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Heavy Cream In Coffee: What Others Won’t Tell You

When looking for the next best alternative to healthy tea, you should think about coffee. Some people are afraid of the caffeine content that this tea has but truly it is safer than a lot of things we find ourselves eating and drinking.

Some people don’t like to take bare coffee and they will wish to use something extra. There are a number of amazing extras to be used for coffee, one of which is cream. 

Can you use heavy cream in coffee? That question will be answered shortly in this article.

Heavy whipping cream in coffee is about one of the many good thoughts that come to your head when you think of wishing to take a cup. Do you also think heavy cream in coffee for weight loss is ideal?

Let’s follow through gradually. We are getting there shortly.

Here are some other substitutes for cream.

  • Coconut oil
  • Butter
  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Brown sugar
  • Salt

Cream is just a wonderful combination and if you have tried all the others then you will see the difference here.

Should There Be Something Added To Coffee?

If you were introduced to coffee and told to always take it black then welcome to this page. Most of us started out like that as well. 

This does not in any way water down the fact that black coffee is in its original form and if there should be anything added to it then it has been adulterated. Do not think this is bad for your health. Some people take coffee with heavy cream and others don’t. It’s just their preference. 

You may want to ask how much cream to add to coffee… well, it still boils down to preference.

Irrespective of the coffee that you are drinking, one of the easiest ways to get the best flavor and aroma from it is to drink it black. The experience of coffee in its real state is a priceless experience. You can take it whichever way suits your cravings for whatever moment.

It is obvious that of all the additives to coffee, milk is the most popular of all. There is now a competition between carbs in half and half vs heavy cream. Both of them are attractively popular and have carbs, but who do you think has the most?

A fact remains, either of the two is perfect in coffee and it’s in your discretion to make a choice. 

I hope I did not end up getting you confused here? People may either go for milk, half and half or heavy cream because of the sensation they get from either of them. Our priority is heavy cream though. Is drinking heavy cream bad for you?

When milk is processed, that fat and cream you see on top of this processed milk is what we term as heavy cream. Also, when the milk is skimmed then that top layer is what is called heavy cream. It is merely pure cream. 

To make it coagulated in the carton, some manufacturers prefer to add gelling agents to it.

 is heavy cream bad for you

Can you use heavy cream in your coffee?

Yes. It has an amazing and memorable feeling. That one that comes when you drink hot coffee cream. It adds a rich form of thickness to the coffee and your throat will certainly long for the next gulp.

Addition of heavy cream in coffee aimed at weight loss.

Is heavy cream bad for you? Or is drinking heavy cream to lose weight ideal?

Keto diets use heavy cream to achieve their weight loss practices or goals. One of the main focuses of the keto diet is foods that are dense in calories and at the same time are rich in good fats. 

What are the benefits of heavy cream? Fat does not come to you at gunpoint contrary to our opinions over time. Even though sometimes, it could pose a threat if it is not coordinated. Just take the right amount and you will be absolutely fine. Butter coffee and coconut oil coffee are popular for these on keto diets. 

Keto coffee heavy cream seems to be rare. Sugar is not a really great option because, after all the processing in your body, you get back to being hungry again.

Jitters that are caused by caffeine to some people can actually be cushioned with heavy cream. 

There is 30 to 40% of fat in heavy cream. In one tablespoon, you get 5.6g of fat. That’s around 52 calories. That’s not so bad after all.

Health Benefits of Heavy Cream

High Fat Low Carb

If you are in need of a high fat low carb option then the heavy cream is a good option for you. Diabetics can easily suffice sugar with fats. This is a better battle.

Lower Lactose Content

There is less sugar content in the heavy cream. For lactose intolerant people, this is a good option but if the case is severe then you can totally void heavy cream.


High fat, Low nutrient

Heavy cream doesn’t really have any vital health benefits. It just contains a good amount of fat, and when this is burned out, there is nothing that can be really said has been added to the body. Take a little bit of it and you are sure to be just fine. Drinking heavy cream to lose weight may not be the best option but it sure helps.

 drinking heavy cream to lose weight

Coffee with Heavy Cream Recipe

One way to get this done is the bulletproof style. This is as easy as preparing a bulletproof coffee. You would have to blend the milk in a high speed blender alongside the coffee. This will prevent it from having little lumps spread everywhere. 

When this is done, you may want to drink up immediately so you would not have it getting clumped back.

The second method is Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee. To get this done, brew the coffee and the cream together. When you arrive at soft peaks then you can say the coffee is ready. As a topping, you can place a spoonful of the whipped cream on the coffee.

Don’t forget to reach back and tell us how the heavy cream in coffee experience was.

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