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Are You Curious to Know What Coffee Does McDonald’s Use? Find Out Now

McDonald’s is a big name for burgers, fries, coffee, fried chicken, desserts, and other delicacies. However, what fascinates most customers is coffee which leaves people wondering what coffee chain uses that make the beverages extra delicious. 

Although the experience in brewing coffee is important in determining the quality and flavor, the type of beans also matters a lot. That is why coffee shops always use high-quality coffee and experienced baristas. If you are curious like me, let’s see what coffee McDonald’s uses to make tasty lattes, cappuccinos, brewed coffee, and other beverages. Sip your coffee as we debunk this together. 

What type of coffee does McDonald’s use? 

If you are one of the big McDonald’s customers, there is no doubt you know how sweet their coffee is. The yummy beverages result from the company’s careful selection of coffee beans and brewing techniques. 

McDonald’s uses 100% arabica coffee beans. Contrary to some customers, the company doesn’t use Robusta despite the coffee having more caffeine. 

According to experts and coffee drinkers, Arabica has a smooth taste than Robusta. That is why most coffee shops like Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, and others use Arabica coffee. 

Where does McDonald’s get its coffee? 

We have seen that coffee shops use Arabica coffee to brew their coffee. But where does it get its coffee from? If you ask many customers, they think McDonald’s directly sources its coffee from farmers. However, the company gets its coffee from Gavina Gourmet Coffee

The company deals with arabica coffee from Asia, Africa, and South & Central America. However, most of the coffee for McDonald’s is primarily from South America. According to individual companies, they engage in ethical coffee trading. Also, the coffee is sustainably produced according to Rainforest alliance guidelines. 

Does McDonald’s roast its coffee? 

McDonald’s gets roasted coffee beans from the suppliers. However, the coffee is grounded in the coffee shops using espresso machines during brewing. 

Why Does McDonald’s Coffee Taste great? 

Drinking coffee at McDonald’s is an exciting experience. One of the reasons why coffee tastes heavenly is the selection of coffee beans. The fact that the coffee shop uses freshly grounded Arabica coffee is the reason beverages are super sweet.

When you compare Arabica and Robusta flavors, they are very different. It has a smooth flavor and moderate caffeine. Caffeine content is also essential, especially for people with acidity problems

Besides selecting beans, the company blends coffee to achieve the best flavor. Unlike other coffee brands, McDonald’s uses medium roast coffee for their coffee drinks. This is where they manage to keep their beverages sweet and consistent. 

Medium-roasted coffee is sweeter than light or dark-roasted coffee. This is because it has a richer flavor than light roast and isn’t oily like dark roast. 

For flavored coffee drinks, McDonald’s uses some of the best ingredients to make the beverage taste amazing. Using naturally flavored syrups and creams ensures every beverage brings a fantastic feeling. 

What coffee does McDonald’s make? 

McDonald’s offers a wide range of beverages to choose from. There are about 20 coffee-based drinks which can be categorized in two; brewed and espresso-based coffee beverages and blended espresso blended drinks. 

Brewed Coffee Espresso DrinksBlended espresso drinks
Premium Brewed coffee Cappuccino Mocha Frappes
Iced coffee Latte Caramel Frappes 
Iced French Vanilla coffee Americano 
Iced Caramel coffee Caramel Macchiato 
Caramel Latte 
Caramel Cappuccino 
French Vanilla Cappuccino 
French Vanilla Latte

What are popular coffee drinks at McDonald’s 

McDonald coffee drinks

Various beverages are available to grab. However, some coffee beverages are more popular than others. Of all coffee-based beverages, brewed coffee is the most popular drink. Especially premium brewed coffee is one of the most consumed brew at McDonald’s. 

Besides brewed coffee, espresso-based drinks like lattes and Mocha are also popular. The sale of coffee at McDonald’s is a serious business where the brand sells over 1 billion cups yearly. Of all coffee sold, 500 million cups are sold in the USA, averaging to 2.1 cups per day.

Can you buy McDonald’s bagged coffee? 

While brewed coffee drinks are the most popular type people go for in McDonald’s, you can also get roasted coffee. The company offers roasted coffee packaged in different forms. 

Coffee comes pre-grounded and is available in pure and flavored options. The coffee for home brewing includes premium roast, Breakfast blend, French Vanilla, and Colombia. These types are for brewing using traditional methods, French Press, or mocha pots. 

Besides the regular bagged coffee, the company has Mocha Collection, which is K-cups. Therefore, if you have a Keurig K-cup machine, you can get these single-brew coffee pods.

Where to buy McDonald’s coffee? 

If you trust your brewing experience, buying coffee to brew at home is amazing. But where can you buy McDonald’s coffee? Well, McDonald’s McCafé coffee is available in all their stores. 

Apart from the company stores, the coffee is also available in leading online stores like Amazon, Walmart and others. 

Final words

While McDonald’s is known for burgers and fries, it is also king in coffee brewing. Brewed by professionals from premium beans, the coffee is unbeatable. Besides, the ability to get brewed and bagged coffee allows customers to enjoy the coffee they like. 


How much is mcdonalds coffee? 

The price of coffee at McDonald’s depends on the size. For brewed coffee, small coffee costs $1.0, medium-size costs $1.30, while large cups cost $1.50. The average price of bagged coffee retails for approximately $15 for a 12oz bag.

What coffee is similar to McDonald’s coffee?

McDonald’s sources coffee from Gavina. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the same quality coffee that isn’t McDonald’s, you can buy Don Francisco’s Coffee which Gavina roasts. It has the same quality as the coffee you enjoy in McCafé stores.

Does McDonalds have coffee all day?

Yes, McDonald’s serves coffee the whole day.

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