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Decatur to Welcome a Second 7 Brew Coffee Stand on Sixth Avenue Southeast

Decatur residents can rejoice as plans for a second 7 Brew Coffee stand have been unveiled. The new location, set to open on Sixth Avenue Southeast, will bring the beloved coffee chain closer to coffee enthusiasts in the southeast part of the city.

Strategic Location Identified for the Second 7 Brew Coffee Stand

Tacala LLC has identified an ideal site for the new coffee shop. The proposed location spans approximately 1.9 acres at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Seventh Street. This prime spot will be conveniently situated across from Dunkin Donuts, creating a bustling coffee hub in the area. It’s worth noting that the first 7 Brew Coffee stand recently opened its doors last month at Plum Tree Plaza on 928 Beltline Road S.W.

Plans Presented to Zoning and Technical Review Committees

City Planner Lee Terry presented the project to the zoning and technical review committees, showcasing Tacala’s vision for the second 7 Brew Coffee stand. The company has requested the consolidation of four lots along Seventh Avenue with a single lot along Sixth Avenue, streamlining the property and conforming to the RD-2 redevelopment district zoning.

Thorough Review Ensures Compliance and Community Considerations

The zoning and technical review committees meticulously evaluated the plans, ensuring compliance with city regulations and guidelines. These committees play a vital role in reviewing zoning requests, property subdivisions, annexations, and vacation requests, safeguarding the interests of the community. Their valuable input and recommendations will be forwarded to the Planning Commission for further consideration.

Site Plan Unveiled for the Drive-Thru Only Coffee Shop

The technical review committee scrutinized the site plan for the proposed 7 Brew Coffee stand. The plan reveals an impressive 522-square-foot building designed exclusively for drive-thru service, catering to busy individuals on the go. With two drive-thru lanes, the new location aims to provide efficient and convenient service to meet high customer demand.

Considerations for Community Impact and Infrastructure

As part of the development, Tacala has requested the vacation of a portion of the alley located between Sixth and Seventh avenues. However, concerns have been raised about the potential impact on neighboring residents. City Attorney Ruth Priest has expressed caution, emphasizing the need to address these concerns thoughtfully.

Moreover, Planning Commission Chairman Kent Lawrence highlighted potential challenges, citing a previous issue with truck deliveries at a nearby business. To address these concerns, City Planner Lee Terry plans to add a condition to the site plan, ensuring adequate provisions for truck movements, safeguarding both the neighboring residents and businesses.

Future Enhancements and Utility Considerations

The proposed site design includes limited parking spaces on the east side of the development, promoting convenience for visitors. Additionally, the property along Seventh Avenue will be preserved as green space, contributing to the aesthetics of the area.

Decatur Utilities’ representative, Kyle Weaver, emphasized the need to retain an easement through the area where the alley is proposed to be vacated. This proactive measure ensures flexibility for potential future utility repairs, even beneath the new parking lot.

Protecting Adjacent Residential Properties and Utility Requirements

To protect the adjacent residential properties on Seventh Avenue, Tacala must fulfill specific conditions. These conditions include adhering to lighting limitations and installing a fence along the shared property line with residential units. Furthermore, the developer must incorporate a grease receptor and indicate the location of utility poles on the final site plan, ensuring compatibility with the surrounding infrastructure.

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