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Scooter’s coffee menu prices revealed in 2022

When coffee is your number one beverage, you must look for the best coffee shop for a great cup. Scooter’s coffee shop is one of the ideal places to have a drink in the US. 

With 300 locations, you can order your drink with no struggle. In this price guide, I have the latest list of Scooter’s menu prices. 

The menu includes some of the most famous at Scooter’s, like iced coffee, hot coffee, blenders, and smoothies you can enjoy in their stores. 

What is scooter’s coffee?

Scooter’s is a drive-thru coffee store that was started in 1998. You might be wondering who started Scooter’s coffee. Don and Linda Eckles founded the coffee house in Bellevue, Nebraska. 

Since its founding, the coffee has grown from a single store to over 300 locations. Besides, the coffee shop sells some of the best coffees you can think of. 

 At first, the coffee shop was known as Scooter’s Java coffee, but the name was later changed. According to the company, the name Scooter’s coffee was adopted since it perfectly matched their purpose. 

Best scooters coffee 

The coffee house prides itself on producing coffee from top-quality beans. One of the beverages you can get is the best scooter’s iced coffee. 

Besides, the signature drink at the brand is Caramelicious®. It is a great caramel-based drink that is smooth and super delicious. Besides, other coffee types are also delicious.

What kind of coffee does scooters use?

The greatness and sweetness of Scooter’s coffee don’t just happen. It takes effort and dedication to achieve it. To enable the quality, we have to look at what the kind of coffee does the Scooter’s use. 

The main success comes from the kind of the coffee that Scooter’s use. 

Usually, the company uses Arabica beans. According to the store, it uses coffee from 10% of the world’s specialty coffee. Together with professional baristas and brewing techniques, it makes their coffee one of the best. 

All the coffee used in all stores is sourced from the coffee house headquarters in Nebraska. This ensures consistency in quality and taste.

best scooters iced coffee

Does Scooter’s deliver their coffee?

Well, the good thing is you can enjoy a great coffee or any other beverage at the scooter’s shop or order a delivery. 

The restaurant offers delivery when you shop for orders over $39.99. Whether it’s the beverages or coffee packs, you can get delivered. 

Besides delivery, you should also know that Scooter’s coffee keto options are available. 

You can choose iced/hot coffee and espresso drinks that are unsweetened. This makes them great options for ketogenic customers. 

The keto-friendly drinks don’t only end at coffee; you can opt for the tea

Scooters coffee nutrition

Although enjoying coffee and other drinks is excellent, it’s also essential to track the number of calories. The good thing is accessing the calories, and allergen information is easy at Scooter’s. 

Scooter coffee shop has a detailed guide regarding calories and other information. To see nutrition, ingredients, and allergen alerts, you can enjoy checking Scooter’s coffee menu prices pdf version. 

Scooter‘s menu with prices

For everyone eager, the list below shows how much is Scooter’s coffee.

Scooter’s Food  

Food Price 
Maple Topped with a dried fruit and nut medley$3.15
Signature Pastries$1.95
Breakfast Bagels plain or with egg, Gouda and sauce.$3.95
Breakfast Ciabatta$3.75
Baked from Scratch$3.05
Breakfast Burritos$3.25
Cinnamon Roll$2.65
Blueberry Muffin$2.55
Chocolate Chip Muffin$2.55
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin$2.55
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.95
Scooter Doodle Cookie$1.95
Cinnamon Chip Scone$2.55
Cranberry Orange Scone$2.55
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread$2.55
Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito$3.25
Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese$2.99
Southwestern Breakfast Burrito$3.25

Scooter’s Hot Coffee Drinks 

Drink Small Medium Large 
Brewed Coffee – Medium Roast$1.95$2.25$2.55
Scooter Shooter$3.05 $3.55$3.95
Café Au Lait$2.55$2.85$3.25
Candy Bar Latte$4.05$4.75$5.05
Turtle Latte$4.05$4.75$5.05
Flavored Latte$3.65$4.45$4.85
Mocha Latte$3.85$4.55$4.85
White Mocha Latte$3.85$4.55$4.85
Horchata Latte$3.95$4.25$4.55

Scooter’s Iced Coffee Drinks 

Drink SmallMediumLarge 
Cold Brew (Iced Coffee)$3.15$3.65$4.15
Scooter Shooter – Iced$3.55$4.05$4.45
Americano – Iced$2.45
Espresso – Iced$2.50
Caramelicious – Iced$4.05$4.75$5.05
Iced Candy Bar Latte$4.05$4.75$5.05
Iced Turtle Latte$4.05$4.75$5.05
Iced Latte$3.15$3.95$4.25
Iced Flavored Latte$3.85$4.554.85
Iced Breve$3.65$4.75$5.70
Iced Horchata Latte$3.95$4.25$4.55

Scooter’s Blender Drinks 

Drink SmallMedium Large 
Caramelicious – Blended$4.75$5.25$5.55
Candy Bar Blender$4.75$5.25$5.55
Turtle Blender$4.75$5.25$5.55
Turtle Blender$4.75$5.25$5.55
White Mocha Blender$4.75$5.25$5.55
Cappuccino Blender$4.75$5.25$5.55
Horchata Blender$4.75$5.25$5.55

Scooter’s Hot and Cold Tea

Tea Small Medium Large 
Chai Tea Latte(Hot/Cold)$3.45$4.15$4.45
Matcha Tea Latte (Hot)$3.55$4.15$4.55
Dirty Chai Tea Latte (Hot/Cold)$4.10$4.80$5.10
Black Tea (Hot/Cold)$1.85$2.02$2.35
Green Tea (Hot/Cold)$1.85$2.02$2.35
White Tea (Hot)$1.85$2.02$2.35
London Fog$1.85$2.02$2.35
Tea Latte$3.55$4.35$4.65
Arnold Palmer (Iced)$3.053.55$4.05
Green Tea Matcha Blended Smoothie$4.75
Chai Blender$4.75$5.35$5.85
Dirty Chai Blender$5.40$5.35$6.5

Scooter’s Other Drinks 

Drink Small Medium Large 
Hot Chocolate (Chocolate Steamer)$2.75$3.25$3.75
Chocolate Milk$1.50$1.75$2.00
Apple Juice$1.55
Orange Juice$1.55
Bottled Water$1.55

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Scooter’s Menu FAQ

Who owns scooters coffee?

The Scooter’s coffee shop is a family business owned by Travis Rhoades. Besides owning the business, he also has other ventures. 

How many scooters coffee are there?

Scooter’s has 400 locations in the US. This can lead you to ask what states have Scooter’s coffee. 

The states  where the coffee shop is present are AL, AR, AZ, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MI, MN, MS, MT, NC, ND, NM, NV, OH, SC, TN, TX, UT, WI, WV, and WY 

Where did scooters coffee originate?

Scooter’s coffee shop originated in Bellevue, Nebraska, where even today, headquarters are. 

Can you drink scooters coffee when sick?

Yes, scooter’s coffee is ideal for drinking when you have a cold. However, for a severe sickness, it’s not advisable to drink any coffee. 

How to make scooters coffee?

Scooter’s coffee has packed roasted beans which enable home brewing. 

Making the coffee is simple, add hot water into a cup, about 1½ inches. Then, shoot your espresso in the water. You can decide to shoot one or two shots, depending on your preference. 


Scooter’s coffee is one of the great joints where you can enjoy exciting beverages. Whether it’s your coffee or a snack, you can enjoy a great treat. 

With the latest Scooter’s menu price, it’s now easy to check before ordering. The menu is a superb way of ensuring there is exceptional convenience.