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Does Dairy Queen Have the Secret Menu? 20 Menu Updated

There are hundreds of menus you can order at Dairy Queen. But, have you ever thought of a secret menu you can try. 

Amazingly, there are various secret menus you can order at the restaurant. This means everyone can have variety when they want to take a break from the usual menu. 

If you are eager, I will unveil some of the best and most popular customized menus you can enjoy. Although they are the known ones, dairy queen allows you to customize your menu.

The most common menu you can customize is the milkshakes and ice creams. However, let’s see, Dairy Queen blizzard flavors not on menu you can order. 

20 Best Dairy Queen Secret Menu 

  1. Frozen Hot Chocolate 

When the winter knocks, the need for hot beverages increases. One of the Dairy Queen new items is frozen hot chocolate during the winter. 

This exciting menu was born in 2019 and served as a secret menu in winter. The drink is blended and offers some of the best experiences. 

Like the name, the drink offers a chocolatey flavor and is quite refreshing. The menu features a misty base, hefty cocoa fudge, chocolate soft serve, and whipped cream topping. The results are fudgy and recollection of a hot chocolate experience. 

  1. Banana Split Blizzard

If you are a big fan of Dairy Queen blizzards, here is a secret menu you can order. Banana split blizzard is a creation of tasty ingredients that results in superb results. 

Since it’s no longer a regular menu, it qualifies for this secret section.

The dessert is created by adding banana splits to a plain vanilla blizzard. Normally, a banana split has banana splits, pineapple and strawberry chocolate, strawberry syrup, and whipped cream. 

Adding banana split to a vanilla blizzard creates a thick and juicy dessert. 

DQ Banana splits Ice Cream
  1. Chocolate Chip Blizzard

For people asking does the dairy queen have a secret menu, chocolate chip blizzard is one you should try. 

The blizzard is a classic one that offers some amazing experiences. 

Creating this dessert involves vanilla ice cream as the base. Then, chocolate chips are added. It is worth noting the chips aren’t chocolate; rather, they are chunks resulting from chocolate dips. But, the dessert is refreshing.

  1. Hawaiian blizzard

Enjoy the authentic and great feeling of visiting an island of Hawaii. The blizzard is one of the amazing secret menus you can order from DQ. 

It’s refreshing and healthy options will make your hot afternoon feel amazing. 

The dessert consists of coconut, pineapple, and banana. It results in a concoction of the delicious and refreshing Hawaiian experience. 

  1. Coffee Blizzard 

A coffee blizzard is the best dairy queen coffee drinks secret menu to order for coffee lovers. It brings a real refreshing feeling bearing in mind it has coffee as an ingredient. 

If you wonder what it is, the beverage is equivalent to Starbucks Frappuccino

To have a drink, order a milkshake and request a coffee syrup be added. The resulting drink gives a strong coffee flavor and relaxation. 

  1. Butter Beer Blizzard

Are you feeling like trying something new at Dairy Queen? A butter beer blizzard is worth having a taste. 

It’s not a complicated drink and is easy to request at DQ. To have it, order butterfingers, vanilla flavor, and butterscotch. 

Amazingly, you can substitute butterscotch with caramel, and the drink will turn refreshing. This drink leaves you yearning for another cup. 

  1. Marshmallow Crème

Are you like to experience marshmallow flavor? You can have it in a special way at DQ. Having the marshmallow crème is great and is one of the secret menus. 

The dessert is superb and is available as dessert or sundae. 

To have it, request staff for extra marshmallow crème; it can be a sundae or dessert. It’s smooth and brings an excellent treat for your day. 

  1. Choco Cherry Love 

For people with special space in their soul for a chocolate flavor, Choco cherry love is one of the perfect shots. 

It’s a simple dessert yet with amazing refreshing effects. You can order the off-menu dessert from DQ and enjoy the savor.

To have it, request a vanilla blizzard with chocolate chunks blended with cherries. 

  1. Chocoholic Blizzard 

Another big secret menu available for chocolate lovers is the Chocoholic blizzard. It’s a fun dessert that is full of flavor and surprise. 

With amazing ingredients, the results are what you have never experienced. 

If you want to enjoy this menu, ask for a vanilla blizzard. Add brown dough, Chocosauce, hot and cold fudge, and cocoa fudge. 

The list goes one; add Heath bar, Reese’s, M&M’s, Oreo Butterfingers, and whip topping. The resulting dessert is inexplainable, fantastic!

  1. Midnight Truffle Blizzard

Midnight Truffle blizzard was one time a regular menu, but not anymore. You can only access it as a secret menu. It’s a popular option that many DQ customers love. 

Despite being pulled from the menu, you can have it by requesting vanilla soft serve blended with dark chocolate fudge. Then, add pieces of truffle bites to mix, leaving a complex but refreshing flavor. 

  1. S’mores Blizzard 

Although it’s sometimes served on the menu, it is not a permanent one. Therefore sometimes, it’s served as a secret menu, and you need to ask for it specifically. 

When off the menu, order for soft vanilla soft serve blended with marshmallows, hot fudge, and graham crackers. 

  1. Mint Oreo Blizzard

If you have been visiting DQ, you might have tasted this secret menu. If you have not, you need to do it next time in the restaurant. 

It’s fun-filled dessert resulting from an Oreo blizzard blended with mint instead of vanilla ice cream. 

  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake

 The nutty flavor is what some people love. That is why the peanut butter and jelly shake is a favorite for people who love the peanut flavor. 

As a secret menu, you can’t find it in the regular listing. All you need is to request is a combination of peanut butter shake and strawberry topping. Yummy! 

  1. Cheesy Fries 

Away from the deserts, you can also enjoy secret menu fries. You can take your order to the next step by being a bit creative. 

Cheesy fries are tasty, and you can have them by ordering them by name. If confused about what they are, order fries and a side of queso so that you can dip them. 

  1. Grilled Cheese 

One of the funny things is that grilled cheese is available in most restaurants. But, sometimes, you will not find it in the menu. 

This is the case in DQ. It’s not on the menu and not every meal that comes with it. However, it’s worth noting that every meal with buttery Texas Toast contains grilled cheese. 

  1. Peanut Buster Parfait 

Peanut buster parfait has been on the Dairy Queen menu in the past. It’s only available in a few locations. But, you can request it as a secret menu. 

The ingredients for this menu include vanilla soft serve mixed with hot fudge and crunchy peanuts. Fortunately, the ingredients are available in most locations; you can order. 

  1. Oreo Brownie Sugar Rush

Still not satisfied with a secret menu at DQ? Oreo brown sugar rush is another perfect menu. As the name sounds, it’s straightforward to order. 

The menu includes blended blizzards with Oreo, hot fudge, and brownie. For even extraordinary experience and flavor, you can top up with marshmallow crème. 

  1. Cookie Jar Blizzard 

Does cookie jar blizzard sound funny? Sure, it is tasty. Being one of the simplest secret menus, you can have it anytime of the year. 

The cookie jar blizzard ingredients include an Oreo blizzard mixed with cookie dough, and you have your dessert ready. 

  1. Georgia Mud Fudge

Georgia mud fudge should be on your list; next, you visit Dairy Queen. It is a secret menu with super tasty flavor and great refreshments. 

Especially for chocolate lovers, the dessert involves brownie pieces, pecans, and cocoa fudge. It’s thick and delicious to have all day. Also, you can order from any DQ location. 

  1. Mocha Heath Treat

 You can have numerous secret menus at Dairy Queen, but this offers a special treat. It’s all chocolatey and satisfying, ensuring everyone will love it.

Mocha heath treat recipe includes vanilla blizzard, coffee syrup, chocolate syrup, and heath bar. The ingredients are blended, which results in smooth and amazing. 

Dairy Queen Secret Menu FAQ

Can you make your own blizzard at dairy queen?

Dairy queen allows customers to customize their blizzards. You can opt for additional ingredients like marshmallows, crème, and others at a small cost. 

Does dairy queen have coffee ice cream?

If you want to enjoy coffee, DQ doesn’t have coffee ice cream. However, the restaurant serves coffee blizzards. 

Does dairy queen have iced coffee? 

Amazingly, these days dairy queen serves coffee. You can opt for iced coffee or frappes in all their locations. 


Apart from your regular menu, Dairy Queen secret menu also offers a great experience. Although I have only reviewed the common and popular ones, you can also try others. The restaurant allows customers to create customized menus.