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The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use

One of my friends loves drinking coffee. The only problem is that she can’t tolerate caffeine. However, since she started drinking decaffeinated coffee, I have never heard her complain. I also started trying different brands of decaf coffee to find out whether there are any differences from regular coffee. 

Since I started drinking decaf coffee, I have tried tons of different brands. However, some of the best decaf coffee you can get is from Fabula, Lifeboost, and others. Their coffees are 100% organic and low in acid. After consumption, there is impressive refreshment without suffering from the harmful effects of residue chemicals. 

In this review, I will share the 16 best decaf coffee worth drinking. Among them, Fabula low-acid decaf organic coffee is my best recommendation for the featured coffee. The coffee is single origin and offers the best flavors, as we will see more in the individual product review. 

If you are eager to know the leading decaf coffee, let’s go through them in detail.

What is decaf coffee? 

Well, decaf coffee is a coffee that almost doesn’t have caffeine. The removal of caffeine is known as decaffeination and is achieved through different processes, which I will discuss later in the article. 

Decaf coffee is perfect for people who can’t handle caffeine. However, half-caff coffee can be an excellent option for anyone who can handle a low level of caffeine.

Although decaf coffee is considered ‘caffeine free’, a standard cup still has about 2mg-10mg, depending on the brand.

Most Popular Decaf Coffee in Detail

Fabula Low acid organic decaf coffee

Fabula Low acid organic decaf coffee
• Low acid coffee
• Single sourced
• Chemicals free
• USDA organic certified
South America
Lifeboost Medium Roast Decaf Coffee

Lifeboost Medium Roast Decaf Coffee
• Handpicked and sundried
• Swiss water decaffeination process
• 400 mycotoxins 3rd party tested
• Fairly traded
Lifeboost Dark Roast Decaf Coffee

Lifeboost Dark Roast Decaf Coffee
• Bold and sweet drink
• Shade grown beans
• Spring water washed
• Mycotoxins and chemicals free
Koa Coffee Swiss Water Decaf Whole Bean

Koa Coffee Swiss Water Decaf Whole Bean
• Swiss water decaffeination
• Pure Kona coffee
• Chemical free beans
• Freshly roasted
Volcanica Coffee Espresso Dark Roast Decaf Coffee

Volcanica Coffee Espresso Dark Roast Decaf Coffee
• Single sourced beans
• Chemical free decaffeination
• Kosher Certified
• 99.9% caffeine free

1. Fabula Low acid organic decaf coffee

From the point of view, Fabula is a company dedicated to providing consumers with one of the best organic coffee. With a roaster based in New York, the brand delivers some of the freshest coffee. 

What I like about the decaf coffee from Fabula is it comes from a single source. Mainly, the coffee originates from Central America, a region known for unique tasting coffee. 

By contracting small-scale farmers, the company can obtain top-quality organic coffee. Farmers in this region don’t use chemicals in the growing of coffee; hence 100% organic.

Besides being organic, Fabula uses a natural Swiss water decaffeination method to remove caffeine. Therefore, the coffee beans remain organic and original flavors are maintained. 

On the flavors, the coffee retains an excellent sweet and flowery essence with cocoa notes. Besides, the aroma is also thrilling exhibiting floral and cocoa aromas. 

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 1 best decaf coffee

Once I drink this coffee, there are no heartburns, acid reflux, or increased pulse rate since it doesn’t have caffeine.

Fabula decaf coffee is the best daily alternative if you have any condition triggered by caffeine consumption. 


  • Origin: Central America 
  • Flavor: Sweet, floral with cocoa hints 
  • Roast level: Decaf 
  • Form type: Ground and whole beans
  • Weight: 12oz

  • Low acid and delicious
  • Natural caffeine extraction methods
  • Cardiovascular friendly
  • Huge discounts 

  • The 50% discount offer is only one time 
  • Not available in coffee pods 

2. Lifeboost Medium Roast Decaf Coffee 

Lifeboost is another fantastic company that is known for its specialty coffee. Not only does the company deal with low acid coffee, but even its decaf is also on another level. 

The medium roast decaf is one of the best to enjoy when drinking caffeinated coffee is an issue. Grown in the highlands of Nicaragua, it doesn’t have pesticides, making it perfectly organic. Due to the growing under the shade, the coffee has the best flavors and other qualities. 

The harvesting is purely hand-picking, and sun drying allows the coffee to preserve its amazing qualities. Since the beans undergo Swiss water decaffeination, they retain the organic state. 

Since the coffee is medium roasted, it has amazing chocolate and caramel flavor with low yet bright acidity. The medium roasting gives the drink a light feeling while boosting mood and morale. 

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 2 best decaf coffee

Unlike conventional coffee, Lifeboost decaf has numerous nutrients and antioxidants to promote body health. Being a decaf, no more sweating due to high caffeine kicks after drinking. It’s one of the decaf coffee I can recommend to everyone. 


  • Origin: Nicaragua 
  • Flavor: Chocolaty, sweet caramel with notes of citrus 
  • Roast level: Medium 
  • Form type: Ground, Whole beans, pods 
  • Weight: 12oz 

  • Safe for caffeine-sensitive drinkers 
  • Organically processed 
  • Freshly roasted before delivery 
  • Available in K-cup pods 

  • Can raise cholesterol 
  • Pretty expensive than regular coffee

3. Lifeboost Dark Roast Decaf Coffee 

Don’t let caffeine mess up your day anymore. Especially when the dark roast is your favorite, Lifeboost dark roast decaf is incomparable to others. The coffee is organic, and the low acid and decaffeination process improves its palatability. 

The beans are grown in the Nicaraguan mountains, which allows the coffee bushes to enjoy a natural canopy. Due to the microclimate, the coffee attains maximum concentrations of antioxidants and amazing flavors. Besides, the soils naturally enable perfect low-acid coffee. 

When I drink this coffee, it is sweet; unlike other coffee, it’s not bitter. The flavor is amazing since it tastes roasty with caramel and hints of chocolate. Also, the aroma is appealing, and you can enjoy the coffee without getting enough. 

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 3 best decaf coffee

Contrary to beliefs, Lifeboost decaf coffee doesn’t deviate when it comes to taste. The decaffeination process is the reason why it is high quality. The company uses a water-based process which doesn’t affect the overall qualities. This dark decaf is the ultimate pick for a dark and fulfilling gentle coffee. 


  • Origin: Nicaragua 
  • Flavor: Roasty, floral with chocolate notes 
  • Roast level: Dark 
  • Form type: Ground, Whole beans 
  • Weight: 12oz 

  • Low-acid and sweet tasting 
  • Organically processed and decaffeinated 
  • Available in ground and whole beans 
  • Safe caffeine-sensitive drinkers 

  • Pods aren’t available 
  • Huge discount only available once 

4. Koa Coffee Swiss Water Decaf Whole Bean 

I have always desired to drink coffee from Hawaii, especially the famous Kona coffee. Koa coffee is one of the brands that offer authentic Kona coffee. Even more amazing is that you can always enjoy decaf coffee if you don’t get along with the regular caffeinated version. 

This coffee is grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, which is known for its specialty Hawaii coffee. Producing organic coffee doesn’t have any chemicals, which makes it 100% organic. 

Apart from the single sourcing, the coffee is excellent because of the eco-friendly processing process. The Swiss water caffeine removal process guarantees zero chemicals decaf coffee. Also, unlike other decaf coffee with funny flavors, this maintains the real Kona coffee taste. 

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 4 best decaf coffee

When drinking the coffee, the pronounced flavor is sweet and fruity with hints of nuts. The coffee brings the real aloha taste that is inspiring and exceptional. 

For anyone that is looking to enjoy real Hawaii decaf coffee, I guarantee this one won’t disappoint. 


  • Origin: Hawaii 
  • Flavor: Citrusy, tropical fruity, and hints of spice 
  • Roast level: Medium roast 
  • Form type: Whole bean 
  • Weight: 1lb

  • Authentic Hawaii Kona coffee 
  • Unaltered flavor and aroma 
  • Medium body and smooth 
  • Easy top open bag 

  • Pretty expensive 
  • Not available in less than 1-pound packs 

5. Volcanica Coffee Espresso Dark Roast Decaf Coffee 

Drinking pure decaf coffee is now possible without worrying about chemicals. Volcanica coffee decaf is popular and recommended coffee for anyone who can’t handle caffeinated drinks. One thing that makes it one of my top choices is that the coffee is organic and doesn’t have any chemicals. 

The production, processing, and decaffeination processes are chemical-free, ensuring drinkers enjoy safe products. Bearing that Volcanica coffee gets coffee from single sources, it is easy to control the quality. 

By ensuring the coffee is fully organic, the company also ensures that it is almost 100% caffeine free. The coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free, meaning even drinkers highly sensitive to caffeine can enjoy it without issues. 

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 5 best decaf coffee

Apart from caffeine extraction, the coffee presents the original flavor without deviation. The flavor and aromas are authentic, and no change in taste. The coffee feels great with a dense sweet caramel hint of spices and light acid. 

Once you taste this coffee, there is no turning back to others since it’s less acidic, with a pH of 5.3. 


  • Origin: Indonesia 
  • Flavor: Dense, Light acidity, sweet caramel, and hints of spices 
  • Roast level: Dark roast 
  • Form type: Whole bean, drip, espresso, French press grind 
  • Weight: 26oz

  • Creamy and sweet tasting 
  • Available in different grinds 
  • Airtight packaging 
  • Perfect roast for espresso 

  • The coffee isn’t blended 
  • Doesn’t come in coffee pods 
  • Less discount than rivals 

Best Budget Decaf Coffee in Detail

Hawaii Coffee Company Lion Decaf Taster Bundle

Hawaii Coffee Company Lion Decaf Taster Bundle
• Naturally flavored
• Variety of aromas
• Coffee beans origin flavors
• Perfectly roasted and grind
Hawaii Coffee Company 10% Kona Blend Decaf Bundle

Hawaii Coffee Company 10% Kona Blend Decaf Bundle
• Blended Hawaii coffee
• All-purpose grind
• Variety of roasts
• Naturally processed
Chock Full O’nuts® Coffee Heavenly Decaf Original Coffee

Chock Full O’nuts® Coffee Heavenly Decaf Original Coffee
• Delicious and aromatic
• Eco-friendly coffee pods
• Natural flavors; no artificial flavoring
• Pure Arabica coffee beans

6. Hawaii Coffee Company Lion Decaf Taster Bundle 

Getting premium quality organic decaf coffee is never hard. Some brands offer one of the best chemical-free decaf coffee. Hawaii coffee company is one of my favorites. This Lion decaf tester bundle serves the purpose perfectly. 

Once you get this bundle, it allows for a taste of different flavors. Each bundle comes in two bags with different coffee flavors. Each weighing 10oz, they provide an amazing coffee experience. The flavors include vanilla macadamia, while other is gold roast which lets the drinker enjoy original Hawaii coffee flavors. 

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 6 best decaf coffee

One quality I appreciate about this coffee is that the processing is naturally motivated. Using the swiss water method, there are no chemicals, thus organic goodness. Besides, the beans are low in acid, and the roasting process allows them to retain the original coffee qualities. 

With different tastes, affordable cost, and natural decaffeination, the coffee is best for decaf coffee lovers. 


  • Origin: Hawaii
  • Flavor: Assorted flavors 
  • Roast level: medium, light 
  • Form type: Ground 
  • Weight: 10oz

  • Variety of flavors to taste 
  • Free from harsh chemicals 
  • Best ripe beans selection 
  • Fully water processed 

  • Contains artificial flavors 
  • The bundle has no dark roast 

7. Hawaii Coffee Company 10% Kona Blend Decaf Bundle 

Is caffeine your number one concern in coffee? Meet the Royal Kona coffee that is tasty yet has no caffeine. This coffee is affordable and doesn’t have compromised quality. 

This coffee is best suited for sensitive coffee because it doesn’t have caffeine. With the company utilizing the latest technology in removing caffeine, no chemicals maintain coffee purity. 

Unlike other unblended coffee, this coffee is single-sourced yet blended to bring the best qualities. Unlike flavored coffee, these are unflavored, letting drinkers enjoy the real taste of coffee. The bundle comes in 2 packs, each weighing 8oz. 

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 7 best decaf coffee

The Pacific roast brings a richer roast darker than the Vienna roast. This means you enjoy a perfect drink with distinct qualities. Additionally, the Volcano roast is superb and brings a deep smooth drink with a rich profile. The coffee provides a wide variety of flavors due to the blending. 

If you prefer delicious decaf coffee, this Kona blended coffee is among the best and most affordable I can recommend. 


  • Origin: Hawaii 
  • Flavor: A variety of flavors 
  • Roast level: Pacific roast, Volcano roast 
  • Form type: Ground 
  • Weight: 8oz 

  • Careful expert blending 
  • Maintained full flavors 
  • Smooth and dense profiles 
  • 100% volcanic soils grown coffee 

  • Can feel a bit weak 
  • No flavored options 

8. Chock Full O’nuts® Coffee Heavenly Decaf Original Coffee 

Many people enjoy drinking coffee at Chock Full O’ Nut, but they have never realized the brand offers packaged decaf coffee. The good news is the brand has one of the most affordable premium decaf coffee. Unlike the other coffee brands, this has superbly packed caffeine-free coffee. 

One of the remarkable qualities of this coffee is the blending of single-sourced beans. This creates an outstanding experience that is unique compared to other decaf coffee. Additionally, the coffee is decaffeinated naturally to avoid chemicals in the beans. 

Best Cheap Decaf Coffee

Unlike other brands, the coffee features steel cans that are hermetically sealed. The seals are why coffee remains fresh for a long time without losing flavor or aroma. Additionally, the all-purpose grind is superb, as you can use different methods to brew the coffee.

When coffee drinking is hampered by caffeine, I recommend this budget-friendly Chock Full  O’ Nut decaf coffee. It’s affordable, and a pack comes with 6 cans, each weighing 11oz. 


  • Origin: Colombia 
  • Flavor: Citrusy, floral, nutty with chocolate notes 
  • Roast level: Medium 
  • Form type: Ground 
  • Weight: 11oz 

  • Hermetically sealed steel cans 
  • Single-sourced blended coffee
  • Flavorful all-purpose grind
  • Sweet and free from the bitter taste 

  • Coffee isn’t flavored 
  • No 50% discount for new subscribers 

Best Decaf K-cup Coffee in Detail

Fabula Decaf Medium Roast Pods for K-Machine

Fabula Decaf Medium Roast Pods for K-Machine
• 50% discount on subscription
• GMO-free organic coffee
• 25% more coffee content
• Eco-friendly coffee pods
Central America
Lifeboost Medium Roast Decaf Coffee Pods

Lifeboost Medium Roast Decaf Coffee Pods
• Specially selected beans
• Extra-large coffee pods
• Handpicked and hand washed
• 3rd party tested
South America
Lifeboost Half Caff Coffee Pods

Lifeboost Half Caff Coffee Pods
• Low caffeine coffee
• 27.7% less acidic
• Free shipment
• Easy to cancel subscription
Chock Full O’nuts® Single-Serve Coffee Pods, Midtown Decaf

Chock Full O’nuts® Single-Serve Midtown Decaf
• Strongly aromatic coffee
• Resealable pod package
• Compatible with all K-cup machines
• Single sourced coffee

9. Fabula Decaf Medium Roast Pods for K-Machine 

I am one of the staunch lovers of Fabula coffee. Brewing coffee from this company always gives me a reason to love organic low acid coffee. K-cups are the best alternatives when not brewing coffee using traditional methods. Fabula Decaf K-Cups medium roast is one of the options you can also enjoy and eliminate the side effects of caffeine. 

The pods are filled with pure organic coffee sourced from Mexico. It’s low aid from production to processing. Grown in the tropical rainforest near Guatemala, coffee beans have the best qualities. Besides processing, the coffee also enjoys a natural decaffeination method to maintain its organic nature. 

best medium roast decaf coffee k cup

Like other medium roast Mexican coffee from Fabula, the coffee offers the same qualities. The use of Swiss water decaffeination methods helps to maintain the original bean flavor. The coffee has a rich full bodied nutty with dark chocolate hints. Also, the aromas feature mixed nuts, chocolate, dates, cedar, and raisins. 

When drinking this coffee, there is no spiked blood pressure or increased heart rates due to caffeine. Also, paper K-cups ensure easy compositing. The coffee is best for you and the environment. 

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  • Origin: Mexico 
  • Flavor: Rich full bodied nutty with dark chocolate hints 
  • Roast level: Medium 
  • Form type: Ground 
  • Weight: 12g per pod

  • Compositable paper pods 
  • More coffee than other brands
  • Green technology production processes 
  • Nutrients and antioxidants packed 

  • Offer is only available for a first-time buy 
  • No flavors to choose 

10. Lifeboost Medium Roast Decaf Coffee Pods 

Does caffeine and acid make coffee drinking a nightmare? It’s time to say goodbye to these issues by switching to decaf, low-acid coffee. One of my top recommendations is Lifeboost medium roast decaf coffee pods. The coffee has everything needed to deliver pure satisfaction. 

The coffee is purely organic and grown in known regions in Central America. With rich volcanic soils and an ideal climate, arabica coffee delivers the best qualities. Whether its flavor or aroma, the coffee is no different from caffeinated coffee pods.

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 8 best decaf coffee

Apart from the amazing floral, citrusy, and chocolate hints, the coffee is 27.7 acidic. Even after enjoying a cup of coffee, the coffee doesn’t trigger caffeine sensitivity. Also, with USDA organic certification, there are no more gimmicks.

I recommend it as one of the top picks because of the amazing pricing. With massive discounts, everyone enjoys buying premium coffee at affordable prices. 


  • Origin: Central America 
  • Flavor: Fruity tones, Floral, and chocolate notes 
  • Roast level: Medium 
  • Form type: Ground 
  • Weight: 13g 

  • Free shipping within the US 
  • Pesticides and chemicals free 
  • Zero calories
  • High compatibility pods

  • Only one roast in all pods 
  • Unflavored and unblended coffee 

11. Lifeboost Half Caff Coffee Pods 

High-caffeine coffee might be one of the reasons why you are not drinking the beverage. If this is the reason, why not try this low-caffeine Lifeboost Half Caff coffee? Unlike the full-blown coffee, this one has a mixture of decaf and caffeine coffee in a ratio of 50:50. Although it’s not full decaf, it’s a perfect switch for anyone who can’t tolerate high caffeine. 

Not only is the coffee low in caffeine, but it also has low acid scoring 27.7% lower acid level than conventional coffee. That is a double jackpot since there are no more awful effects after drinking. 

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 9 best decaf coffee

Despite the decaf coffee, there is still an amazing flavor of nutty, spicy, and chocolaty notes. The decaffeination process utilized by Lifeboost doesn’t erode the original coffee flavor. 

Overall, this coffee is my recommendation for low-caffeine lovers. However, if you love decaf, the coffee still has some caffeine.


  • Origin: South America 
  • Flavor: Nutty, spicy with chocolaty notes 
  • Roast level: Medium 
  • Form type: Ground 
  • Weight: 13g per pod

  • Great full-blown flavors
  • Recyclable coffee pods 
  • Extra coffee content 

  • Has some caffeine 
  • Packs have same-tasting coffee 

12. Chock Full O’nuts® Single-Serve Coffee Pods, Midtown Decaf

Is testing coffee from different brands your hobby? Once you taste this medium roast K-cup coffee from Chock O’ Nut, there is no more turning back. Actually, drinking coffee doesn’t present any notable flavor difference from the caffeinated version. For South American coffee lovers, this coffee exhibits the sweet flavor of nuts, chocolate, and herbs with a spicy feel. 

When it comes to the single-serve Chock Full O’ Nut pods, they have pure Arabica coffee. Roasted to perfection, the medium roast ensures a balanced flavor of coffee origin and the impacted ones by roasting. 

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 10 best decaf coffee

The coffee isn’t only amazing due to the flavor, but the pods are more environmentally friendly. With 35% less plastic, the pods ensure minimal environmental effects. 

As you take a bold step in switching to decaf coffee, going for this Chock Full O’ Nut is the ultimate solution. It’s a fantastic product that I find convenient and pocket friendly. 


  • Origin: Colombia 
  • Flavor: Chocolate, nuts, and herbs 
  • Roast level: Medium 
  • Form type: Ground 
  • Weight: 9g per pod 

  • Pure arabica coffee beans 
  • Easy to extract mesh pods 
  • Doesn’t cause sleep loss
  • Low acidity 

  • There is no 50% first-time discount 
  • Not organic certified 

Best Instant Decaf Coffee in Detail

13. Hills Bros.® Instant Cappuccino Mix, Decaf French Vanilla

Boost your mood without feeling the heat of extreme caffeine. The best way to enjoy great refreshment is Hill Bros instant cappuccino mix, a decaf. The delicious coffee features expert crafting to ensure every cup is fully satisfying.

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 11 best decaf coffee

One thing that makes this coffee best is the formulation by expert baristas. I find it convenient since it allows for easy cappuccino preparation without needing a coffee machine. With a French vanilla taste, only adding water is required, and it is ready to sip.

Since coffee produces thick and strong drinks, it allows for versatility in coffee. If you have a cappuccino, cold drink, or adding creamer, it’s one of the ultimate choices. 


  • Flavor: Vanilla with a roasty feeling 
  • Roast level: Instant 
  • Form type: Instant coffee 
  • Weight: 16oz 

  • High versatility 
  • Heart friendly
  • Extracted from Arabica beans 
  • Sweet and not bitter 

  • Hard to feel the original flavors 
  • Artificially flavored 

Best Flavored Decaf Coffee in Detail

Hawaii Coffee Company Decaf Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee

Hawaii Coffee Company Decaf Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee
• Deliciously blended flavors
• Spring water processed
• Pure organic beans
Volcanica Coffee Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee

Volcanica Coffee Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee
• Contracted farmers sourced beans
• Chemicals free decaffeination
• Great balanced flavors
• 99.99% caffeine free
Costa Rica
Volcanica House Blend Decaf Coffee

Volcanica House Blend Decaf Coffee
• Swiss water decaffeination
• Sweet original beans flavors
• Low acid - pH 5.3

14. Hawaii Coffee Company Decaf Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee 

Hawaii coffee company decaf vanilla macadamia nut coffee is what you have been waiting for to make a great beverage. Having tasted the coffee, it is the reason it features among our best-flavored decaf coffee. Grown in Hawaii, the coffee enjoys rich and fertile soils which promote chemical-free production. 

The light roasting means every quality of coffee comes out clearly. The vanilla and macadamia nut flavors also make it authentic and soul-fulfilling. Each gram of this coffee ensures an unmatched sip experience. 

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 12 best decaf coffee

Besides the appealing flavor, the coffee brings great goodness as every process is natural. No chemicals are involved in handpicking, processing, sun drying, and decaffeination.

The only way to enjoy this coffee is by getting your bag and brewing it yourself. It’s one of my top recommendations for flavored coffee lovers. 


  • Origin: Hawaii 
  • Flavor: Vanilla and macadamia nuts 
  • Roast level: Light roast 
  • Form type: Ground 
  • Weight: 10oz

  • Delicious and bitter free
  • Multiple brewing options grind 
  • Zero harsh chemicals 
  • Perfectly airtight packs 

  • Artificial flavors 
  • Less discount than rivals 

15. Volcanica Coffee Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee

Good coffee is a great step toward an exciting day. Volcanica decaf Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee is also one of the recommended coffees. Sourced from the Central American country of Costa Rica, it grows in one of the best places to grow Arabica coffee. 

The cool climate and high elevation give the coffee amazing and distinctive qualities. Besides, the coffee feels great with its smooth, clean body with nuts and apple notes. Unlike artificially flavored coffee, this boasts natural flavors and enjoyable aromas.

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 13 best decaf coffee

When I drink this coffee, no issues with other coffee. The coffee has a pH of 5.1, which is better than most conventional coffee. With chemical-free processing, it’s one of the best coffee to drink. 

The bottom line is I like this coffee due to its low acidity and amazing natural flavors. 


  • Origin: Costa Rica 
  • Flavor: Medium body, nuts, and apple 
  • Roast level: Medium roast 
  • Form type: Ground 
  • Weight: 16oz

  • Single-sourced coffee beans 
  • Naturally flavored 
  • Unblended and original source qualities 
  • Nutrients packed 

  • No variety of flavors to try 
  • Ground version unideal for French press 

16. Volcanica House Blend Decaf Coffee

This Volcanic house blend decaf coffee featured in this list is not by mistake. It is one of the coffee that offers excellent flavors without spiking blood pressure or giving your heart elevated pulsation. Having tried the coffee, I can guarantee the taste is heavenly and has original flavors. 

The coffee is a blend of Arabica beans that creates sweet, bold, and rich full-body flavor. Volcanica coffee uses Swiss water to eliminate caffeine and maintain flavor. This helps in achieving 99.9% caffeine elimination without impacting other qualities.

The 4 Best Decaf Coffee You Should Buy Right Now For Daily Use 14 best decaf coffee

Adding this coffee to daily beverages is one of the best options. Sourced from small-scale farmers, it is also low acidity with a pH of 5.3. Instead of hearing stories, join the happy drinkers and enjoy the exceptional flavors. 


  • Origin: Colombia 
  • Flavor: Sweet, bold, rich, full body 
  • Roast level: Medium roast 
  • Form type: Ground 
  • Weight: 16oz

  • Blended arabica beans 
  • Ground and whole beans options 
  • Free from chemicals 
  • Pay on installments available 

  • Pretty expensive 
  • Lower discounts 

Does Decaf Taste Different Than Caffeinated Coffee?

The taste of decaf coffee depends on the method used in the extraction. Naturally, decaffeinated coffee doesn’t have a different taste. However, for chemically decaffeinated coffee, you might experience a slightly sour taste. I love natural decaf since there is no adulteration of the original bean characteristics. 

Decaf and caffeinated coffee have minimal taste variation, so some people don’t notice it. 

Why Drink Decaf Coffee? The 4 Benefits

Before switching to decaf coffee, a lot of questions run down the drinker’s mind. But are there any benefits of drinking decaf coffee? Let’s find out. 

Reduced anxiety and disruptive sleep 

Caffeine is known to cause anxiety and disrupt sleep. This is one of the reasons many drinkers are switching to decaf coffee. With decaf coffee, it is possible to enjoy coffee while minimizing loss of sleep and reducing anxiety. 

High levels of antioxidants and nutrients 

Contrary to many beliefs, decaf coffee has the same nutrients as regular coffee. The extraction of caffeine has nothing to do with antioxidants and other nutrient reduction. Therefore, opting for decaf won’t affect the nutritional value of the coffee. 

Protects the body from cardiovascular diseases and cancer 

Drinking decaf coffee is beneficial for heart health. Normally, the elimination of caffeine is one of the reasons the coffee is friendly to hearty since there are no spiked heart rates. Besides, the antioxidants in the decaf assist in the elimination of free radicals, which can cause cancer. 

Reduction of type 2 diabetes and improved lover functions 

Drinking regular coffee as well as decaf is linked to a reduction in incidences of type 2 diabetes. Drinking coffee has shown a 7% reduction in the development of diabetes. Further, regular consumption of decaf coffee reduces the activity of the liver enzymes hence keeping it healthier. 

best decaf coffee beans

How to Choose Decaf Coffee? Buying Guide

Make a bold move and go decaf if you can’t handle caffeine. If you are wondering how to get the best decaf coffee, here is what to consider. 

Bean types

Looking for the ideal coffee should not be a struggle in a park. Bearing in mind that the most common coffee beans are arabica and Robusta, you need to choose between the two. 

Arabica coffee has lower caffeine than Robusta. Therefore, it doesn’t need a lot of energy to decaffeinate. Less time and effort means most of the caffeine is extracted easily. On the other hand, Robusta has high caffeine, which can make it a bit expensive. 

Decaffeination methods 

The decaffeination method is important and determines the overall coffee quality. To obtain decaf coffee, these are the 4 available methods. 

Direct solvent process: The process is the most common in coffee decaffeination. It involves adding chemical solvents into the coffee beans, usually Methyl Chloride or Ethyl Acetate. The coffee beans are steamed repeatedly and then rinsed to eliminate caffeine. 

Indirect solvent process: Unlike the direct process, indirect involves soaking coffee beans in hot water for several hours. The hot water extracts caffeine, oil, and other components from the beans. 

Water from the beans is then removed and passed in Ethyl Acetate or Methyl Chloride, which eliminates caffeine. The caffeine-free water is reintroduced into the beans, where they reabsorb flavors and oil and are rinsed and evaporated, leaving caffeine-free coffee. 

Swiss water: This process is chemical-free and perfect when fully organic coffee is needed. The coffee is soaked in hot water for hours, where caffeine, flavors, and oils dissolve. 

The water, known as the green coffee extract, is filtered using carbon filters to strain large caffeine molecules. To give coffee back its characteristics, they are soaked in caffeine-free water. 

Carbon-di-oxide process: This is our last method, where pre-soaked coffee beans are exposed to superficial carbon dioxide for several hours to expand their cells. The carbon dioxide dissolves the caffeine and is evaporated, resulting in decaffeinated coffee. Unlike solvent-based processes, this one results in minimal flavor changes. 

Which is the best method? 

I prefer the swiss water decaffeination method for the following reasons; 

  • It maintains pure coffee organic 
  • There are no chemical residues in the beans 
  • Cheap and environmentally friendly 


While roasting has little effect on the caffeine levels of coffee, it is essential when looking for a decaf. The coffee is available in all roasts from light, medium and dark roasts. Also, there are other customized roasts like espresso, among others. For decaf coffee, the flavor is similar to the corresponding caffeinated coffee. 

Single-Origin or Blend?

It is worth noting that decaf coffee is available in single origin or blended. In my case, I always love single sourced but sometimes blended tastes amazing. Depending on personal preference, you can choose decaf coffee from South America, Central America, East Africa, among other options. Additionally, some blended coffee involves mixing single-sourced coffee from different regions. 

Tasting Notes 

Drinking decaf coffee doesn’t eliminate the essence of the tasting notes. As a rule of thumb, I must ensure that all aspects of tasting notes, like sweetness, acidity, flavors, body, and finish, meet my expectations. To ensure this, choosing coffee from the preferred region is vital to deliver fulfilling tasting notes. 


Decaf coffee tends to sell at more price than regular coffee. The cost, however, should not be exaggerated. I have noted that organic decaf coffee is more expensive than conventional one. However, even though the price is high, organic decaf coffee offers more health benefits in the long run. 



Looking at these 16 best decaf coffee featured in this list, it can be hard to select the best of the best. However, Fabula low organic low acid coffee is my all-time recommendation; low acidity and amazing deliciousness make it incomparable. 

Once you make it your daily coffee,there are no acid refluxes, spiked heartbeats and offers amazing flavors and aromas. The coffee is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a jitter-free beverage.    

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