Fabula Medium Roast Coffee Review: Best Medium coffee for Acid reflux

Fabula is known for premium organic coffee. The coffee is fantastic and ensures everyone can enjoy a drink without experiencing the acidity.

A medium roast is an excellent option for coffee drinkers who love the balanced flavor. It’s mediumly roasted. To ascertain the quality of this coffee, you need to know everything about it.

This Fabula medium roast coffee review offers everything a coffee drinker needs to know before committing. Whether its flavor, acidity, and other qualities, stay tuned to get the complete information.

Fabula Medium Roast Coffee Review


  • Balanced flavor and low acidity
  • Moderate caffeine levels
  • Heart and stomach friendly
  • Great  for various  brewing

  • Not blended
  • No flavor diversity
  • It can feel intense to some drinkers

One thing about the coffee is that it is sweet and provides amazing refreshment. The unique qualities make it perfect for everyone, including people with hyperacidity.

The uniqueness doesn’t start from the processing but rather from the farming. Getting a cup of Fabula medium roast will give you a unique flavor, aroma, and aftertaste. 

Being organic coffee, it is low in acidity and is GMO-free. All you get by consuming this coffee is pure natural greatness. 

Coffee origin 

Fabula Medium Organic Coffee is sourced from the mountainous regions in Peru. The area is perfect for the production of coffee since the climate and other conditions are perfect. 

The fertile land and great topography ensure coffee achieves the best production. Additionally, the coffee is naturally grown without chemicals which helps to achieve 100% organic coffee. 

Since the coffee farmers get enough training on how to produce the coffee, this leads to the best quality and low acid coffee. 


One of the distinctive qualities of Fabula medium roast is the aroma. The brand ensures this coffee gets the proper medium roasting, balancing the aroma to perfection. 

Usually, the balance in aroma ensures once you sip, you get a fantastic experience. The aroma features intense, mild fruit, nutty and mild sweetness. 

The medium roasting ensures you always enjoy sipping the coffee. 


Another great feature that is well noticed is the aroma. Although the coffee is low acid, the available acidity is medium compared to Fabula light and dark roast. 

The coffee exhibits rich caramelized nutty and chocolate flavors. Featuring medium acidity, the coffee is best to kickstart your day. 

Since Fabula used the latest technology in processing their coffee, the medium roast has impressive uniformity. The best thing is the acidity won’t be a bother to any of the drinkers. 


The appearance of Fabula medium roast low acid coffee is always appealing. Roasted to the right medium roast, it has an eye-catching brown color. 

Since the roasting is to the perfect stage, the coffee color is also on point. Unlike the dark roast, the coffee isn’t oily, which results in an exciting flavor and aroma. 

Actually, when you are a coffee drinker, it is easy to distinguish Fabula medium roast from other roasts.


When it comes to packaging, Fabula knows how to pack its coffee. The packaging bags are of premium quality which ensures the coffee is airtight. 

Additionally, the sealing is professional, ensuring that the content remains fresh as long as the packet isn’t open. The bags are recyclable, thus promoting sustainable production. 

Although the packaging is excellent, it doesn’t look decorative to ease recycling. 


Quality coffee always sells at premium prices. The quality of Fabula coffee is one of the best since it is sourced from 2% of world coffee. 

The price is affordable, although it’s a bit higher than average market prices. However, flexible buying options enable you to enjoy a price reduction. 

Fabula has a subscription option that lets you enjoy various discounts depending on your subscription package. 

Also, for a one-time buy, you can get up to a 15% discount per bag if you buy more than one bag. 

Fabula medium roast benefits 

Fabula medium roast coffee not only does it taste better, but it is full of vital nutrients. With organic goodness, it’s low in acid and hence good for everyone. 

The coffee also has no mycotoxins and molds, keeping your body free from toxic buildup. With unique flavors, you can always enjoy drinking coffee due to its refreshing ability. 

Don’t buy Fabula medium roast if 

You love blended coffee 

The coffee is single-sourced and is not blended. Therefore, this is not your ideal selection if you love enjoying medium roast blended coffee. The coffee has consistent flavors and aroma. 

You like dark roast

Although Fabula has medium and dark roasts, they have different results. If you love a medium roast, a dark roast will feel different, although it is also organic. 

How to brew Fabula medium roast coffee

Brewing coffee is an art and determines the results. However, cold brewing is the best option if you aspire to have a great Fabula medium roast coffee drink. 

Although it takes time, it results in great-tasting coffee with every tone, aroma, and flavor manifesting. Also, the brewing method is simple and results in less acidic coffee. 

To make a cup of Fabula medium coffee cup, follow these steps;

  1. Measure 2 tablespoons of ground coffee 
  2. Add into a jar and add 8 ounces of clean water and stir well 
  3. Close the lid and store the mixture for 12-24 hours for the coffee to steep. 
  4. Strain your coffee and enjoy the drink 


Fabula medium roast coffee is a perfect way to start your day. The coffee brings an amazing experience owing to its broad and distinctive flavor. Being less acidic, everyone can drink this coffee without experiencing stomach acid problems. 

The Fabula medium roast coffee caffeine is also moderate, which helps the body to get excellent stimulation. 


Is medium roast coffee stronger?

Medium roast coffee is in the middle of light and dark roast. The roast flavor, caffeine, and other aspects are moderate. 

Is Fabula Medium roast coffee healthy?

The coffee has zero calories when brewed and consumed without sugar and other additives. 

Are the bags nitrogen-flushed or vacuum-sealed?

The bags aren’t nitro sealed. However, the vacuum sealing and breathing valve ensure lasting coffee freshness. 

Fabula Medium Roast Coffee Review: Best Medium coffee for Acid reflux 1 Fabula Medium Roast Coffee Review

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