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Figuring Out the Differences in Cortado vs Latte

For most of our peers here, coffee is a regular drink. It is hard to imagine a day without consuming your favorite cup of coffee, which not only helps you get through the day but is a delicious treat in itself.

Yet, today with the wide range of coffee preparations available in the market, many of our friends come asking about the differences in these preparations. One such common concern revolves around cortado and, in a comparison of cortado vs latte, which is the better alternative.

What is a Cortado?

Cortado is a coffee made with espresso and steamed milk. It originated in Madrid, Spain, and is crafted by adding steamed milk to double shot espresso.

If you are wondering whether or not is espresso bad for you, we are here to tell you not to worry. Most espresso preparations are healthy, and espressos have been found to boost our immune system.

A cortado can be consumed regularly as it only has 150 mg of caffeine in a single serving and 15% calories.

What is a Latte?

A coffee made with espresso

Unlike cappuccino, an espresso with foamed milk, the latte is a caffeine beverage prepared by adding steamed milk to a shot of espresso.

Before we delve deeper into which is better in the battle of cortado vs latte, it is important to understand that latte is heavily milk-based, unlike the other preparations discussed above.

Some Other Popular Coffee Preparations

Now let’s look into some of the other renowned coffee preparations before comparing the cortado to other drinks.


Macchiato, also called cafe macchiato, is a popular coffee preparation made with espresso and adding a dash of milk. If you have ever wondered what does macchiato mean, its answer is pretty simple. Macchiato is the Italian word for spotted and, literally translated, would mean coffee with a spot of milk. The macchiato ratio of coffee to milk is probably the highest in any espresso preparation, with 10% milk added to 90% coffee.


One of the most common queries we get is whats an Americano. In general, it is a black coffee preparation. A Cafe Americano is usually prepared by adding hot water to a shot of espresso. It is perfect for all those coffee lovers who find an espresso shot too dark for them. A critical point when comparing americano vs macchiato is the ingredients. Even though both are espresso-based drinks, the former is solely a diluted espresso shot, whereas the latter has some sweetened milk in it.

Flat White

The best drink for those coffee lovers who enjoy the dairy in their caffeine is the flat white. A one shot cafe preparation, the flat white is made by adding steamed milk to a shot of espresso. The term ‘flat’ is attributed to the thin layer of foam found at the top of this preparation.


The cappuccino is a creamy preparation made by adding milk and foam to a shot of espresso. The cortado ratio is 1:1, implying equal amounts of espresso and milk are added. On the contrary, the cappuccino has a ratio of 2:1:1, meaning it takes 2 parts of foam, one part of milk, and one part of coffee to make the perfect cup.

How is Cortado Different from Other Coffee Preparations?

Cortado is a drink that differs from all the other coffee preparations in some way or the other. But, before we focus on cortado specifically, you must understand the above-given information and differentiate in macchiato vs cappuccino vs latte.

Cortado vs. Latte

From the beginning of the article, we have been talking about the major difference and confusion between cortado vs latte. The major difference between these two coffees is the size. While a cortado is almost 4 ounces, a latte is double going until 8 ounces. Moreover, a latte is high in calories compared to a cortado as it has a good amount of milk and foam. Thus, a cortado is best for people who need a quick and milky shot of espresso, while a latte is for all those coffee lovers who don’t mind a dash of milky creaminess in their coffee.

Cortado vs. Macchiato

The comparison of macchiato vs cortado is not a hard one. Both of the coffee types are made by adding milk to espresso. However, in a macchiato, foamed milk is added to a single shot of espresso, whereas in a cortado, steamed milk is added to a double espresso shot.

Cortado vs. Cappuccino

If you wonder about cortado vs cappuccino, we bring you all the answers here. The differentiation is simple and includes foam as a significant parameter. A cappuccino is a foamy preparation, while a cortado has either negligible or no foam at all.

Cortado vs. Flat White

The cortado and flat white are prepared with double espresso shots and are likely to be confused. Yet, when discussing cortado vs flat white, the difference is that flat white is prepared with textured, micro-foamed milk, making it much smoother than the cortado.

How to Make Cortado at Home?

If you enjoy preparing their coffee, this “how to make a cortado” guide is for you.

Step 1

Take a cup, and to it, add two shots of espresso.

Step 2

Take a cupIn the same cup, add two shots of steamed milk.

Step 3

Take a cupEven though cortado is made without sugar, if you are someone with a sweet tooth, add some sugar or sugar syrup as per your requirement.

How to Make Latte at Home?

When someone asks us what is an espresso with milk called, the most common answer is a latte. So, here are the steps to making your perfect cup of latte at home.

Step 1

In a cup, add one shot of espresso.

Step 2

To this same cup, add some warm milk.

Step 3

Take a lidded jar and add some milk and shake it until frothy.

Step 4

Add the frothy milk along with sugar if needed to the cup and stir lightly to get your perfect latte.

Final Words

Cortado is an espresso with steamed milk popular among coffee lovers but often confused with a latte. We hope you have a clearer idea about which coffee is best for you through this article and determine the difference between cortado vs latte.

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