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One fine afternoon, I decided to get into 7 Brew Coffee and enjoy a drink. It remains one of my most memorable coffee drinking experiences due to the deliciousness and cool environment I experienced. This drive-thru coffee shop has some of the best services, and the beverages are a step ahead. 

Different coffee drinks and friendly staff make one feel at home. That is why I’m sharing the latest 7 Brew Coffee menu prices to allow anyone willing to visit to have a simple time. Let’s find out what’s special about the coffee shop and why you need to taste their menu. 

What is 7 Brew? 

Out of the desire to change the style and ways drive-thru coffee outlets operated, 7 Coffee Brew came into life. It started as a small coffee outlet offering a variety of coffee beverages. Originally established in Rogers, AR, in 2017, it has expanded to other locations to serve more customers. 

Do you know who owns 7 Brew coffee? 

Well, it’s important to know the person who hatched and initialized the establishment of such an amazing coffee shop. 

The drive-thru coffee is owned by the founders Ron Crume and Jaylen Kimberlin, while veterans Jamie Coulter and Jimmy John Liautaud own the largest shares. They acquired the part of the coffee shop in 2019, where the seven brews used the money to open more stores. Since buying the majority shares, these veterans believe that Seven Brew coffee will change how the drive-thru stores operate. 

Why is it called 7 Brew coffee? 

When the coffee shop was started, it only had 7 coffee menus. Do you think the number 7 was arrived at as an accident? No, it was a well thought move. 

According to the bible project, 7 symbolizes great significance hence the founder based the coffee shop on the biblical number seven. 

Besides the origin of the name, the drive-thru started operations while serving seven types of coffee drinks. 

What kind of coffee does 7 brew use?

Curious to know where the 7 Brew coffee comes from? Well, the yumminess nature of coffee offers insight into the type of coffee used. Normally, the brand sources coffee from different places like Brazil, Ethiopia, and Colombia. 

Through single sourcing, the coffee is always clean and offers amazing flavor. 

How many 7 brew locations are there?

Although the café has amazing coffee, it is not available in most states in the US. Actually, as of 2022, the coffee shop has 30 locations. Besides the current locations, the brand plans to have 40+ locations in 5 years. 

Despite the expansion, the headquarters remains at 2101 South 52nd Street, Rogers, AR. 

Does 7 brew have food?

While coffee is Seven Brew’s most famous menu item, does it have food? If you like having a bite while sipping your coffee, this café doesn’t have food. Thus, you can only enjoy a variety of mouthwatering drinks. Apart from the regular beverages, there is also a kid’s zone menu. 

Does 7 brew have decaf?

Yes, 7 Brew Coffee offers decaf coffee as an option for customers who prefer it. Decaf coffee is made by removing most of the caffeine from regular coffee beans, while still retaining the flavor and aroma. 7 Brew Coffee offers decaf coffee in both hot and iced versions, and customers can customize their drink with their preferred milk and sweetener options. It’s best to check with your local 7 Brew Coffee to see if they offer decaf coffee and to learn more about their specific menu offerings.

In addition to decaf, they are also mindful of other dietary preferences and needs by providing sugar-free alternatives for their original menu items and a variety of dairy-free milk choices, such as coconut, almond, and oat milk. For those following a keto diet, heavy cream is available as well. 7 Brew Coffee is committed to accommodating a wide range of customer preferences while ensuring a delicious and satisfying experience.

7 brew coffee

7 Brew Coffee menu prices 


OUR OG FAVS. (iced/hot)SizePrice 
BLONDIEMedium $5.00
BLONDIELarge $6.00
BRUNETTEMedium $5.00
BRUNETTELarge $6.00
SMOOTH 7Small$4.25
SMOOTH 7Medium $5.00
SMOOTH 7Large $6.00
TRIPLE 7Small $4.25
TRIPLE 7Medium $5.00
TRIPLE 7Large $6.00


LATTES Medium $4.25
LATTESLarge $5.00
MOCHASMedium $4.25
MOCHASLarge $5.00
BREVESSmall $3.75
BREVESMedium $4.25
BREVESLarge $5.25
HOUSE BLENDSmall $2.25
HOUSE BLENDMedium $2.75
HOUSE BLENDLarge $3.25
CHAI TEASmall $3.75
CHAI TEAMedium $4.50
CHAI TEALarge $5.25
MATCHAMedium $4.50
MATCHALarge $5.25
COCOASmall $2.50
COCOAMedium $3.25
COCOALarge $3.50


Tea (hot/cold)Size Price 
SWEETMedium $2.75
SWEETLarge $3.25
UNSWEETMedium $2.75
UNSWEETLarge $3.25
PARISMedium $2.75
PARISLarge $3.25
GREENMedium $2.75
GREENLarge $3.25
EARL GREYSmall$2.25
EARL GREYMedium $2.75
EARL GREYLarge $3.25
DECAFMedium $2.75
DECAFLarge $3.25


STRAWBERRYMedium $6.00
MANGOSmall $5.00
MANGOMedium $6.00
MANGOLarge $7.00
PINA COLADASmall $5.00
PINA COLADAMedium $6.00
PINA COLADALarge $7.00
PEACHSmall $5.00
PEACHMedium $6.00
PEACHLarge $7.00
GREEN APPLESmall $5.00
GREEN APPLEMedium $6.00
GREEN APPLELarge $7.00
WILDBERRYSmall $5.00
WILDBERRYMedium $6.00
WILDBERRYLarge $7.00
BLUEBERRYSmall $5.00
BLUEBERRYMedium $6.00
BLUEBERRYLarge $7.00


Kids Price 


WHIPPED. LIKE US.Small $5.00
WHIPPED. LIKE US.Medium$6.00
WHIPPED. LIKE US.Large $7.00

7 Brew Coffee Catering

If you’re looking for a unique and delicious catering option for your next event, 7 Brew Coffee has got you covered. With a variety of drinks and snacks to choose from, your guests are sure to be impressed.

One of the standout options on the catering menu is the You-nique Drinks. These customizable drinks allow your guests to create their own perfect beverage, with options like espresso, cold brew, and flavored syrups. It’s a fun and interactive way to add a personal touch to your event.

For those looking for something more traditional, 7 Brew Coffee also offers classic coffee and tea options, as well as refreshing smoothies and iced drinks. However, they do not provide any pastries and snacks.

When it comes to pricing, 7 Brew Coffee offers competitive rates and customizable packages to fit your budget and needs. Contact their catering team to discuss your options and get a quote for your event.

Overall, 7 Brew Coffee catering is a great choice for those looking to add some unique and delicious drinks and snacks to their next event. With customizable options and competitive pricing, it’s sure to be a hit with your guests.

Contact Information & Operating Time

Address: 2101 S 52nd St, Rogers, Arkansas 72758, US

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 479.358.9274

Hours: 5:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Social Media

Important Links

Official websitehttps://7brew.com/
Sign-up for 7 Brew Heroes programhttps://7brew.com/heroes/
About pagehttps://7brew.com/about-us/
Online Storehttps://shop7brew.com/

Final Words 

There are a lot of drinks to grab at 7 brew coffee. While many people will go for coffee, it’s also amazing to know there are non-caffeine drinks. Besides, the kids’ drinks make 7 Brew coffee menu prices among the best for everyone. 


How to check 7 brew gift card balances?

If you have a gift card from Seven Brew Coffee, it’s easy to check your balance through QR scanning. 

How much does it take to open 7 Brew coffee? 

According to the FDD exchange, the cost ranges from $528,800 to $1,147,500. On top of that, you need to pay an affiliate fee of about $40,000 and other expenses. 

Is 7 coffees a day too much? 

According to experts, drinking a maximum of 6 cups per day is safe. Exceeding this can cause unwanted health issues due to the high amount of caffeine.  

What is the atmosphere like at 7 Brew Coffee?

The atmosphere at 7 Brew Coffee varies by location, but most stores have a modern and trendy vibe with comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi. Some locations also have outdoor seating areas or drive-thru windows for added convenience.

Can I order 7 Brew Coffee online or through a mobile app?

Yes, 7 Brew Coffee offers online ordering through their website and mobile app. Customers can place their order ahead of time and pick it up at the store, or have it delivered through a third-party delivery service. Some locations also offer curbside pickup for added convenience.

What are the prices for 7 Brew Coffee’s coffee drinks?

Prices for 7 Brew Coffee’s coffee drinks vary depending on the size and type of drink. For example, a small iced coffee may cost around $2.50, while a large specialty drink may cost around $5.50. Prices may also vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local 7 Brew Coffee for accurate pricing information.

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