Why Does Drinking Coffee Make You Poop? 9 Best Coffee Not Making You Poop

Coffee is a perfect beverage that most people cherish. But, a sizable number of coffee drinkers experience different effects after consuming the beverage. 

Feeling the urge to poop is one common encounter shortly after drinking coffee. If you are one of the people who poop after drinking coffee, you need to change your coffee supplier. 

Fabula is an outstanding coffee brand specializing in organic low-acid coffee. It is one of our top picks since its coffee exceeds consumer expectations. Unlike regular coffee, when you consume Fabula coffee, it doesn’t make you feel the urge to poop. 

There are different coffee options at Fabula you can enjoy without issues. As you are about to learn, the guide offers you the best coffee, not making you poop. 

Also, the coffee is organic, low acid, and GMO-free. You can always enjoy drinking stomach friendly beverages. 

If you drink coffee and immediately visit a restroom, you might wonder why this happens. You are about to discover why you end up with the pooping urge after a cup of coffee.

Comparison Table

Our Pick
Fabula Low-Acid Organic Coffee

  • Single sourced beans

  • Freshly roasted before delivery

  • Organic and shade grown
  • Best Single-Origin
    Lifeboost Low-Acid Coffee

  • 100% organically produced and processed

  • Naturally, processes and sundried

  • High elevation grown beans
  • Stomach-Friendly K-Cups
    Fabula Pods for K-Machine

  • Airtight sealed pods

  • High nutrients and antioxidants

  • Maximum coffee extraction
  • Low Caffeine Option
    Fabula Decaf Coffee

  • Natural decaffeination process

  • Original coffee flavors and aromas

  • Chemicals and GMO-free
  • Low Caffeine Blend
    Fabula Half-Caff coffee

  • Low caffeine organic coffee

  • Mold and mycotoxins free

  • Blended single-sourced coffee

  • Freshly roasted
  • For Espresso Lovers
    Lifeboost Low acid Espresso coffee

  • Deep dark roasted beans

  • Pure high-quality arabica beans

  • Perfect espresso ground
  • For Espresso Lovers

    Lifeboost Luxuriance Blonde Espresso

  • Unique sweet flavor

  • Single sourced pure Arabica beans

  • Freshly roasted on order
  • Best Value
    Fabula Coffee Subscription

  • Easy to cancel anytime

  • Free, consistent and reliable shipping

  • Up to 35% discount
  • Flexible
    Lifeboost Coffee Subscription

  • Great overall cost saving

  • 3rd party lab mycotoxins and mold testing

  • Flexible buying options
  • Why Does Coffee Make You Poop? 

    Drinking coffee is fun and also is loaded with multiple benefits. Also, the beverage is full of nutrients and antioxidants. However, everyone enjoys coffee differently. 

    While some people won’t suffer effects from drinking coffee, others get unwanted effects. 

    Feeling the need to poop is one of the common effects that pop-up after drinking coffee. But what causes it? 

    Initially, experts thought caffeine was the only culprit for the most undesirable effects of coffee. Although there is a probability it is one of the causes, it is also established that even decaf coffee also causes people to visit a toilet. 

    Caffeine, however, remains the leading cause of why people feel like pooping after enjoying coffee. 

    The reasons why drinking coffee will make you look for a restroom include: 

    Triggering of hormone release

    It has been established that drinking coffee can trigger the production of some hormones.

    Coffee is known to trigger hormones that accelerate digestion. Some of the typical hormones include gastrin and cholecystokinin. These two hormones increase the gastrocolic reflex. 

    With an amplified gastrocolic reflex, accelerated digestion triggers the urge to empty your bowel. 

    Caffeine stimulates colon 

    Caffeine is the leading component of coffee that simulates and offers a fantastic boost. Although it is a great way to stimulate your body, it also stimulates your colon to act faster. 

    The increased colon contraction is one of the factors that people feel like pooping after drinking coffee.

    How to Stop Coffee from Making You Poop?

    To many coffee drinkers, they can’t compromise when it comes to enjoying the beverage. However, there are some remedies you can undertake to ensure no more pooping after drinking coffee. 

    One of the main ways is to drink dark roasted coffee. Dark roast has slightly less caffeine than light and medium roast due to the longer roasting time that reduces caffeine. With less caffeine, it will reduce the overall effects, which include pooping.

    Opting for a decaf coffee is another way. While even decaf has shown to induce pooping, it is lesser than in caffeinated coffee. Without caffeine, only, Chlorogenic acids and N-alkanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamine  are present. The compounds aren’t as active as caffeine when it comes to inducing the urge to poop. 

    While the mentioned strategies might help you, the best ways are to get coffee that will not make you poop. Fabula coffee is one of the best and is soft on your body. Below are some of the top choices to pick.

    9 Best Coffee Not Making You Poop – Detailed Review

    Fabula coffee is one of the best. Every type of coffee is formulated from single-sourced organic coffee beans. Therefore, as you enjoy a coffee that won’t make you poop, you will also love its aroma, flavor, and excellent palatability.

    1. Fabula Low-Acid Organic Coffee: Best Overall

    One of the unique qualities of Fabula organic coffee is low acid coffee. It is, therefore, safe to drink without feeling like pooping. Once you drink the coffee, it does not cause excessive production of gastric acid that can increase abdominal contraction leading to the urge to poop. 

    Fabula Coffee 50% off

    Even for people who experience pooping after drinking coffee, Fabula is low acid and always safe. 

    Apart from the low acidity, the coffee doesn’t have mycotoxins which cause stomach problems. Molds can lead to toxicity and affect the body ability to eliminate toxins leading to acid reflux and other issues. 

    Fabula is mold free, which means drinking will not cause any issues. You won’t experience GERD, Vomiting, or diarrhea. 

    Caffeine is another issue that leads to an increased urge to poop. Fabula beans are organic and have moderate caffeine, which ensures consumption doesn’t cause severe effects.

    When you order the coffee, it is available in light, medium, and dark roasts. Also, the decaf option is even ideal for caffeine-sensitive drinkers. Also, the coffee you can order ground or whole beans to grind at home to your preferred grind.

    Due to the uniqueness of this coffee, it’s highly recommended  if you experienced  pooping or acidity  when you  drink other coffee.   

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    About Fabula 

    Fabula is a coffee company that deals with organic coffee, certified by USDA. It offers the goodness of 2% of the world’s best coffee. The brand came up after research and exploration from different coffee-growing regions. 

    Unlike other companies, Fabula specializes in pure organic coffee from Peru. Through contracted farms, the company always has a single source for the coffee. Single sourcing is essential since Fabula can trace the origin of the coffee batch in case of quality issues. 

    Furthermore, ethical trade means everyone in the supply chain, from farmers to the environment to consumers, enjoys maximum benefits.

    Also, the coffee is freshly roasted and shipped to the customers.   

    The company is always reliable due to great coffee, fantastic discounts, and subscription services. 


    Brand: Fabula 

    Weight: 12 oz / bag 

    Roast: Light, Medium, and Dark 

    Type: Whole beans and ground

    • The taste and aroma are exceptional
    • Single sourced from Peru 
    • Chemicals and mycotoxins free 
    • Available in different roasts 
    • Coffee isn’t blended to add flavors 
    • Only one bag size is available 

    Buy Fabula Low Acid Coffee & Save 50% Today

    2. Lifeboost Low-Acid Coffee: Best Single-Origin

    Lifeboost is another brand of coffee that people need to try. It is not a trial and error coffee as it is one of the best you can enjoy every day. 

    The coffee is exceptional since drinking doesn’t cause relaxation of lower esophageal sphincter that leads to acid reflux. By strictly adhering to organic practices, the coffee comes clean without agrochemicals. 

    Furthermore, the single sourcing from South American highlands makes it one of the top choices. The growing is under shade which creates a microclimate that allows for great coffee. This results in the production of specialty coffee with low acidity. 

    Besides low acidity, coffee is the perfect option for people who experience pooping after drinking. With Lifeboost Low acid coffee having 27.7% less acid, there is no triggering of acidity hormones that cause increased bowel movement hence a pooping feeling.

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    About Lifeboost 

    Lifeboost is a coffee company that deals with organic specialty coffee. Started by Dr. Charles Livingston, the brand is dedicated to providing organic coffee.

    Lifeboost specifically deals with pure organic coffee from the highlands of Nicaragua. Single sourcing from contacted small-scale farmers ensures they are economically empowered. 

    Apart from supporting farmers, coffee is organic and benefits the environment. Besides, the coffee from Lifeboost is thoroughly washed, sun-dried, and freshly roasted before delivery. 


    Brand: Lifeboost 

    Weight: 12 oz bag 

    Roast: Light, Medium, Dark, Decaf 

    Type: Whole beans and Ground

    • Less acidic than conventional coffee 
    • Naturally grown, processed, and safe packaging
    • Free from pesticides, mold, and mycotoxins
    • Soft on the stomach and free from heartburn 
    • The flavor is consistent without variation
    • Costly than regular coffee

    3. Fabula Pods for K-Machine: Stomach-Friendly K-Cups

    The joy of drinking coffee that will not trigger issues in your body is fantastic. But, it is not every coffee that you can drink and relax without effects. 

    dark coffee pod

    Fabula dark roast pod for the K-cup machine is a fantastic option for people who experience stomach issues. Also, it doesn’t cause  you to poop as it  isn’t acidic which can trigger increased bowel movement.   

    Additionally, the caffeine levels are moderate, hence there are no elevated body    functions  like digestion or pulse rate.     

    The coffee is sourced from Peru, which guarantees the quality is super. Grown 2100 meters above sea level, the beans are picked while fully mature and contain maximum nutrients. Besides, the lack of chemical use allows the beans to remain 100% organic.

    Drinking Fabula dark roast coffee pods ensures you enjoy the best and worry-free beverage. There is no more rushing to the toilet after drinking coffee. 

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    Brand: Fabula 

    Weight: 12 grams 

    Roast: Dark 

    Type: K-Cup Pod

    • Quick and easy to brew 
    • Amazing flavor and aroma 
    • Fully mature and thoroughly washed beans
    • Airtight pods to keep coffee fresh 
    • The pods aren’t reusable 
    • Coffee isn’t flavored

    4. Fabula Decaf Coffee: Low Caffeine Option

    Fabula decaf dark roast is best when you need to drink coffee without heartburn or need to visit a toilet. 

    The coffee is organic, and every process is aimed at keeping the coffee organic. The decaffeination process is through Swiss Water, which helps keep chemicals away and lower total coffee acidity. 

    Besides, the coffee comes with great aroma and flavor. Originating from Mexico, the coffee is grown at high elevations, which maximizes flavor and aroma.

    The Fabula decaf coffee gives you great refreshments without messing up your experience. Lower acidity, toxins, and no urge to poop after drinking.

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    Brand: Fabula 

    Weight: 12oz

    Roast: Decaf Dark 

    Type: Ground and whole beans

    • Naturally decaffeinated to maintain its organic form 
    • Caffeine free, sweet, and aromantic
    • Professionally sealed to keep coffee fresh 
    • Suitable for Vegan; gluten-free 
    • Free shipping only for US customers
    • No flavor variation 

    5. Fabula Half-Caff Coffee: Low Caffeine Blend

    If drinking coffee has been making your stomach ‘roar,’ it’s time you switch to this Fabula Half-caff coffee. The coffee is from one of the top-ranked beans grown in Central America. 

    Usually, the coffee is a blend of beans from Mexico and Peru. Therefore, the flavor is typically top-notch and delicious. 

    The coffee is low acid and sourced from trained farmers to produce organic coffee. Besides, the blending is 50/50 decaf, and caffeinated coffee makes it low in caffeine. 

    With moderate caffeine, there are no more complications associated with regular coffees. 

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    Brand: Fabula 

    Weight: 12oz

    Roast: Half-Calf 

    Type: Ground and whole beans

    • Low caffeine blended coffee 
    • Sourced from small-scale farmers 
    • Eco Friendly growing, processing, and packaging materials 
    • Freshly roasted before delivery 
    • No caffeine kick like regular coffee 
    • Bitter than fully decaf coffee

    6. Lifeboost Low acid Espresso coffee 

    lifeboost espresso coffee

    Coffee is supposed to make you happy and refreshed. But, when it doesn’t, looking for an alternative is the right step. Lifeboost Luxuriance espresso coffee is a fantastic way to refresh. 

    Drinking this coffee gives you the chance to appreciate the pureness of organic coffee. It boasts natural growth without chemicals and is processed using clean spring water. 

    Besides, the sun drying to the correct moisture allows it to retain great flavor, and it’s neither bitter nor moldy. Originating from Nicaraguan highlands, coffee is one of the best in the world. 

    Overall the coffee is delicious and low in acidity; hence best for your stomach. 


    Brand: Lifeboost 

    Weight: 12oz

    Roast: Espresso 

    Type: Ground and whole beans

    • High-quality hand picked berries 
    • Sweet and zero calories 
    • Mycotoxins and pesticides tested 
    • Perfect for different kinds of milk and sweeteners 
    • Coffee isn’t decaffeinated 

    7. Lifeboost Luxuriance Blonde Espresso

    Lifeboost Blonde espresso coffee is for everyone who doesn’t drink regular coffee. It’s one of the most delicious organic coffee that doesn’t affect your stomach. 


    Whether you suffer from acidity, heartburn, or rushing to the toilet after drinking, all those experiences are no more.    

    Bearing that the coffee is 100% organic, it doesn’t contain chemical residues that can mess with your body. Furthermore, moderate caffeine is easy on everyone. 

    The inviting and authentic, bright flavors leave you looking for another cup. When you need to make delicious espresso that won’t cause your stomach to go messy, Luxuriance blonde expresso from Lifeboost is the perfect pick. 


    Brand: Lifeboost 

    Weight: 12oz

    Roast: Blonde Espresso 

    Type: Ground and whole beans

    • Recommended by health experts 
    • Authentically sweet, full-bodied coffee flavors
    • zero calories and cholesterol
    • Small batches sourcing and roasting 
    • Free shipping only for orders above $50 
    • The coffee has no blended flavors 

    8. Fabula Coffee Subscription: Best Value

    When you have the urge to enjoy good coffee that is light on the stomach without issues, Fabula is number one. Subscribing and saving is one of the best ways to get a constant coffee supply. 

    The coffee is single-sourced and processed to the maximum standards. Additionally, the sourcing is in small batches from traceable sources in South and Central America. 

    The subscription allows you to enjoy different coffee roasts. Whether you want it light, medium, or dark, you can specify the ordering options. Decaf coffee of all roasts is available. 

    Further, depending on your taste, you can choose bagged or coffee pods. 

    For the bagged option, the coffee comes in whole and ground beans. Thus, whole beans are perfect for grinding at home to your preferred level if you have a coffee grinder. 

    Despite the wide range of choices, the coffee is organic, mold-free, and tested for mycotoxins. It is also GMO-free, making it 100% organic and perfect low acid beans.

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    Brand: Fabula 

    Weight: 12oz / bag, 24 pods per pack 

    Roast: Light, medium, dark, and decaf 

    Type: Whole beans and ground

    • Huge discounts when you buy more 
    • Customizable shipping intervals for free 
    • Pure single sourced mold-free beans
    • Easy to cancel subscription anytime 
    • No one bag purchase option
    • Only one type of flavor supplied 

    9. Lifeboost Coffee Subscription: Coffee Bags and Pods

    Well, the great thing for anyone with a sensitive stomach is you can have constant healthy coffee delivery. Lifeboost offers fully organic and safe coffee to every customer. 

    lifeboost coffee subscription

    The subscribe and save coffee option is impressive and lets you stop worrying about coffee stock depletion. With intervals of 1 to 8 weeks, the program is highly flexible. 

    Whether your favorite is a light, medium, or dark roast, you can select the best option. Also, the coffee is available in regular or decaf options. 

    The coffee quality is supreme since it is grown in the highlands of Central America. You can expect the least effects after drinking Lifoboost low acid and organically grown coffee. 

    With fantastic discounts ranging from 20% to 35%, you save a lot of money when you opt for Lifeboost coffee subscription services.

    The coffee is delicious, has low acid, and doesn’t trigger discomfort like the urge to poop. 

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    Brand: Lifeboost 

    Weight: 12oz / bag, 10 pods / pack 

    Roast: Light, medium, dark, and decaf 

    Type: Whole beans and ground

    • Premium organic coffee
    • High levels of antioxidants and nutrients
    • Airtight bags keep coffee fresh
    • Coffee pods compatible with different machines
    • Fewer pods per pack than competitors
    • Single sourced coffee has only a single flavor

    Choosing the Right Coffee – Latest Buying Guide

    Factors not causing the urge to poop

    Generally, some factors will make coffee superb hence not causing the urge to poop.

    If you want to know further about these factors, it is essential to understand what a good coffee that will not make you poop entails. 

    Coffee with low caffeine 

    Caffeine is one of the stimulants that cause the urge to poop once you drink coffee. Selecting a coffee with low caffeine is one way to ensure fewer reactions in the body. 

    Fabula coffee generally has moderate caffeine, which minimizes the effects. Also, the brand has decaf coffee, which will auger well with most people. 

    Low acid coffee 

    High acidic coffee is associated with a raised level of acid in the body. Consequently, this can increase the urge to poop due to raised levels of gastrin production in the body. 

    With brands like Fabula, all coffee from the company is low in acid. Therefore, you can always drink without raising acidity in the stomach hence getting rid of pooping after consumption. 

    Where to buy the best coffee that won’t make you poop 

    Everyone dreams of buying the right coffee that won’t cause issues in their body. 

    To ensure you get authentic products, you can get the coffee from the official webstore. Fabula and Lifeboost have web stores where you can get a variety of coffees and other excellent benefits. 

    Apart from the official web stores, they also have amazon stores. 


    Coffee that keeps your stomach comfortable is excellent for any coffee drinker. It is even better for a coffee that won’t make you rush to the toilet after a few minutes. 

    Fabula low acid coffee is one of the best coffee no making you poop available on the market. It’s organic and easy to brew regularly without specialized steps. Therefore, you don’t need to abandon coffee drinking; instead, look for these reviewed coffee. You will say goodbye to rushing to the toilet after the last sip. 


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