Learn To Make A MACCHIATO Like A Professional

Italians, like natives of other countries, are known for their food. They have spices and food in various varieties with good color. They have garnishes and yes, spaghetti. 

We all know Italians pay special care and attention to their tastes as well, it is therefore not surprising that the brilliant macchiato belongs to them. They simply indulge in the fine art of making food and drinks.

You’ve likely come across the sweet-scented drink before. Highly likely! It is simply stained and made excellently for various categories of consumers.

Of various types of one-shot coffee drinks that you’ll find in a café, a macchiato is heavenly and simply different. From the way it is brewed to the looks, additives, and taste, you’re sure not to miss a macchiato.Macchiato

What is Macchiato?

Most people go for macchiato as a drink which has sugar and of course lots of caramel. But is that a Macchiato?

The word Macchiato could be said to a word which translates to stained or marked in Italian. 

Here’s a simple way to spot a macchiato;

Think about a cappuccino and espresso. Yes! then a drink in between- not as strong as your cappuccino, but stronger than your usual espresso. There you have it! A Macchiato. Stained.

Espresso Macchiato | Macchiato Definition

A unique type of espresso is the Espresso Macchiato. It could simply be referred to as an espresso stained with milk. It lacks the bland taste of the espresso as the addition of milk helps it to achieve a new taste. 

The espresso’s core is subdued by the splash of milk which goes into it. In the end, you have an Espresso that is not an espresso but an Espresso Macchiato.

So this way how can we define or describe Macchiato?

From the espresso drink, several drinks can be formed from it. That is making the Espresso the base drink while some other additions turn it into a kind of new caffeine for consumption. However, one which moves the espresso far from its definition is the Macchiato.

Majorly, if you’re just trying out caffeine, espresso Macchiato will be a good one to try out in the afternoon. It’s not too strong and it’s quite well layered to enjoy. When you want espresso but don’t want it, then you could go for the espresso Macchiato option. It has milk and of course, foam.


How To Make A Macchiato

To make Macchiato, get your espresso beans and grind them. Or you could easily get pre-ground espresso beans from a grocery store. 

Prepare it and filter like you would your regular Espresso. For this, you can fill your clean portafilter with the freshly ground coffee and then tap the portafilter against your hand to distribute the grounds, and then tamp the grounds to compact them. 

Let your water run through for a couple of seconds after you place your cup under the portafilter. Of course, ensure you heat your espresso to medium heat until it bubbles over the reservoir.

Heat your milk as well to a temperature of about 60°C before you add it to your espresso. Then scoop on the foam, add your sugar and all other garnishes. You’ve got your espresso Macchiato ready!

One-shot coffee Macchiato

Other than making use of the usual espresso to make your macchiato, You could also opt for coffee. This way you get to add garnishes and extras of your choice to the shot to make it you, or more wholesome. To make a one-shot coffee Macchiato, you add various flavors as it may interest you. 

From popular shots like the vanilla and caramel to chocolate. You can make something extraordinary out of your macchiato. You could also go for whipped cream and chocolate as well. Cinnamon is another one spice that could go with it so well.

How to Drink a Macchiato

Have you ever thought about the best way to drink and enjoy your Macchiato? It’s usually hot (except you go for the iced Macchiato) so taking little sips is likely the best way to have it. To drink a macchiato, it is usually very important that you first stir it, this way you do not take the coffee alone first. You could also go-ahead to add some other things alongside the foam to make it exactly what you want.

Caffé Macchiato

Most times a lot of people do not have the luxury of being able to make their coffee or Macchiato. This is because they may not have a machine or lack the knowledge of how to make it. So, what if I want to drink cafe Macchiato, how do I place my order?

Placing your order for a cafe Macchiato is usually very easy. Sometimes it all depends on where you are making the order. Different baristas make use of various methods to make their macchiato, bit, in the end, understand that the end product is the same. Interestingly, cafés have good ways of adding garnishes of various types to their espresso. You can always ask for suggestions from the barista of you are unsure what to have.

Macchiato Menu

In a café with a menu of all the available caffeine products? Then you should understand each of the drinks on the list before you go for any. Usually, Macchiato doesn’t appear on a cafés menu, therefore you have to ask for it. When you simply say macchiato, you likely get served with an espresso Macchiato rather than a latte macchiato, so you should be more specific. Also, cafés usually serve them in small coffee cups. When you want them more than that, do well to ask for the double.

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