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Discover Seattle’s Best Vietnamese Coffee Shop: Coffee Holic Menu Prices

Being a coffeeholic is great once you have an ideal place to grab a coffee. That is why one coffee shop in Seattle is dedicated to delivering some of the best coffee. Coffeeholic is one of the unique cafes serving Vietnamese coffee. 

Unlike other coffee shops selling brewed coffee with many additives, the café offers pure brew. Also, there are other drinks and food you can find. This coffee holic menu prices gives you every meal and drink to get in the café. It’s the latest you can find; therefore, lets us explore it fully. 

What Is Coffeeholic Coffee? 

Wondering what is the meaning of coffee holic? Well, the term refers to people addicted to coffee. However, Coffeeholic coffee is a café based in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2020 by Chen & Trang, a husband and wife, they aimed to bring authentic Vietnamese coffee to the heart of Seattle. Also, the duo wants to share their culture of \great coffee with others. 

Why Is Coffeeholic Coffee Famous? 

The café is famous due to brewing Vietnamese coffee. Some popular drinks include Coffeeholic Dream, Vietnamese coffee, Bac Siu, and other coffee and non-coffee beverages.

Besides the signature coffee, the café also has blended drinks like coconut coffee, matcha blended, and pastries. 

Does Coffeeholic Roast Its Coffee? 

The coffee shop roasts its coffee in the facility. Also, by sourcing coffee from Vietnam, the company ensures the authenticity and quality of the beans. Due to single sourcing, roasting, and brewing their coffee, the drinks are superb. 

Is Coffeeholic Coffee Organic? 

Although the coffee shop sources the coffee directly, the beans aren’t organic. However, single sourcing ensures consistency in quality, and farmers follow best production practices. Even though Vietnam is the largest producer of Robusta coffee, Coffeeholic uses pure Arabica beans.

Does Coffeeholic Have Food? 

The only food available at Coffeeholic is pastries. They are available all day; however, no dedicated breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu exists. 

How Many Coffeeholic Coffee Locations Are There? 

Coffeeholic Coffee Locations

Although the café is less than 5 years old, it has established additional locations since its establishment. As of February 2023, coffeeholic had 2 locations within Seattle city. 

Coffee Holic Menu Prices

Espresso Menu- Available Hot or Iced

Item  Price 
Vietnamese Latte$5.00 – $6.50
Purple Haze$5.50 – $7.00
Ube Latte$5.25 – $6.75
Dark Night$6.00 – $7.50
White-Hazel Latte$5.75 – $7.25
My Muse$5.25 – $6.25
Latte$4.50 – $6.00
Americano$3.50 – $4.25

Other drinks Non-caffeine and tea drinks

Item  Price 
Matcha Latte$6.00 – $6.50
Sea Salt Green Tea$5.25 – $5.75
Honey Iced Green Tea$4.25 – $4.75
Ube milk$3.95 – $4.95
Strawberry Milk$3.95 – $4.95

Blended Drinks

Item Price 
Coconut coffee$6.00 – $6.75
Vietnamese Coffee Blended$6.25 – $6.75
Coffeeholic Dream Blended$6.25 – $6.75
Matcha Blended$6.50 – $7.00
Chocolate Blended$6.00 – $6.50


Item Price  
Taro Marble Bun$5.25
Custard Bun$4.50
Japanese Curry Shredded Pork Bun$5.25
Seaweed Hot Dog Pork Floss Bun$5.00
Coconut Cream Bun$4.50
Taro Marble un$5.25
Green Onion Sausage$5.15
Matcha Red Bean Bun $5.00
Nutella Turnover  $5.50
Apple Turnover  $5.50

How To Order From Coffeeholic?

The easiest way to order from Coffeeholic is direct ordering in the café. However, you can also order online via the website. Online ordering allows you to pick up for non-contact interaction. Dine-in is also available. Ordering in advance enables you to beat queues and save time. 

To order online, this is how it’s done. 

1. Go to the official Coffeeholic website

How To Order From Coffeeholic 1

2. Click on ‘Online Order click here.’ To go to the Menu page. 

How To Order From Coffeeholic 2

3. On the menu page, choose your item to customize. Once customization is done, hit ‘Add to Order.’

How To Order From Coffeeholic 3

Coffee Holic Contact Information & Operating Hours 

Postal Address: 3700 S Hudson St, Seattle, WA 98118, United States 

Operating Time: Mon-Sun 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Sat-Sun 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 206-722-3327 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

Social Media


Twitter: None 


Pinterest: None 

YouTube: None 


Important Links 

Official Website:


Career:[email protected]  


Final Words 

The coffeeholic coffee shop has the excellent brew you have been looking for. Checking at the coffeeholic menu prices, it’s evident that if you want to enjoy Vietnamese coffee, it’s the perfect place to place your bet. The drinks and pastries are on another level. 


Does Coffeeholic have outdoor seating?

No, the coffee shop doesn’t have outdoor seating. Also, the first location doesn’t allow dine-in hence no indoor or outdoor seating. 

Is there Non-dairy milk at Coffeeholic?

Yes, there is a dairy substitute in the coffee shop. You can opt for Oat, Soy, or Almond milk. 

Does Coffeeholic offer free Wi-Fi? 

The coffee shop offers free Wi-Fi in their coffee shop for customers to browse as they sip coffee.

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