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Ristretto vs Long Shot – Which One is Your Favorite?

Ristretto and long shot are the two popular variants for most coffee lovers. They differ from one another with regard to the quantity of water and the duration of time for extraction. But there are also other points on which they differ. Running a ristretto vs long shot comparison is a good idea if you aren’t sure which one you should choose.

In the case of a long shot, coffee brewers allow the espresso to run through a glass filled with warm water. The idea behind it is to dilute the resulting espresso. On the other hand, brewers use ½ the amount of water that is used in standard espresso to brew ristretto coffee.

That said, there are some incredible facts about both versions of coffee. If you are fond of coffee, you would like to know about them, let’s get a detailed insight into ristretto and long shot and how they differ from one another.

What is a ristretto shot?

Ristretto is a restricted version of espresso that is prepared by using a lesser amount of water than espresso. Though both are made with the help of an espresso machine, the amount of water used in both versions of coffee draws a line of distinction between them in terms of concentration and taste.

The origin of a ristretto is linked with Italy and its language, which means “restricted” in English. It indicates that ristretto is a classic espresso’s shorter version. Because the amount of water is restricted at the time of brewing a ristretto, it tastes like a sweet and heavy beverage

Coffee lovers who prefer a lesser quantity of caffeine in their drink can opt for decaf ristretto. Due to its low caffeine quantity, decaf ristretto is not bad for health.

What is a long shot at Starbucks?

When you order a long shot espresso at Starbucks, a barista will pull extra water. The resulting shot gives a fuller feel along with a sweet flavor.

Some people associate long shots with lungo. If you have ever wondered what is lungo, it is the Italian word for a long shot. 

What does ristretto mean at Starbucks?

A barista pulls a shorter shot when one orders a ristretto at Starbucks. To ensure the right flavor, they utilize a lesser amount of water while brewing a ristretto with the help of an espresso machine. 

Ristretto gives a syrupy feel along with a sweet flavor to one who drinks it. Being versatile by nature, ristretto enables a barista to make different kinds of espresso drinks. At Starbucks, you can choose to order your preferred drink based on your preferences and budget.

Ristretto vs espresso vs lungo

Ristretto, lungo, and espresso are all different forms of coffee. Among these choices, espresso is the one that has a strong flavor. If the ground coffee is too fine and the shot doesn’t pour fast, you may get bitter espresso.

Lungo has a higher volume of water, followed by espresso and ristretto. If sweet coffee is your preferred option, you can choose ristretto. Espresso, lungo, and ristretto consist of 7 grams, 8 grams, and 8 grams, respectively.

You will need 25-30 ml of water to make espresso at home. For lungo and ristretto, you need 50 mL and 15 mL of water, respectively. For more ideas, you can check out sweet shots espresso Instagram.

How much is a shot of espresso at Starbucks?

Starbucks is the ultimate destination to get coffee of the highest quality. If you find espresso to be a fabulous coffee drink, you want to know how much it costs at Starbucks. At Starbucks, it costs about $3.25.

How to make a ristretto at home

How to make a ristretto at home?

To make ristretto at home, you need to make early preparations. Getting the essentials ready for it would be necessary. Other than freshly ground coffee beans and filtered water, you will also need an espresso machine and a coffee grinder.

After getting these essentials handy, you can proceed with the following steps to learn how to make a ristretto at home:

  • Check if your espresso machine has a leftover coffee ground. In case you find one, remove it by taking out the portafilter.
  • When the portafilter is dry, add 15-18 grams of finely ground coffee to it.
  • Push the portafilter gently to keep the ground coffee at a level. Try loose-ground coffee if you find it.
  • Pull ristretto shots after restoring the portafilter to its initial position. 
  • Pull a shorter shot by passing a lesser amount of water (about ½ an ounce).
  • Use a cup to collect the shot of ristretto. Put it under the portafilter.

After performing these steps, take out the portafilter and clean the group head.

Is ristretto stronger than espresso?

If you compare the level of caffeine in regular espresso with that of a ristretto, you will find a lesser level of caffeine in the latter. As such, a ristretto is more concentrated, sweeter, and stronger than espresso.

Final thoughts

From the above ristretto vs long shot comparison, it stands out that both are diagonally opposite in terms of taste and concentration. For coffee lovers, knowing the differences between them in terms of taste is necessary to order the right drink like a pro. So, what is your favorite?

If you are a ristretto lover, worry no more, as you can easily make it at home by following the aforementioned steps. However, make certain that you implement all the steps without omitting any of them to achieve desired results.

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