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Top Picks for Best Coffee Capsule Machines & Buying Guide

Embark on a journey to discover the elixir of your coffee dreams. In a world where the pursuit of the perfect brew knows no bounds, coffee capsule machines have emerged as a beacon of convenience and flavor. But how do you choose the one that will awaken your senses and elevate your mornings?

In the realm of coffee capsules, compatibility, size, and simplicity hold the key to unlocking a world of coffee delights. Picture a machine that seamlessly melds with your kitchen, effortlessly accepts your favorite capsules, and effortlessly paves the way to your ideal cup.

Join us in our culinary odyssey as we scoured the globe, putting coffee capsule machines to the test. After weeks of meticulous research and brewing, we’ve handpicked the top ten champions that promise not just coffee but a symphony of flavor, convenience, and unrivaled satisfaction. Your coffee adventure begins here.

What is a Capsule Coffee Machine?

Capsule coffee machines, also known as pod coffee machines, are designed to make coffee using pre-packaged coffee pods or capsules. These pods contain ground coffee beans that are sealed in an airtight container to preserve their freshness.

Using a capsule coffee machine is easy and straightforward. Simply insert the coffee capsule into the machine, press a button, and the machine will do the rest. The machine will pierce the pod to allow hot water to flow through the coffee grounds, extracting the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

Capsule coffee machines offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Capsule coffee machines are quick and easy to use, making them perfect for busy mornings or when you’re on the go.
  • Consistency: Since the coffee pods are pre-measured, you can be sure that each cup of coffee will be consistent in flavor and strength.
  • Variety: Capsule coffee machines offer a wide range of coffee flavors and blends, so you can experiment with different types of coffee without having to buy multiple bags of beans or grounds.
  • Easy maintenance: Capsule coffee machines are easy to clean and maintain, as there are no loose coffee grounds to deal with.

10 capsule coffee maker reviews

FRIGIDAIRE ECMN103-BLACK Coffee Maker – best multi capsule coffee machine

FRIGIDAIRE ECMN103-BLACK Multi Capsule Compatible Coffee Maker

If you’re seeking a versatile coffee machine that can accommodate Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, and ground coffee, look no further than the FRIGIDAIRE ECMN103-BLACK Multi Capsule Compatible Coffee Maker.

In our experience, the FRIGIDAIRE ECMN103-BLACK caters to the diverse preferences of coffee aficionados. This user-friendly machine consistently delivers a delightful cup of coffee adorned with a rich crema.

One of its standout features is the quick brew system, ensuring your coffee craving is promptly satisfied. The intuitive cup button for selecting your preferred brew size, along with three capsule adaptors, provides a personalized coffee experience. We also applaud its removable drip tray and energy-saving technology, simplifying maintenance while conserving energy costs.

However, it’s worth noting that this machine may not be the best choice for those desiring larger servings of coffee. If you favor bigger cups, exploring alternative options might be wise. In addition, a few users have reported operational noise, so consider your noise sensitivity when making your decision.

  • The quick brew system with a 19 bar high-pressure pump ensures that you get a delicious cup of coffee in no time.
  • The cup button for brewing size selection and 3 capsule adaptors make it easy to customize your coffee experience.
  • The removable drip tray and energy-saving technology make it easy to clean and save on your energy bill.
  • May not be suitable for making large cups of coffee.
  • Might be noisy during operation.
  • May require frequent descaling to maintain optimal performance.

Keurig K-Elite K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker – best single serve capsule coffee machine

Keurig K-Elite Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

After several weeks of using the Keurig K-Elite, we’ve found ourselves rather impressed with its capabilities. Its brushed slate finish lends a stylish touch to our kitchen, and its user-friendliness is a definite plus. The machine’s versatility shines through with its five different brew sizes, catering to both our quick morning coffee needs and our desire for a larger cup to take on the go. We also appreciate the Strong Brew button, which comes in handy when we crave a bolder coffee experience.

However, it’s essential to note that the Keurig K-Elite comes with a relatively higher price tag compared to other coffee capsule machines available in the market. Despite this, we firmly believe it’s a worthwhile investment for Keurig coffee enthusiasts seeking an all-in-one solution. Our only minor gripe lies in its noise level during brewing – it can be a tad loud, potentially disruptive in the early morning hours when quiet is cherished.

In summary, the Keurig K-Elite stands out as a versatile and convenient coffee capsule machine. While it may not be the most budget-friendly option, its ability to brew a variety of beverages swiftly and effortlessly makes it a valuable addition for Keurig coffee aficionados.

  • The Keurig K-Elite has a sleek and modern design with a brushed slate finish that looks great in any kitchen.
  • It offers five different brew sizes, so you can make your favorite coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverage at the touch of a button.
  • The Strong Brew button allows you to brew a bolder cup of coffee, while the Iced setting brews hot over ice for a refreshing and full-flavored iced coffee.
  • The Keurig K-Elite is a bit on the expensive side compared to other coffee capsule machines on the market.
  • The machine is quite loud when brewing, which could be a problem if you’re trying to make coffee early in the morning without waking up the rest of the house.
  • The coffee pods can be quite expensive, especially if you’re using them every day.

WACACO Minipresso NS2 Portable Espresso Machine – best small capsule coffee maker

WACACO Minipresso NS2 Portable Espresso Machine

For someone who prefers a portable coffee capsule machine, the WACACO Minipresso NS2 is a great option. It’s compact, easy to use, and produces a rich and creamy espresso.

We recently took the WACACO Minipresso NS2 on a camping trip and were impressed with how easy it was to use. Simply add hot water to the water tank, unlock the piston, and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract delicious espresso with generous crema. The fully integrated water tank simplifies the preparation steps, and the added drip tray keeps the mess out of the equation.

The machine is made with eco-friendly wheat-composed polymers, which is a step forward to a greener future. The French design is elegant and refined, making it a great addition to any kitchen or office. The machine is also extra compact, 5cm shorter than the previous generation, making it surprisingly small.

If you’re a fan of Nespresso capsules and in search of a portable coffee capsule machine, this is a great option. It’s perfect for traveling, camping, backpacking, office, home, hiking, cycling, boating, and fishing.

  • The compact size makes it easy to take with you on the go.
  • The manually operated design means you don’t need electricity or batteries to use it.
  • Compatible with Nespresso* Original coffee capsules, it provides easy preparation, powerful extraction, and quick clean-up.
  • Some non-Original capsules might not work well with the machine.
  • Capsules with filter paper membranes are not compatible.
  • The coffee can come out a little cold sometimes.

Nespresso CitiZ Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi with Milk Frother

Nespresso CitiZ Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi with Milk Frother

If you’re a devotee of robust, full-bodied coffee, the Nespresso CitiZ Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi with Milk Frother is a true essential. This sleek, retro-modern single-serve marvel is tailor-made for compact kitchens and delivers freshly ground, delectable coffee within seconds.

Our experience with the Nespresso CitiZ Coffee and Espresso Machine left us thoroughly impressed. Its operation is as straightforward as it gets – insert a Nespresso original capsule, position your mug beneath the spout, select your desired size, and presto! The combination of patented Nespresso Coffee capsule technology and 19 bars of pressure consistently yields aromatic crema Nespresso (1.35 oz) and Lungo (3.7 oz).

What truly elevated our coffee game was the inclusion of the Aeroccino3 milk frother and steamer. Whether we craved a sumptuous cappuccino, a velvety latte, or luscious frothed milk for the richest hot chocolate, the Aeroccino3 proved itself as a user-friendly, easily maintainable companion. Constructed from durable stainless steel and featuring a user-friendly black exterior, this electric frother simplifies your life with one-touch operation – one second for hot milk and froth, or two seconds for cold milk froth.

We wholeheartedly endorse the Nespresso CitiZ Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi with Milk Frother to coffee connoisseurs who relish richness and convenience in their brew. While Nespresso capsules may command a slightly higher price point, the quality and ease of use make this investment undeniably worthwhile.

  • Compact size takes up less counter space
  • Capsule technology ensures fresh, flavorful coffee every time
  • Aeroccino3 milk frother provides impeccable results with just the push of a button
  • Nespresso capsules can be expensive
  • Limited to Nespresso capsules only
  • Not suitable for making large quantities of coffee

Famiworths Mini Coffee Maker Single Serve – cheapest capsule coffee machine

Famiworths Mini Coffee Maker Single Serve

If you’re on a tight budget and in search of a compact coffee machine capable of brewing both coffee pods and ground coffee, look no further than the Famiworths Mini Coffee Maker Single Serve.

The Famiworths Mini Coffee Maker Single Serve boasts a versatile 2-way brewing system, accommodating both coffee pods and ground coffee. Filling the water reservoir to your desired level is a breeze thanks to the clear water window, and with its 2-Min Instant Brew Technology, you can savor a fresh cup of coffee in just 2 minutes, activated by a single button press.

Compact and portable, this coffee machine is an excellent fit for confined spaces like RVs, offices, dorm rooms, and compact apartments. Its built-in descaling reminder ensures timely maintenance, while the self-cleaning feature prevents clogs and extends the machine’s lifespan.

In summary, the Famiworths Mini Coffee Maker Single Serve emerges as a top choice for those seeking an affordable, compact coffee machine capable of brewing both coffee pods and ground coffee. It’s user-friendly, easy to maintain, and consistently delivers a delightful cup of coffee.

  • The Famiworths Mini Coffee Maker Single Serve can brew both coffee pods and ground coffee, giving you more options for your coffee.
  • The coffee machine is equipped with a clear water window that displays measurements from 6 to 12 oz, making it easy to fill the water reservoir to the desired level.
  • The coffee machine has a 2-Mins Instant Brew Technology and requires no complex processes.
  • This coffee machine is only compatible with US standard voltage 110V-120V, so a voltage converter is needed if used in other countries.
  • The coffee temperature reaches up to 180°F, which may not be hot enough for some coffee drinkers.
  • The coffee machine is not suitable for large households or offices as it only brews one cup at a time.

Amazon Basics Dual Brew Single Serve Capsule Coffee Maker

Amazon Basics Dual Brew Single Serve Capsule Coffee Maker

The Amazon Basics Dual Brew Single Serve Capsule Coffee Maker offers the versatility of brewing both K-Cups and ground coffee, making it an ideal choice for those who relish variety and have diverse preferences. This compact machine ensures simplicity in operation and maintenance.

When it comes to brewing K-Cups, the coffee maker excels, boasting a quieter operation compared to Keurig machines. Besides, it exhibits minimal post-shutoff dripping. However, it’s worth mentioning that when using ground coffee, some leakage can occur, occasionally resulting in coffee spilling onto the countertop.

It’s important to keep in mind that the espresso’s extraction may vary based on the grind size and quantity, and recalibration may be necessary when adjusting these parameters.

  • The dual brewing modes allow you to switch between K-Cup capsule brewing and traditional brewing with fresh coffee grounds.
  • The single-serve design is ideal for small kitchens, break rooms, dorm rooms, and more.
  • The 24-ounce refillable water reservoir and removable drip tray make it easy to clean and maintain.
  • The machine may not operate properly if defective or other style capsules are used. It may leak or allow hot liquid or hot coffee to spill from the brewer.
  • It takes a bit of time to warm up before brewing.
  • Pouring in the right amount of water can be a little tricky because the tank is in the back.

De’Longhi All-in-One Combination Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine

De'Longhi All-in-One Combination Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine

The Dual Heating System of this coffee maker enables simultaneous brewing of both coffee and cappuccino, making it an excellent choice for entertaining guests. Operating the Digital Touchscreen is a breeze, and the inclusion of the Bold Setting function allows us to fine-tune the brew strength to our personal preference.

A standout feature is the 2-in-1 Portafilter, accommodating both pods and ground coffee, granting us the freedom to craft our ideal espresso without being tied to a single option.

However, a couple of drawbacks should be noted. Achieving the perfect froth with the milk frother may require some practice and patience. Moreover, the machine’s bulkiness may consume a considerable amount of counter space.

Taking into consideration all these pros and cons, the De’Longhi All-in-One Combination Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine has left us impressed. If you have an affinity for both coffee and espresso, this machine is certainly deserving of your consideration.

  • The Dual Heating System allows you to brew two drinks at once, so you can enjoy your coffee and cappuccino at the same time.
  • The Digital Touchscreen makes it easy to use, and the Bold Setting function allows you to customize the brew strength with the touch of a button.
  • The 2-in-1 Portafilter allows you to use both pods and ground coffee, so you can customize your perfect espresso every time.
  • The machine doesn’t automatically decide how much water to send through for an espresso, so you have to manually turn off the water when you have enough espresso, which means you have to know the timing.
  • The milk frother takes a bit of practice to get right, so it may take some time to get the perfect froth.
  • The machine is a bit bulky, so it may take up a bit of counter space.

Mecity Coffee Maker 3-in-1 Single Serve Ground Coffee Brewer/ Machine – best capsule coffee machine for home

Mecity Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for an affordable coffee capsule machine that can brew a perfect cup of coffee or tea, then the Mecity Coffee Maker is a great option.

The Mecity Coffee Maker has a removable reservoir that can hold up to 50 fl oz of water, which is capable of brewing 8 cups of drinks. The coffee machine is 6.3 inches in width and 10.6 inches in height, which means it can fit anywhere on the countertop and is portable for travel.

The coffee maker is also easy to clean, as it has BPA-FREE material for the water tank and piercing needle. The detachable filter basket and drip tray can be removed and washed directly. You can also use the easy clean method by pressing the button after adding water and vinegar.

When the medium cup button and start button flash, it is in descale mode. Take out the pods and brew 6 cups of hot water to finish descaling.

  • The coffee maker is incredibly easy to use, and you can enjoy fresh-brewed, delicious coffee in minutes.
  • It is also good at brewing loose tea, and you don’t have to boil a kettle of water.
  • The smart flow management system ensures precise and quick brewing, and you can brew an 6, 8, or 10 oz. cup at the push of a button.
  • The maximum fit cup size is 3.7″ in width and 6.3″ in height.
  • The plastic parts seem very cheap.
  • It doesn’t pour the coffee out smoothly.

KOTLIE Single Serve Coffee Maker

KOTLIE Single Serve Coffee Maker

We love the versatility of the KOTLIE Single Serve Coffee Maker, accommodating different capsule types and ground coffee, making it an ideal choice for households with diverse coffee preferences. The 19Bar of pressure at an optimal temperature of 93°C also ensures that the coffee grounds are saturated more evenly to extract the full flavor and aroma.

One thing we noticed is that the little plastic cup that holds the espresso can melt because the coffee is so hot, making it difficult to remove. We also had some issues with leaking when using the grounds capsule, which was a bit frustrating. However, the precise flow control system allowed for fast brewing of 2oz and 6oz cups, and we were able to brew the cup size we needed (up to 300ml) by long pressing the size coffee button.

Overall, if you’re looking for a stylish and versatile coffee maker that can handle a variety of capsules and ground coffee, the KOTLIE Single Serve Coffee Maker might be a great option for you. Just be aware of the potential issues with the plastic cup and leaking.

  • The 4-in-1 design means you can use K-Cup capsules, Nespresso capsules, ground coffee, and ESE Pod coffee, making it a great choice for households with different coffee preferences.
  • With 19Bar of pressure at an optimal temperature of 93°C, the coffee grounds are saturated more evenly to extract the full flavor and aroma.
  • The precise flow control system allows for fast brewing of 2oz and 6oz cups, and you can also brew the cup size you need (up to 300ml) by long pressing the size coffee button.
  • Some users have reported issues with leaking when using the grounds capsule.
  • The little plastic cup that holds the espresso can melt because the coffee is so hot, making it difficult to remove.
  • The water tank may be too small for those who want to make multiple cups of coffee at once.

Are Capsule Coffee Machines Worth It?

As coffee lovers, we all want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from the comfort of our own home. Capsule coffee machines have become increasingly popular in recent years, but are they worth the investment?

Firstly, capsule coffee machines are incredibly convenient. They offer a quick and easy way to make a cup of coffee without the need for any additional equipment or cleaning. Simply insert the capsule, press a button, and your coffee is ready in seconds.

However, it’s important to note that the convenience of capsule coffee machines comes at a cost. Capsules are more expensive than buying coffee beans or ground coffee, and they generate a lot of waste. If you’re environmentally conscious, you may want to consider alternative brewing methods.

Another factor to consider is the quality of the coffee. While capsule machines offer a consistent and reliable cup of coffee, the taste may not be as good as freshly ground coffee. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you may find the taste of capsule coffee lacking in comparison.

Whether a capsule coffee machine is worth it depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. If you value convenience and don’t mind paying a premium for it, a capsule machine may be the perfect fit for you. However, if you’re looking for the best quality coffee and want to reduce your environmental impact, you may want to explore alternative brewing methods.

What to consider before buying?


The first thing to consider is the capacity of the machine. How many cups of coffee do you need to make at once? If you’re the only one drinking coffee, a machine with a smaller capacity may be sufficient. However, if you frequently entertain guests or have a large family, a machine with a larger capacity may be more suitable.

Brewing Options

Different coffee capsule machines offer different brewing options. Some machines only offer espresso, while others offer a variety of coffee types, such as cappuccino, latte, and Americano. Consider what types of coffee you enjoy and look for a machine that offers those options.

Ease of Use

Another important factor to consider is how easy the machine is to use. Look for a machine with simple controls and easy-to-follow instructions. Additionally, consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the machine.


Price is always a consideration when making a purchase. Coffee capsule machines can range from affordable to expensive, so it’s important to determine your budget before making a purchase. Keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always mean a better product, so be sure to compare features and read reviews before making a decision.


Lastly, consider the compatibility of the machine with different coffee capsules. Some machines only work with specific brands of coffee capsules, while others are more versatile. If you have a preference for a specific brand of coffee, make sure the machine you choose is compatible with those capsules.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best coffee capsule machine for your needs.

How to Clean Capsule Coffee Machine?

Cleaning your capsule coffee machine is essential to maintain its performance and ensure that your coffee tastes great every time. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. First, unplug the machine and let it cool down. Then, remove the capsule holder and drip tray.
  2. Wash the capsule holder and drip tray with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Dry them with a clean cloth.
  3. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the machine, including the water tank and drip tray compartment. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, as they can scratch the surface.
  4. If your machine has a milk frother, clean it after each use by running it with hot water. For a deeper clean, you can disassemble the frother and wash the parts with warm soapy water.
  5. Descaling your machine is also important to remove mineral buildup and ensure that it continues to function properly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for descaling, which may involve running a descaling solution through the machine or using a specific cleaning cycle.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your capsule coffee machine in top condition and enjoy delicious coffee every time.


How to Put Capsule in Coffee Machine?

To insert a coffee capsule into your coffee machine, follow these general steps:

  1. Open the machine’s capsule compartment.
  2. Place the coffee capsule in the designated slot, usually with the flat side down.
  3. Close the compartment securely.
  4. Select your desired brew size and start the machine. It will puncture the capsule and brew your coffee.

Do All Coffee Capsules Fit All Machines?

No, not all coffee capsules fit all machines. Coffee capsules come in various sizes and designs, and compatibility varies between different brands and types of coffee machines. Always use capsules that are specifically designed for your coffee machine.

Will nespresso coffee capsules fit in a keurig coffee machine?

No, Nespresso coffee capsules are not compatible with Keurig coffee machines, and Keurig K-Cups are not compatible with Nespresso machines. These two brands of coffee machines have different capsule designs and brewing systems, so their capsules are not interchangeable.

Can I Use Other Coffee Capsules in a Nespresso Machine?

Nespresso machines are designed to work with Nespresso-branded capsules. While some third-party capsules claim compatibility, it’s recommended to use official Nespresso capsules for optimal performance and to avoid potential issues.

How Does a Capsule Coffee Machine Work?

A capsule coffee machine works by puncturing a sealed coffee capsule and forcing hot water through it to brew coffee. Here’s a simplified overview:

  1. Place a coffee capsule in the machine.
  2. The machine punctures the capsule, creating an opening for water to flow through.
  3. Hot water is forced through the capsule, extracting coffee.
  4. The brewed coffee is dispensed into your cup, and the used capsule is typically ejected into a container.

The precise mechanics may vary among different coffee machine brands and models, but this process is a common principle in capsule coffee machines.

A Recap

After researching and testing various coffee capsule machines, we have compiled a list of the best options available on the market. Each machine has its own unique features and benefits, making it important to consider your specific needs and preferences before making a final decision.

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