10 Best Coffee Shops In Missoula Mt Worth The Hype

Just in the heart of the Northern rocky mountains and the five valleys is located in the beautiful, green city of Missoula. Known for its lush green scenery and landscapes, earning the nickname “The Garden City”. The city of Missoula is also home to the popular University of Montana. 

Missoula, Montana is also home to cute local Missoula Montana coffee shops where you can always stop by for a grand cup of coffee anytime you come for a visit or for touring. I loved the people, the place, and the coffee, especially the East Missoula coffee shops.

Best 10 Coffee Shops In Missoula, Mt.

  1. Break Espresso
  2. Black Coffee Roasting Company
  3. The Catalyst Cafe
  4. City Brew Coffee
  5. Copper Mountain Coffee
  6. Clyde Coffee
  7. Florence Coffee Co.
  8. Drum Coffee Roasting 
  9. Lighthouse Espresso and Bistro
  10. Liquid Planet

This is to certify that this list was curated in no particular order, they are random selections of the best downtown Missoula coffee shops I found based on taste, arrangements, décor, and some dog-friendly coffee shops in Missoula.

Break Espresso

This cafe really does justice when it comes to making delicious happy coffee of any variety. Some of their best coffee classics include macchiato, Americano, latte, and espresso

They make other classic beverage drinks and products such as chai tea, and fresh fruit juices, alongside some yummy pastries selection. It is a new coffee shop and one of the late night coffee shops in missoula worth visiting. 

Location: 432 N Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 5:30 am am-10 pm
Phone: +1 406-728-7300
Contact: Email

Black Coffee Roasting Company

Black coffee was created as a symbol of friendship between two good friends, and it symbolizes the love of community and friends with each gulp of their coffee blends. 

They source their coffee from the best places in the world, prudently roast them in their local roaster in Missoula and then package them in biodegradable bags for environmental sustainability. 

The atmosphere is nice and chilly and puts you in the right mood to bless your taste buds with their amazing coffee. They have quite a list of coffee espressos to choose from, their pour-over cold brew is just too good. They also serve great pastries too. 

Location: 525 E Spruce St, Missoula, MT 59802
Working hours: Monday-Saturday 7 am-2 pm
Website: blackcoffeeroastingco
Phone:  406-541-3700

The Catalyst Cafe

The Catalyst Cafe in missoula mt

First, Catalyst Cafe has amazing scenery. From the moment you walk in and see the amazing décor, you feel settled in at the right place already. The cozy coffee shop serves amazingly outstanding espresso coffee which by the way is extremely delicious. 

At the Catalyst Cafe, you can also have some really healthy snacks like fresh salads, and gourmet sandwiches. It is such a nice place to get by for a cup of coffee and tranquility.

Location: 111 N Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT 59802, United States
Working hours: Wednesday-Sunday 8am-3pm
Website: thecatalystcafe
Phone: 406-728-1358

City Brew Coffee

City brew coffee has been brewing nothing but high-quality coffee ever since its emergence in 1988. It is a place I immediately loved the moment I walked in, with several locations scattered around the metropolitan city of Missoula. 

They are a good spot for relaxation, breakfast, brunch, and lunch and their prices are not pocket-breaking. The staff are amazingly friendly and chill enough to patiently listen to you make your order even when you are a tad bit confused about what to get on their specialty menu. 

Some of their specials and signature drinks are Zimzilla, Organic Honduras, Rolling Rivers, etc. I also tried out some light pastries alongside my coffee order and boy, were they good!

Location: 400 W Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59802
Working hours: Monday-Saturday 8 am-6 pm
Website: citybrew
Phone: 406-721-3600

Copper Mountain Coffee

Originally based in Montana with several shops, Copper Mountain Coffee has two units in Missoula. A unique description of their outlets is that some are in the form of kiosks, while some are brick-and-mortar-walled buildings, bringing the originality of classic coffee shops. 

 They serve a wide variety of freshly brewed coffee drinks made from finely roasted coffee. Their drinks selection includes espresso shakes, espresso, macchiato, and fruit smoothies. I also loved their freshly baked goods, especially their bagels and their staff was warm.

Location: 4921 N Reserve St, Missoula, MT 59808
Working hours: Monday-Saturday 6 am-6 pm, Sunday 7 am-6 pm
Website: coppermountaincoffee
Phone: 406-493-6060

Clyde Coffee

Wifi, delicious coffee varieties, specialty teas, and a great study atmosphere name it, Clyde coffee has it all. Close to the University of Montana, students like to visit the place to have a delicious cup of coffee while studying or working with the use of a free internet connection. 

This place is special to a lot of people because of its thoughtfulness and homeliness to all kinds of people. They have all kinds of drinks and pastries at Clyde coffee and their prices are pocket-friendly.

Location: 741 S Higgins Ave Unit a, Missoula, MT 59801
Working hours: Monday-Friday 6 am-5 pm, Saturday-Sunday 7 am-5 pm
Website: clydecoffee
Phone: 406-540-4481

Florence Coffee Co

There are over 20 units of Florence Coffee Co. scattered around the state, and each of them still encompasses the beauty and values of the Florence enterprise. 

Serving great coffee and tea alongside specialty espresso drinks and pastries and light eats. It is one of the best places in Missoula to go for breakfast, lunch, or even brunch. 

There is always fast internet access for customers to use. The atmosphere and floral décor is also delightful and provides a sense of warmth and family. It is also one of those late-night coffee shops in Missoula.

Location: 2205 Brooks St, Missoula, MT 59801
Working hours: Monday-Friday 5:30 am-6:30 pm, Saturday-Sunday 6 am-6:30 pm
Website: florencecoffeeco
Phone: 406-880-1378

Drum Coffee Roasting

At Drum Coffee Roasting, the atmosphere there is just right, proper ventilation, a clean airy smell, bright colors, and amazing wall décor. Everything at Drum coffee sets the right tone to kickstart your day in brighter moods right before you even have a taste of your coffee. 

The coffee is so good, you just want to keep drinking without an end. The espresso bar has a Northern Italian-inspired beverage menu with different sorts of specialty coffee drinks, hot chocolates, and custom roasts. They have great lunch menus and pastry options, too.

Location: 1000 E Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59802
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 7 am-3 pm
Website: drumcoffeeroasting
Phone: 406-721-3786

Lighthouse Espresso and Bistro

Built like a café, Lighthouse café and bistro is a tested and now trusted option for breakfast, lunch, and brunch delight. Its coffee beans are locally roasted and sourced from different parts of the world. 

At the café, there is a hot oatmeal bar with fruit and topping options, there is also a serve-yourself frozen yogurt bar. There are other healthy drink options available too, like healthy smoothies. You really should try out Lighthouse espresso and bistro. 

This is one of the few dog friendly coffee shops Missoula has to offer its residents. 

Location: 1925 Sherwood St, Missoula, MT 59808
Working hours: Monday-Friday 6 am-5 pm, Saturday 7 am-2 pm
Phone: 406-541-8282

Liquid Planet

The liquid planet is a combination of a coffeehouse, a bistro, and a beverages market all kept on 5000 acres of land in downtown Missoula. Their coffee is so freshly brewed you can actually taste the freshness. 

The coffeehouse has such a cozy, full-of-life atmosphere and the food and wine are a delight to have. I truly had an amazing time at Liquid planet, especially with so much sightseeing to do there.

Location: 121 W Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59802
Working hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am- 7 pm Saturday 7 am-7 pm
Website: liquidplanet
Phone: 406-541-4541


Where is Missoula, Montana located?

It is located at the western edge of Montana, approximately 45 miles (70 km) from the Idaho border.

Are there new coffee shops in Missoula?

Yes, there are a couple of new coffee shops in Missoula that haven’t been running for years, a perfect example is baileys coffee shop, they are relatively new and do not have a ton of reviews as other old coffee shops do.  

Are there coffee shops in Missoula with meeting space?

Yes, there are a handful of cafes with meeting spaces and reading areas both inside and outside. Cool, serene places to have your work meetings. From sunrise to sunset coffee shops in Missoula are also available. Clyde Coffee, Black Coffee Roasting Company and Lighthouse Espresso.

Which coffee shops are hiring in Missoula?

Slot availability depends on the particular shops who have put out these adverts, you can easily search and find coffee shops hiring in Missoula by checking them out in a job search platform. 

What Happened To the Sunrise Coffee Shop in missoula?

The once popular Sunrise coffee shop in Missoula is now permanently closed. 


Honestly, I had a hard time compiling, because as far as it goes, there are literally no bad coffee shops in Missoula. Every shop had a unique specialty, a unique blend of tastes that made their own cup of coffee splendidly different. Missoula coffee shops are a must-try!

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