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Top Ranked Handcrafted Specialty Coffee, Waterbean Coffee Menu Prices Guide

Looking for an ideal place to quench your thirst with amazing coffee is not easy. Especially when there are dozens of cafes available, it can be tricky to choose the ideal one. However, for anyone around some parts of North Carolina, Waterbean coffee is a perfect place where coffee is never like other cafes. 

Having enjoyed a range of coffee beverages at the coffee house, I must share the latest Waterbean coffee menu prices. It has a variety of beverages, like drip-over coffee, French press coffee, Aeropress coffee, and others; it’s the perfect café for the tastiest drinks. Let’s see why Waterbean coffee beats others regarding brewed coffee. 

What is Waterbean coffee? 

Waterbean coffee is a franchising company dealing with wholesale and retail coffee trading. Founded in 2013 by Tony Vo and his wife, Annie, in Cornelius, North Carolina, the coffee company is known for its specialty coffee. 

Headquartered in, the company enjoys expertly hand-roasted coffee. Using a German-made Probat roaster, the resulting coffee is perfectly roasted. 

The roasting facility is located in Huntersville, NC, and provides coffee to all Waterbean locations. 

How many Waterbean locations are there? 

When founded, the company had only one location. However, it has expanded from a single to multiple locations. As of January 2023, the company had 14 locations scattered in different areas of North Carolina. With the addition of the franchising option, the Coffee shop is expected to grow even further. 

Where does Waterbean coffee get its coffee from?

Waterbean single sources coffee from different countries. Through single sourcing, it maintains the quality and safety of the customers. 

The coffee is sourced from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Vietnam, Nicaragua, and other coffee-producing areas. Besides sourcing, the company roasts beans in small batches and does the blending process. 

Is Waterbean coffee organic? 

The good news is all coffee sold at Waterbean coffee is organic. Besides being organic, the coffee has USDA, Fairtrade, and Rainforest Alliance certified. With sustainable coffee production processes, the coffee is sustainable. 

Does Waterbean coffee have food? 

Waterbean coffee has light pastries. However, it is a company that mainly specializes in brewing top-of-the-league coffee and non-coffee and smoothies. However, there are a few baked food muffins, velvet cupcakes, bagels, and other light snacks. 

Waterbean Coffee Menu Prices 

Waterbean Coffee price list

Picked for you 

Item Size Price 
Latte Small $3.65
Latte Large $4.40
Hybrid Shot$4.75
Coffee Tasting Flight$9.00
MochaSmall $4.30
MochaLarge $5.10
Specialty Hot ChocolateSmall $3.60
Specialty Hot ChocolateLarge $4.35

Cold Drinks

Item Size Price 
Iced FrappeSmall $3.75
Iced FrappeLarge $4.50
Iced Mocha FrappeSmall$4.60
Iced Mocha FrappeLarge $5.35
Iced LatteSmall $3.75
Iced LatteLarge $4.50
Famous Iced CoffeeSmall 
Famous Iced CoffeeLarge 


Item SizePrice 
Single Origin Chocolate MilkSmall $2.90
Single Origin Chocolate MilkLarge $3.65
Specialty Hot ChocolateSmall $3.60
Specialty Hot ChocolateLarge $4.35
Green Tea FrappeSmall $3.95
Green Tea FrappeLarge $4.70
Jelly Tea FrappeSmall $4.45
Jelly Tea FrappeLarge $4.95
Sweet TeaSmall $1.98
Sweet TeaLarge $2.15
Chai LatteSmall $3.85
Chai LatteLarge $4.60

The Espresso Bar 

Item SizePrice 
Classic Macchiato$2.50
MochaSmall $4.30
MochaLarge $5.10
Hybrid Shot$4.75
LatteSmall $3.65
LatteLarge $4.40
Double Espresso$2.50
AmericanoSmall $2.60
AmericanoLarge $2.95

On the Brew Bar

Item Size Price 
Vietnamese Coffee$3.98
Whole Bean Coffee Bag$12.50
Coffee Tasting Flight$9.00
Drip Specialty CoffeeSmall $2.15
French Press Coffee$3.75

Featured Item 

Item SizePrice 
Love Organically -Organic (Blend)12oz$16.00
Blossom Espresso- Organic (Blend)12oz$16.00
Eternity Espresso- Organic (Blend)12oz$16.00
Darkness Espresso- Organic (Blend)12oz$16.00
Decaf Eclipse [ORGANIC]12oz$16.00
GOOD MORNING VIET NAM (Blend) 12oz$16.00

How to Buy from Waterbean Coffee? 

Waterbean coffee offers different ordering processes. One way is direct ordering at the café for customers who like dine-in or takeaway. Also, you can use online food delivery apps like Seamless, Postmate, Grubhub, and Ubereats. Below is how to order coffee from Waterbean coffee via Postmate.com. 

1. Log into the Waterbean coffee page on Postmate here and set your locations to see whether it delivers to your area. 

how to order Waterbean Coffee step 1

2. On the displayed menu, choose your item and customize it. 

how to order Waterbean Coffee step 2

3. Once the customization is done, click ‘add1 to order.’ 

how to order Waterbean Coffee step 3

Waterbean Coffee Contact Information and operating hours 

Postal address: 19420 Jetton Rd105, Cornelius, NC 28031, United State

Operating Time: Mon-Fri 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Sat-Sun 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM 

Telephone: (828) 305-9999

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: https://www.waterbean.coffee/contact-us 

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waterbean.coffee/ 

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/waterbeancoffee 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waterbeancoffee 

Pinterest: None 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@WaterbeanCoffeeCornelius/videos 

TikTok: None 

Important Links 

Official Website https://www.waterbean.coffee/ 
Locations https://www.waterbean.coffee/locations 
Franchising https://www.waterbean.coffee/franchising 
Event https://www.waterbean.coffee/events 

Final words 

Waterbean coffee menu prices offer extensive insight into what is available in the coffee shop. The organic coffee roasted to meet the best qualities ensures every coffee drinker gets the best experience. If you like single-origin coffee, Waterbean coffee is the right place. 


Does Waterbean coffee have Wi-Fi?

The coffee shop has a super-fast Wi-Fi connection with a speed of up to 100mbs. 

Does Waterbean Coffee have outdoor seating?

Yes, you can enjoy the outdoor seating while sipping delicious coffee. 

Is the Waterbean coffee menu vegan friendly?

The menu includes vegan-friendly treats. You can especially choose dairy-free options for beverages. 

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