how long does caffeine raise your blood pressure

Coffee, Caffeine and Blood Pressure, How Long Does Caffeine Raise Your Blood Pressure?

After a cup of coffee, there is a thrilling feeling. Actually, it’s the caffeine that causes this feeling. Depending on the caffeine content in the coffee, the experience is different every time you sip your cup of coffee. 

With coffee being one of the most consumed beverages, it means a massive amount of caffeine ends up in people’s bodies. Although moderate coffee is safe, I’ve been asking how long caffeine raises your blood pressure. Let’s see whether a regular amount of caffeine can trigger blood pressure change in an average drinker. 

Is caffeine safe? 

Caffeine is one of the most consumed stimulants in the world, with people gobbling 8.6 billion kilos every year. But is caffeine safe? According to health experts, caffeine is as long as you limit intake to 400mg per day for a healthy adult. 

Although the compound is safe if you have health conditions like cardiac problems and blood pressure. Consuming any amount of caffeine while having blood pressure can be detrimental unless under a medical expert advisory. Also, for a healthy person, exceeding the daily recommended caffeine can land you in problems. 

Does caffeine increase blood pressure? 

Usually, caffeine causes a slight increase in blood pressure. Although many people don’t realize it, there is a slight spike in blood pressure. The reason caffeine causes pressure increase is due to affecting the contraction and expansion of blood vessels

When you drink caffeine, it triggers adrenaline which improves the heart rate. As the heart increases pumping while blood vessels are narrow, it creates elevated blood pressure. 

How long do the effects of caffeine last? 

After consuming coffee or other drinks with caffeine, the effects start kicking after some time. Does coffee raise blood pressure immediately? The effects, mainly blood pressure, change 15-30 minutes after caffeine consumption. However, when it comes to the caffeine effects, they can last for a varying time, depending on the amount consumed. 

For small doses, the effects can last for 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The effects are usually mild and of no concern. However, the effects can last for hours for higher doses of caffeine. Even after the caffeine effects subsidize, it can still be on your system. 

To clear caffeine from the body, it can take the body up to 10 hours

How long does caffeine affect blood pressure?

There are many effects of drinking caffeine. However, blood pressure is one of the primary concerns. Most people who experience noticeable blood pressure increases are always wondering how long it doesn’t last. 

Usually, once the caffeine is absorbed in the blood, it triggers an automatic pressure increase. However, the spike is only for a short period; according to available data, the blood spike lasts for 1- 2 hours. 

As I said earlier, the spike is slight, with 3-15 mm Hg systolic and 4-13 mm Hg diastolic. The case can be different for caffeine-sensitive people with blood pressure issues. 

How long does caffeine affect blood pressure

Can people with hypertension take coffee? 

Caffeine causes increased blood pressure for everyone. However, people with hypertension should be cautious when drinking coffee or caffeinated drinks. Research has shown that people with hypertension can still enjoy caffeine in moderation

Since the increase in pressure after taking caffeine is temporary, the body normalizes after 1-2 hours. However, always consult your doctor before drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks. 

Caffeine and blood pressure medications 

Can you drink caffeine while under hypertritons medication? This is one of the major questions people ask while on medication. However, caffeine is known to reduce the efficiency of Beta-blockers (a drug used for hypertension and heart disease). Therefore, it’s important to avoid caffeine. 

How long after drinking coffee can I take medicine? It is always recommended to stop drinking coffee while under blood pressure or heart medication. However, in the case of other drugs, it is recommended to wait until 30 minutes are over. 

Final words 

Caffeine is safe to consume as long you exercise in moderation. Although it spikes blood pressure, it doesn’t cause alarming effects. Since the effects of blood spikes are temporary, even people with hypertension can enjoy caffeinated drinks. Thus, if you have been asking how long caffeine raises your blood pressure, you can now enjoy coffee without worries. The effects are for some time, then the body stabilizes.