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25 Best Tea from Starbucks For All Seasons

Are you planning to visit Starbucks coffee shop? Maybe you are thinking of grabbing an espresso or caffe latte. But let me change your mind a little bit. Instead, you can grab a cup of Starbucks tea and enjoy the fantastic taste.

Whether you want black tea or green tea, and even herbal tea, you can get your preferred choice in a minute.

If you are willing to enjoy the best tea from Starbucks, I will make the work easy for you. The following list has the 25 best drinks from Starbucks you can order, and others are customized.

List of 25 best tea from Starbucks

1. Chai tea

Chai tea is for people who love the authentic taste. It’s a simple mixture of black tea infusion and hot water. The tea also has spices like cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, ensuring the tea flavor gets spicy touches.

2. Chai latte

Chai latte is arguably one of the best chai tea from Starbucks. It’s a perfect choice when you want a latte without the coffee taste or a moderately caffeinated drink.

Instead of coffee, the tea has a spicy black tea infusion combined with steamed cream and foam. The resulting taste is super appealing.

3. Earl Grey Tea

The earl grey tea is one of the best hot teas from Starbucks. It’s zero calories which means excellent when you don’t need to add sugar into your system.

Once you decide to order the tea, it has strong black tea, bergamot, and floral lavender. Lemon touch ensures a complete citrus-flavored tea drink.

4. London Fog Tea Latte

A blend of Italian black tea, bergamot, lavender, vanilla syrup, and steamed milk is what makes London fog tea latte.

It’s a perfect beverage that keeps your body enjoying an unlimited refreshment. The frothy drink ensures smoothness when sipping.

5. Royal English Breakfast Tea

When the breakfast isn’t complete without tea, royal English breakfast tea is the ultimate choice. Not only does this tea refresh, but it delivers calorie-free refreshment.

This drink is right if you love the extraordinary and authentic tea flavor. It contains black tea infusion, which gives you complete satisfaction. Just water and black tea lets you enjoy the tea like never before.

6. Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte

A latte flavor is all you need? Royal English breakfast tea latte is the best sweet tea from Starbucks. Made from top-quality black tea, it has a super-rich taste.

Black tea infusion sweetened with cane sugar syrup and steamed frothed milk ensures a velvety texture. The drink is smooth and offers an outstanding tea experience.

7. Emperor’s Clouds & Mist

Feel like an emperor by enjoying a cup of healthy beverage. The emperor’s clouds & mist is healthy and refreshing. Providing a strong-tasting tea, it is a healthy and calories free drink.

The drink is water and green to make a super appealing infusion. It’s one of the best green tea from Starbucks.

8. Matcha Tea Latte

One of the best Starbucks hot tea menu options for tea latte lovers is the Matcha tea latte. This tasty and sweet drink always leaves you thrilled.

The creamy drink consists of matcha tea blend powder and steamed milk. The resulting drink is exceptionally appealing.

9. Honey Citrus Mint Tea

 Besides drinking tea to feel the stimulation, health benefits are also essential. Honey citrus mint tea is the best tea from Starbucks for sore throat.

The professionally mixed tea is blended from citrus min, green tea, peach tranquility steamed lemonade, herbal tea, and hot water. Finished with a mingle of honey, the minty flavored drink soothes and cools your throat.

10. Jade Citrus Mint Brewed Tea

A healthy tea refreshes and boosts the body’s performance. Jade citrus mint brewed tea tastes so good that you keep enjoying the drink anytime you need it.

The ingredients behind the fabulous taste include green tea, lemon verbena, lemongrass, and spearmint mingle.

11. Mint Majesty

Mint majesty should be your best tea from Starbucks when sick. The calories free tea offers excellent taste and aroma.

When you order the drink, it gives you an excellent cool feeling due to the mint. The citrusy essence is due to the lemonade verbena resulting in super minty caffeine-free tea.

12. Peach Tranquility

Peach tranquility is one of the drinks that bring calmness. If you love refreshing drinks that offer no calories or caffeine, it’s a perfect way to start your day.

All ingredients are unique, featuring peach infusion, candied pineapple, lemon verbena chamomile blossom, and rose hip. This herbal is all you need to refresh.

13. Iced Black Tea

Hot weather calls for a cool beverage. Iced black tea is one of the best teas at Starbucks. This is an iced version of black tea, which is your perfect choice for summer.

The black tea is shaken with ice to yield a super tasty, healthy tea beverage.

best iced teas at starbucks

14. Iced Black Tea Lemonade

Tea blends well with lemon to give an intense flavor. Iced black tea lemonade is undoubtedly one of the perfect choices for low caffeine and calories drinks.

The black team is shaken with ice and refreshing lemonade leading to this special tasting tea.

15. Iced Chai Tea Latte

If you love iced drinks, iced chai tea latte is one of the most popular Starbucks drinks. It’s an excellent substitution for a hot latte, especially during hot seasons.

Iced chai latte has infused black tea with cloves, cinnamon, and other spices. The infusion is combined with ice and milk, resulting in a perfect flavor blend.

16. Iced Peach Green Tea

The way to bring a great vibe to your day is iced peach green tea. It’s one of the ultimate drinks that ensure you get superb satisfaction.

When you order this drink, ingredients include peach-flavored fruit juice Teavana ice tea shaken with ice. Nothing refreshes like this green tea drink.

17. Iced Matcha Tea Latte

Iced matcha tea latte is a super smooth beverage worth having once in Starbucks. It’s just your regular hot matcha but shaken with ice. The cold beverage is excellent if you are a fan of green tea.

18.Iced Green Tea

A cold drink is worth it when the season demands. Iced green tea is super tasty and among the best iced teas at starbucks.

Starbucks uses green tea, mint lemongrass, and lemon verbena shaken in ice to come up with this drink. Your iced drink is fantastic and super refreshing.

19. Iced Passion Tango Tea

When the body demands a healthy and healing drink, iced passion tango tea is the right pick. It’s the best tea from Starbucks when sick.

The blending of this drink features hibiscus, lemongrass, and an apple. This mixture is shaken with ice hence ideal for enjoying when you want to boost your body immunity.

20. Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade

Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade is the best tea from starbucks for sore throat. It has healing effects which means drinking refreshes and soothes your hurting throat.

The components involved ingredients include hibiscus, lemongrass, and apple shaken with ice. Also, coarse passion and lemonade add citrus effects.

21. Matcha crème Frappuccino

Matcha crème frappe is one of the Starbucks hot tea menus. The Frappuccino is a perfect choice for people who love frappes.

To make the drink, baristas mix sweetened matcha green tea, milk, and ice cubes. The drink is topped with sweetened whipped cream for an extra smooth beverage.

22. Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte

How does pumpkin taste? You can enjoy pumpkin spice chai latte and keep your day fabulous. Especially, it one of the best fall drinks to think of

This chai latte features milk. Water, chai tea concentrate, pumpkin spice sauce, and finished with pumpkin spice topping. What an excellent drink!

23. Raspberry Milk Tea

This secret recipe tea is one of the tasty options you need to try. The blended tea beverage has superior flavor.

It features black tea, half and half, classic syrup, toffee nut syrup, and raspberry syrup.

24. Teavana Mango Black Tea

 This bottled Teavana mango black tea is an excellent ready-to-drink tea. Besides the refreshing tea infusion, it also has mango notes and lime. You can grab your drink anytime without waiting for preparation time like others.

25. Dirty Chai Latte

Dirty chai latte is one of the best caffeine teas from Starbucks. It has a combination of tea and a shot of coffee which gives a higher level of caffeine. It is easy to request a shot or two to give it your preferred taste.

Although it was offered at Starbucks earlier these days, it’s a customized drink.

Questions you might have

What is the best fat burning tea from Starbucks?
The best tea to burn fat is one that offers zero calories. Generally, unsweetened teas and a great deal when you want to reduce body weight. Some like iced black tea, tea chai, and Royal English Breakfast Tea.
What is the best tea from Starbucks when sick?
Apart from refreshing, Starbucks also has teas that are excellent for beating the cold. Some of the chai teas for sick people include Mint Majesty and Iced Passion Tango Tea.
Are there seasonal teas from Starbucks?
Yes, some seasonal teas from Starbucks are only available at a certain season. Some of the seasonal Starbucks teas include Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte.


Starbucks’ hot menu and the cold menu have excellent drinks you should taste. Especially, you can get the best from Starbucks with the least hassle.

With these featured teas, you should never lack in your orders. Therefore, when you want to take a break from coffee, I recommend giving the tea a trial, and you will never regret it.

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