can coffee make you nauseous

Can coffee make you nauseous? 4 Ways to Prevent Feeling Queasy

Do you love to wake up to a hot cup of coffee? If you love sipping latte and have experienced the room spinning after having it, there might be various questions hitting your mind regarding the coffee beans. Feeling nauseated after having coffee is a common symptom, and most coffee lovers might have experienced this at some or other point in time. Can coffee make you nauseous? Can old coffee make you sick? Does coffee make you feel dizzy? Can coffee cause diarrhea? Here in this article, we are going to clear the air in regard to all such questions that creep up in the mind of coffee lovers who experience nausea after having coffee: 

Can coffee make you dizzy?

Why does coffee make me nauseous and feel woozy? There are plenty of reasons that cause dizziness. One of the main reasons is that coffee is a stimulant, and drinking coffee on an empty stomach can erode the stomach lining, ending up in gastritis. Caffeine has the ability to reduce the blood flow to the brain and thus can give you woozy side effects. Also, the feeling of sickness after consuming coffee may vary from individual to individual.

Some may not feel sick even after galloping a bucket of coffee, while a few may experience dizziness after just a cup or two. This is because the caffeine tolerance level of different individuals may vary, and thus one should be watchful of the same and do not overdo it to stay at bay from the negative effects of coffee beans.

How to get rid of dizziness after drinking coffee?

how to get rid of dizziness after drinking coffee

Coffee on empty stomach causes nausea, but there are indeed ways to enjoy your cup of coffee without feeling nauseated. Here we pen down a few ways to get over the dizziness that results from coffee consumption:

Get something to eat

One of the best ways to get over the dizziness after having coffee is to nibble on something either before having coffee or while having it. Even a small snack such as a piece of bread or any other protein food can help prevent nausea.

Go black

Another trick that can prevent nausea is by consuming black coffee and ditching the milk. Keeping away from artificial sweeteners and opting for a plant-based option can also help.

Drink enough water

Staying hydrated is the key as it aids in lowering the adverse effects of caffeine besides hiking the electrolyte count. Especially if the caffeine makes you feel the urge to use the washroom, again and again, drinking water can help.

Cutting down on the coffee intake

If you do not get relief by trying any of the above hacks, cutting down on the caffeine intake can help you get over the nauseating feeling. Some people may ask can caffeine withdrawal make you nauseous? Yes, it may make you experience some unpleasant effects initially, such as headache, fatigue, etc., but it can help you in the long run.

Does caffeine make you hungry?

Some people believe that coffee develops hunger pangs. But does caffeine make you hungry? Well, coffee doesn’t make you feel hungry and is often used for controlling appetite. In fact, many consume coffee in lieu of losing weight.

Can expired coffee make you sick?

Does coffee expire? Can bad coffee make you sick? Many coffee lovers are prone to ask this question. Well, the good news is that coffee does not go bad to such an extent, and you can drink it without getting sick. But make sure that the expired coffee does not have any spoiled additives or molds. And if at all you happen to suffer the after-effects of drinking expired coffee, you may feel nauseated. 

Can coffee make you nauseous when pregnant?

During the phase of pregnancy, one may become sensitive to caffeine. Though this may vary based on person to person, it usually happens because the body of expecting mothers may take a longer time for the clearance of coffee, which results in nausea and light-headedness.


The feeling of waking up to the brewing fragrance of coffee is an unparalleled thought and can make you feel fresh and energetic instantly. But there are a few who may feel uneasy and sick in their belly after having a cup of brew. But following the above tricks can work wonders and help you stay at bay from the side effects of having coffee. So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing the same and never let anything come in between you and your brewing cup of coffee!

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