Does caffeine suppress appetite

How Coffee and Weight are Related? Does Caffeine Suppress Appetite?

People have different perceptions when it comes to the effects of drinking coffee. For some people, it’s the perfect beverage to drink in the morning and evening. But, besides stimulating the body, does caffeine suppress appetite? 

This question is essential for people looking to cut weight or start fasting. When the question is asked, you can get many versions of answers, but we will spill all the facts regarding coffee and its effect on your appetite. 

Does Coffee Suppress Appetite? 

This question has never been concluded whether coffee suppresses or increases appetite. However, according to MedicalNewsToday, a study has shown people who drink coffee report feeling less hungry. 

Also, Healthline reports that drinking coffee can lead to decreased appetite. This is because caffeine accelerates fat burn, which triggers increased metabolism, reducing appetite. 

By increasing metabolism, the body is capable of burning fat and meeting the calorie demand rather than having you eat more food. 

Besides suppressing appetite, does coffee suppress hunger and energy intake? A study showed that consuming 300mg of caffeine before a meal reduces the calorie intake in men. 

Why Does Coffee Suppress Appetite? 

It’s now evident that coffee can suppress appetite among some drinkers. But how does it achieve this? One thing that makes coffee have hunger-suppressing properties is the phytochemicals present. 

Besides caffeine, the most known compound in coffee beans, it has 999+ other chemicals. Chlorogenic acids are some of the compounds that help coffee to suppress appetite. These polyphenols have antioxidant benefits while helping the body reduce appetite levels. 

Chlorogenic acids are also found in apples, strawberries, artichokes, blueberries, pineapple, and other fruits. 

How Does Coffee Suppress Appetite? 

Now that you know what is in coffee that helps reduce hunger and appetite, how does it achieve? 

One way is the effects of caffeine. The chemical is what makes you feel stimulated. Caffeine works by increasing the body’s metabolism rate. When you drink coffee, it causes your heart rate and metabolism. 

The increased metabolism and heart rate ensure your body can get energy from the stored fat. With energy from the body fat, it makes you avoid eating more food. 

Besides metabolism, caffeine also interferes with Ghrelin and Leptin, the hormones controlling hunger and appetite. Drinking coffee has proven that caffeine lowers the production of Ghrelin, which increases body appetite. 

On the other hand, caffeine triggers increased levels of Leptin, which tells the brain your stomach is full. Through this interaction, coffee can reduce the amount of your appetite. 

Chlorogenic acids also are great when it comes to controlling your appetite. According to Unicity Science, these compounds have shown an impact on glucose and metabolism. Increasing glucose and metabolism means faster fat breakdown, impacting overall weight loss. 

How Long Does Coffee Suppress Appetite?

Although coffee suppresses appetite, people wonder how long the effects last. The amount of time that caffeine suppresses appetite differs. The suppression is not all day lasting; drinking coffee can delay hunger for up to 30 minutes to 3 hours. 

Does Decaf Coffee Suppress Appetite?

Although most people drink regular coffee, some coffee lovers might wonder whether decaf can suppress appetite. According to a study by Pubmed, decaf showed better results than regular caffeinated coffee.

After conducting trials, the study showed that decaf coffee has more impact on hunger while increasing hormone satiety. Therefore, if you have been wondering whether your decaf is good for hunger suppression, now you can enjoy it with peace of mind. 

Which Coffee Is Best for Reducing Appetite? 

Which Coffee Is Best for Reducing Appetite

Well, coffee as an appetite suppressant is common among many people. However, you might be asking yourself what the best coffee is to reduce your appetite. 

The good thing is green and roasted coffee is great for hunger suppressing. Normally, green coffee is available in powder form. Although it might not have a regular roast coffee taste, caffeine and the level of antioxidants are the same. 

On the other hand, you can enjoy light, medium, or dark roasted coffee and enjoy the benefits of appetite suppression. 

For full benefits, enjoying coffee without additives is recommended. Also, you can add spices like cinnamon powder, ginger powder, cloves, and turmeric with appetite-reduction qualities.

Final Words 

While people drink coffee to feel the refreshment part, it does more than that. It’s a great beverage that can help you to lose weight. The components in coffee are known to suppress appetite, which is a great starting point for people watching their weight. For anyone who was asking, does caffeine suppress appetite? Now you can enjoy your cup of joe in peace. It can help you to suppress hunger. 


Does black coffee suppress appetite? 

Yes, black coffee without additives with sugar intake suppresses appetite and hunger. 

What is the best time to drink coffee for weight loss?

Breakfast hours are the best time to enjoy your coffee since the stomach is ‘empty.’ 

Does coffee speed up metabolism?

Yes. Coffee contains caffeine which is a known chemical that stimulates increased metabolism. 

Does coffee melt belly fat?

According to food experts, drinking at least 2 cups of coffee daily can help reduce fat belly. 

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