Best Coffee Shop In Rochester NY

Best Coffee Shops In Rochester NY | 10 Awesome Locations

There are so many things that make the beautiful city of Rochester, New York, such a wonderful place to come visit or even live in. The weather is spectacular over here, the foods are amazing and really nutritious, known for being an affordable place to live, and also the amazing educational opportunities that await you here in Rochester, Ny. 

But what most people don’t know is how good the coffee tastes in Rochester, they have some really good local shops that make quality coffee blends that match up to Starbucks.

So, anytime you are around Rochester, Ny and you are having a caffeine rush, here are some of the best 10 coffee shops I tried out during my stay in Rochester. Hope you do try them out and enjoy the experience as much as I did.

10 Best Coffee Shops In Rochester, NY

  1. Ugly Duck Coffee
  2. Glen Edith Coffee Roasters
  3. Equal Grounds
  4. Fuego Coffee Roasters
  5. Cafe Sasso
  6. Spot Coffee
  7. Java’s Cafe
  8. Rococo Coffee Co
  9. New City Cafe and Roastery
  10. Boulder Coffee Co Cafe and Lounge

Mind you, this list is in no particular order at all.

Ugly Duck Coffee

The coffee served at Ugly Duck’s is a pleasant shade of different. From the detailing in the taste to the aroma, and the warmth of the staff and also the customers in the shop. I particularly enjoyed their Cenobite drink which they recommended and it was amazing. An exciting mixture of vanilla, lemon milk, black pepper, and most importantly the Earl grey tea. 

Another great thing about Ugly Duck’s is the homely aesthetics and feel the place has and the little cute artwork on their coffee latte.

Location: 89 Charlotte St, Rochester, NY 14607, United States.

Working hours: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm.

Website: uglyduckcoffee

Phone: 585 350-9193

Glen Edith Coffee Roasters

From the taste of their pour-overs or any of their fine drinks, you can easily tell how proper care is taken during the growth of their coffee bean and the roasting. Truly, encompassing the true definition of fine American espressos. 

Coupled with the great addition of a warm interior great for studying, or working, or just even relaxing. I just wished they came in larger sizes, but you know the coffee is good when you want more!

Location: 23 Somerton St, Rochester, NY 14607, United States.

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-2pm.

Website: glenedithcoffee

Phone: +1 585-209-3633

Equal Grounds

Picture what it’s like drinking some really good coffee while playing cool board games, or enjoying free WiFi, or as an art lover, being blessed by the beautiful scenery of great artworks. Amazing, right? That’s what you get at Equal grounds coffee spot. 

Walking in, the first thing that is glaring in your face is the total acceptance of people of all sexualities and genders. With the flags and colors of the LGBTQ+ community unashamedly displayed at every corner in the shop, it is surely an equal ground for everyone to safely come have great coffee and tasty pastries.

Location: 750 South Ave, Rochester, NY 14620, United States.

Working hours: Monday-Friday 8am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-10pm

Website: equalgrounds

Phone: +1 585-256-2362

Fuego Coffee Roasters

Fuego is all about creating community-based values through coffee and other tea products. Located in the downtown side of Rochester, where they roast their coffee the homemade way, creating the sense of home and community with each taste of their coffee. The scenery and the music makes this spot a great place to have a cup of coffee. 

Location: 1 Woodbury Blvd, Rochester, NY 14604, United States

Working hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm, Sunday 7am-2pm

Website: fuegocoffee

Phone: +1 585-369-4141

Cafe Sasso

At Cafe Sasso, there is a long menu of various coffee drinks, tea, and other products to choose from. This makes it special as there’s always something for everyone to choose from. But, I particularly enjoyed their flavored iced coffees just because the few times I hopped in and ordered some, I got a totally new flavor to enjoy. The music is perfect and the seating arrangements are just nice.

Location: 739 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607, United States.

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm

Website: cafesasso

Phone: +1 585-697-0235

Spot Coffee

Nice atmosphere, amazing scenery, excellent and friendly staff, cool spots for studying or work meetings, and wonderful coffee. Name it, Spot coffee has it all. Their Decaf, espresso are just amazing and peculiar to them, something about the taste is so divine. Also got to discover they roast their coffee beans in small batches, hence the detailing in taste. Amazing stuff!

Location: 200 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14604, United States

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-8pm

Website: spotcoffee

Phone: +1 585-613-4600

Java’s Cafe

Java’s Cafe is magnificent with its blends. Never tried Turkish Coffee till I stopped by at Java’s, and I have had no regrets. It is a really hip place with the local vibes of old antique coffee shops. 

Active, friendly staff at all times despite the influx of customers. There is also an in-house coffee club for members. A good place to fuel up your caffeine tank.

Location: 16 Gibbs St, Rochester, NY 14604, United States

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-12am

Website: javascafe

Phone: +1 585-232-4820

Rococo Coffee Co

At Rococo Coffee Co, an amazing coffee spot in the downtown of Rochester, the service is good and the coffees are even better. They offer a great deal of specialties on their menu but their hot chai latte is absolutely divine, plus they have vegetarian options to serve them with, and some delicious pastries too. A chill, amazing place I recommend for everyone and anyone.

Location: 240 E Main St, Rochester, NY 14604, United States

Working hours:  Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm.

Website: rocococoffeeco

New City Cafe and Roastery

This amazing Cafe and Roastery, located in the Beechwood area of Rochester, maintains their high status as one of the best roastery for high quality, affordable coffee sourced from local and external farmers. At the end, the end-product justifies the means as each cup of coffee has a unique, rich taste to it that makes you come back for more. New City Cafe is a true example of affordable and classic!

Location: 441 Parsells Ave, Rochester, NY 14609, United States

Working hours: Monday-Friday 7am-4pm, Saturday 8am-4pm

Website: newcityroc

Phone: +1 585-978-7110

Boulder Coffee Co Cafe and Lounge

Boulder’s a simply amazing place for good coffee and a workspace or relaxation spot. Good scenery that calms the nerves and a lot to look at as they feed your eyes while the food and amazing drinks feed your mouth. 

Various flavor options to choose out from and a nice barista to help you out if you have a problem choosing something to try out. Great place, I totally recommend it.

Location: 100 Alexander St, Rochester, NY 14620, United States

Working hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 7am-10pm, Tuesday- Friday 7am-8pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-8pm.

Website: bouldercoffeeroaster

Phone: +1 585-454-7140


Where is Rochester located?

The newly incorporated city of Rochester is located in Western New York in the U.S state of Minnesota, and houses over a million people in it.

Are there vegan-based coffee spots in Rochester?

Cafe Sasso and Rococo Coffee Co have varieties of coffee options for Vegetarians.

What are the environmental-friendly Coffee shops in Rochester?

Every one of them is, but I would personally say Equal grounds because of their recyclable policy.


Now, if you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Rochester and need some of that coffee magic, now you know the best places to bless your taste buds with. Hospitable, work-friendly, and eclectic atmosphere are the things that make coffee shops in Rochester the best. Have a brew-tiful day!

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