fabula Chocolate K-cup Coffee review

Organic Low Acid Chocolate Coffee Review: Fabula Chocolate K-Cup Coffee Review

Adding chocolate to your brewed coffee delivers an unmatched drink. The taste is heavenly, whether making a mocha or regular chocolate-flavored coffee drink. 

Making coffee with chocolate flavor is not complicated anymore. All that is needed is getting Fabula chocolate coffee k-cups. The pods have flavored coffee, saving you time and cost for buying different ingredients.

Read through the following Fabula chocolate k-cup coffee review to get more about this premium coffee.

Fabula Chocolate K-cup Coffee Review 


  • Organic cocoa powder flavoring
  • More caffeine boost body energy
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Powerful antioxidant properties

  • Have more calories
  • Extra oil and fats

Once you get Fabula chocolate-flavored coffee k-cups, they are unique. The coffee has no additives and is purely organic. 

The coffee, as well as the chocolate used, is organic. With low acidity, GMO-free, and single origin, the coffee is best for everyone. Besides, the premium pods are perfectly sealed to keep the coffee fresh. 


Fabula chocolate-flavored coffee comes from Peru. The region has a reputation for growing some of the world’s top ranked coffee. 

The Arabica coffee of the Caturra and Catuai varieties is superb. Grown by trained farmers, the coffee consistently achieves the best properties. 

With organic production practices, there is no use of chemicals and other conventional inputs. The coffee is 100% organic, and the cocoa beans are used for chocolate flavoring. 


This coffee is chocolate flavored. However, the flavoring doesn’t suppress the original coffee flavors.

Once the coffee is opened, you will notice the blend of aromas. It brings out a rounded nutty aroma with touches of chocolate. Each scent brings a luminous sensation. 


One of the crucial features of Fabula chocolate coffee K-cups is flavor. It’s unique that you will always enjoy amazing sips every time. 

The flavor is a blend of roasty, nutty, and hints of chocolate. Fabula ensures there is balancing, which results in every flavor being noticeable. 

Chocolate Nut Flavored Coffee


On appearance, Fabula K-cups chocolate coffee is well balanced. The coffee is a medium roast. The roasting ensures it has a perfect brown color. 

Besides, the chocolate powder complements the color by adding a darkening tinge. The coffee has a fine ground making it different from the regular bagged Fabula chocolate coffee.


Like other k-cups from Fabula, the chocolate-flavored options have the same high-quality packaging. The pods are made from paper instead of plastic. 

Also, the pods are packed 25% larger than other brands. The airtight pouch helps in keeping the pods fresh.

Despite the simplicity of Fabula packaging packs, they are attractive. Each pack comes with 24 pods weighing 12 grams. 


On pricing, one thing you will notice is Fabula has many options. 

The buying option depends on your preferred choice. There is one buy option which offers less discount. For instance, a single box will cost you $39.99 and has no discount. For 2 and 3 boxes, they sell at $33.99 and $31.99 each with 15% and 20% discounts respectively. 

Apart from buying once, you can register and utilize subscribe and save. This gives you the benefit of more discounts. 

The option starts with 2, 3, and 4 boxes at $31.99, $29.99, and $25.99. They also attract 20%, 25%, and 35%. 

Don’t buy Fabula Chocolate K-cups coffee if 

You love making a mocha

If you love drinking mocha, you need espresso coffee and chocolate sauce. Therefore, this coffee is only for drinkers who want a regular coffee drink with a chocolate flavor.

You like dark roasted flavored coffee

For various reasons, some people like drinking dark roast coffee. Fabula chocolate coffee is a medium roast. If you like dark roasted, you can pick another Fabula coffee. 


Making chocolate-flavored coffee from K-cups is now a simple task. All you need is to get the Fabula chocolate-flavored coffee pods. If you were wondering how to achieve it, the Fabula chocolate k-cup coffee review offers you about the pods. 


Is Fabula chocolate k-cups coffee healthy? 

The coffee is healthy since it is organic and offers many benefits. It’s low in acid and provides a variety of nutrients and antioxidants.

Does chocolate flavored coffee have a smooth taste? 

Coffee with chocolate flavoring offers a super smooth feel. Fabula coffee is smooth and doesn’t cause undesired taste and bloats. 

Can I put cacao powder in my coffee?

Adding cacao powder is perfectly fine if you want to give your coffee a chocolate feeling. It adds a chocolatey feeling when drinking your coffee. 

fabula chocolate k cup review

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