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What Causes Coffee Ground Poop? Is Condition Treatable and How Severe It Is?

When stool color deviates from brownish, it means there is something in the stomach. However, it doesn’t always mean there is a serious problem. Stool color change might temporarily depend on your diet. 

When you see coffee ground poop, it is time you should feel concerned. The condition can be due to blood in the stool or eating certain types of food with dark pigmentation. 

Knowing when coffee ground stool is concerning is essential since sometimes it can be an emergency case. Also,  a picture of coffee ground poop can help you understand the condition  better.

What is coffee ground poop? 

Poop is a combination of fiber, indigestible food material, gut microbial, and mucus. Also, stool contains bile pigments which give the brownish color. 

Sometimes, the poop looks like coffee grounds due to blood. However, sometimes food can cause this situation.

coffee ground poop picture

Why does my poop look like coffee grounds?

The medical conditions that can cause poop with blood flakes are. 

  • Bleeding ulcers 
  • Gastrointestinal cancer 
  • Colitis 
  • Hemorrhoids 
  • Bleeding in the gut 

Apart from these medical conditions, eating some food can cause this condition. In this scenario, there is no need for alarm. Some of the food you can eat and get black speckled poop include. 

  • Bananas 
  • Raspberries 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Spices 
  • Black beans 
  • Food with a lot of iron like spinaches and red meat 
  • Leafy vegetables 

How to know you have coffee ground stool? 

Since the condition can be due to food or medical conditions, it is sometimes hard to tell. However, there are times when you can experience an unusual feeling which indicates something might be wrong. 

Some of the things that can indicate you have serious problems include. 

Coffee grounds vomit

Coffee ground vomit is an indicator you have bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal. Commonly referred to as coffee ground vomitus. 

It is worth noting that the vomit has coagulated blood, which looks like coffee grounds. Also, the color differs depending on how long the blood has stayed in the gastrointestinal system. 

Coffee ground vomiting is a severe condition, and you should see a doctor immediately. 

Poop looks like coffee grounds 

When the stool looks like coffee grounds, it should be the first red flag. You can see large black flakes or pea-sized black balls in the stool. 

The color of these flakes varies depending on blood stay duration in GI and reaction with acids.

Diarrhea that looks like coffee grounds 

Sometimes, you can experience diarrhea with coffee-like flakes. This is also an indicator your GI is bleeding. However, if you had consumed leafy vegetables, a lot of red meat, and dark food, it might be the cause. 

If diarrhea is accompanied by severe abdominal pain, it is time to see a doctor. 

The presence of black flakes might be due to bleeding of the gastrointestinal system. 

Black specks when wiping

When wiping your bowel, white toilet paper can easily show any abnormality in poop. If you have eaten food with high iron or dark composition, it might be the cause. 

On the other hand, you need to see a professional if you spot black specks when wiping and have not eaten suspected food. It might be a serious problem that requires medical attention. 

Can parasites cause coffee ground stool? 

Parasite infestation can be one reason you see black speckles on your stool. 

Also, black specks in stool parasite eggs can be present, indicating the severity of the infestation. 

When you have a heavy intestinal infestation, they can cause infection, leading to diarrhea with blood spots and mucus. 

In such cases of intestinal parasite infestation, the doctor will order for the test to ascertain. 

What is normal poop color and texture? 

Well, the standard stool has a light brown color. Any deviation might be due to a diet change or underlying health condition. 

Although the stool color might change due to food, it should not be uncomfortable. 

These are the colors of stool that reveal your gut health. 

  • Green: Quick food movement in the large intestine. Presence of unbroken bile and consumption of vegetables, green food color, and iron supplement. 
  • Light: White poop or might indicate obstruction of the bile ducts. Thus, there is a lack of bile which needs medical intervention. 
  • Yellow and foul-smelling: Presence of fat in the stool due to conditions like celiac disease. Medical intervention is necessary. 
  • Black: The color indicates bleeding in the upper GI. Medication is necessary to treat the underlying problem. 
  • Bright red color: Unlike the dark stool, the bright red stool might indicate bleeding in the lower abdomen. 

How is coffee ground stool treated?

Treatment of the coffee ground stool depends on the underlying conditions. There is no general treatment meant for coffee grounds like poop. 

When you feel any abnormality in the body and see bloody or abnormal poop, it’s time to see a doctor. 

Depending on the symptoms and tests, a doctor will determine the correct medication for your condition. 

Why do I have sand like particles in stool? 

Usually, poop should be sausage-like with smooth or some cracks. Any deviation to either loose or dry should be treated as abnormal. 

Sand-like particles in poop might indicate a degree of constipation

Why do I have Sesame seeds like things in stool? 

Sometimes, food might be partially digested, which makes you experience sesame seeds like things in the stool. 

Besides, some seeds are hard to digest and can be seen in poop. 

In breastfeeding kids, fat from milk can cause poop to have a seed-like texture. 


Sometimes, coffee grounds bowel movement is present due to diet or medical condition. Detecting abnormality in the poop is one of the first ways to detect the underlying condition. 

Whether the coffee ground poop is due to food or condition, it’s vital to monitor closely. This will ensure you evade severe complications due to gastrointestinal bleeding.  

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