your coffee.

Location: 18881 Von Karman Ave Suite 175, Irvine, CA 92612
Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4pm; Saturday from 8:30am to 4pm
Phone: (949) 852-8222
Website: Press & Moka
Social Media: Instagram 

Paderia Bakehouse 

Coffee shops that are bakeries are the best. Except you just want a caffeine fix, I see no reason why you shouldn’t try some of the lovely pastries and baked goods available at Paderia Bakehouse. 

The pastries and cookies offered at Paderia Bakehouse are simply delicious and if you do not care about them, their coffee is certainly one of the best in Irvine. If you ever get to visit, try the Latte and you would be glad you did.

Location: 17935 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine, CA 92614
Working Hours: Monday to Sunday from 7am to 7pm
Phone: (949) 287-8931
Website: Paderia
Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Lagu Cafe

Meet one of my favorites; Lagu Cafe is popular for its origini. Here’s what you must know, Lagu Cafe is basically a Japanese cafe. Everything at Lagu follows a Japanese recipe, from its sandwiches to its coffee.

If you’re looking to try Japanese style pastries, coffee, sweets, and tea, then you are welcome to try this amazingly outstanding cafe. 

Location: 17779 Main St J, Irvine, CA 92614

Working Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 8am to 3pm; Saturday from 9am to 3pm

Phone: (949) 418-7023

Website: Lagu Cafe 

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram 

Wall Writers Coffee

Wall Writers Coffee is one of the best coffee shops to work from in Irvine. They’ve got lots of chairs and tables and I loved that some of the chairs were large swinging chairs that could help you rest your whole body. 

When there is a small number of people, you can study at this coffee shop but the crowd gets much during busy hours. The ube which is among their specialty offerings is a unique delight. You should try it. 

Location: 7755 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday from 7:30am to 2:30pm

Phone: (949) 246-9486

Website: Wall Writers 

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram 

Kit Coffee

If you’re looking to get a hearty breakfast and some coffee, Kit Coffee is definitely the best in Irvine. I loved the aesthetics of the coffee shop, very modern, relaxing, and comforting. 

It is the perfect place to visit if you want to kick start your day with coffee and breakfast. Their breakfast burrito is one of the best in the neighborhood, I would definitely be back for more.  

Location: 2010 Main St Suite 160, Irvine, CA 92614

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4pm

Phone: (714) 785-6488

Website: K I T 

Social Media: Instagram 

Everyday Eatery

Everyday Eatery is a casual coffee shop but their staff are quite friendly. When the locals recommended this coffee shop to me, they said it was a good place to enjoy brunch or lunch. And sure it was. 

At Everyday Eatery, there’s a healthy selection of light bites and pastries and their coffee is always delightful. You can also enjoy breakfast there too. There’s lots of seating options available to choose from.

Location: 6634 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618
Working Hours: Monday to Sunday from 7am to 3pm
Phone: (949) 418-7172
Website: Everyday Eatery
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn 

The Lost Bean Organic Coffee

The Lost Bean Organic Coffee is a chain coffee shop in California and their Irvine branch is one of the new coffee shops in Woodbridge, Irvine. Everything in this coffee shop is organic, made-fresh, and healthy. 

Options at the cafe extend beyond coffee to French Toast, oatmeal, sandwiches, and much more. The atmosphere is one that makes for thorough relaxation. 

Location: 4632 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604
Working Hours: Monday to Saturday from 6am to 8pm; Sunday from 7am to 6pm
Phone: (949) 333-2241
Website: The Lost Bean
Social Media: Facebook and Instagram 

Cha for Tea

Another new coffee shop in Woodbridge, Irvine is Cha for Tea and I love them because of their Taiwanese meals and options. They are basically not a coffee shop but offer coffee. 

So I’d only visit Cha for Tea if I want coffee and some of their Taiwanese recipes. Otherwise, Cha for Tea is simply a tea shop. You can always try them for adventure and variety. 

Location: Woodbridge Village Center, 4740 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604
Working Hours: Monday and Tuesday from 11am to 8pm; Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 11am to 9pm; Friday and Saturday from 11am to 10pm
Phone: (949) 653-5518
Website: Cha For Tea
Social Media: Facebook and Instagram 

7 Leaves Cafe

This coffee shop has a unique style of making coffee and tea. It tastes very different from regular coffee shops and if you love variety, 7 Leaves Cafe can satisfy your cravings. 

7 Leaves Cafe is one of the best coffee shops to study in Irvine as they’ve got comfortable chairs and tables. 

Here’s a special recommendation for you; “House coffee with sea cream” I found myself asking so many questions after having it at first sip, I think you’re going to love it too. 

Location: 2730 Alton Pkwy Suite 101, Irvine, CA 92606

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 7am to 12am; Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 12am

Phone: (949) 418-9278

Website: 7 Leaves Cafe 

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 


Orobae in Irvine

OROBAE is one of the cool coffee shops in Irvine that opens late. If you need a coffee fix when it is past bedtime, OROBAE would be open to entertain your order. 

Aside from coffee, OROBAE is known for its amazing slushies. They are quite delicious. The prices at this cafe are quite reasonable and affordable, the best part is the affordability doesn’t affect the quality of the food and coffee they put out on a regular basis. 

Location: 14250 Culver Drive Suite #E, Irvine, CA 92604

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10:30am to 10pm

Website: orobae 

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram 


Are there 24 hour coffee shops in Irvine?

Yes. Donut Star – Bagels and Sandwiches is a 24 hour coffee shop in Irvine. There are some coffee shops in Irvine that open late. They include 7 Leaves Cafe, Starbucks, SUL & BEANS, Cha for Tea, Sunright Tea Studio, Class 302, Bacio di Latte, and McDonalds

What are the best coffee shops to study in Irvine?

If you’re looking for the best coffee shops to study in Irvine, the following are options you can try; OMOMO Tea Shoppe, OROBAE, Kean Coffee Artisan Roasters, Blk Dot Coffee, Nook Coffee Bar and Wall Writers Coffee. These cafes aren’t noisy. 

Where is Irvine?

In the greater Los Angeles area of California, Irvine is a master-planned community in southern Orange County. 

Is there a coffee shop for sale in irvine?

Some establishments are up for sale, to easily find a coffee shop for sale in Irvine, you look it up at bizbuysell.


I am optimistic you’ve found a coffee shop in this article that offers something you’d want to see in a typical coffee shop. There are tens of coffee shops in Irvine but this article covers only 10 of the best that are worth trying. Thanks for stopping by, if we missed your favorite cafe, feel free to tell us.

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