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Best Single Sourced Cinnamon Flavored K-Cup Review: Fabula Cinnamon K-Cup Coffee Review

Cinnamon is one of the most famous flavors due to its sweet wood and spicy essence. People use it to spice up their coffee by adding the ground powder to their drinks. 

Fabula offers you cinnamon-flavored K-cup coffee. The coffee offers a fantastic experience since it provides a perfect brewed coffee with outstanding flavor. 

With K-cups, it’s easy and convenient to enjoy great brews, whether at home or workplace. For a better understanding, we have a Fabula Cinnamon K-cup coffee review for you. 

Check whether it is the right coffee for you to kickstart your day in high gear.

Fabula Cinnamon K-cup Coffee Review 


  • It helps to lower blood sugar
  • Ideal for vegan and keto diet
  • Boosts brain power
  • Exceptional coffee flavor
  • Large pods than rivals

  • A bit expensive
  • No coffee blending

The cinnamon-flavored coffee by Fabula is all you need to enjoy pure goodness. It’s a specialty coffee that has organic and authentic cinnamon flavoring. 

Besides the great flavoring, the coffee is also organic and has low acid. Therefore, even people with sensitive stomachs can enjoy Fabula cinnamon coffee pods comfortably. 


Regarding the origin of this coffee, Fabula follows a single sourcing policy. Interestingly, coffee has its source in Peru in the Andes highlands. 

Grown in elevation of over 1800 meters above sea level. This offers perfect conditions to grow some of the best coffee. Furthermore, the coffee is organically produced through shading and other practices. 


The experience with Fabula Cinnamon coffee pods is a thrill. It is enticing and delicious, which allows for the appreciation of nature. 

Usually, the aroma is rounded and nutty with a touch of Cinnamon. It is a blend of cinnamon and coffee original aromas. 


The flavor, on the other hand, is superb. Just as it smells, the taste is the same. Fabula cinnamon-flavored coffee pods present an intense flavor of roasty nutty and notes of Cinnamon. 

Even after the sip, the coffee leaves a super amazing aftertaste without a bitter taste.


The appearance of Fabula cinnamon coffee is brown. It is worth noting that the coffee is medium roast, which translates to brown color. 

Even with the addition of cinnamon flavoring, it doesn’t change the coffee color. 

Best Single Sourced Cinnamon Flavored K-Cup Review: Fabula Cinnamon K-Cup Coffee Review 1 Fabula Cinnamon K-cup Coffee Review


The packaging process and materials are of the best quality. Fabula uses extra high-quality pouches and bags. 

Unlike the standard plastic bags, the ones for Fabula K-cups are compostable. Further, pouches are paper made, making them biodegradable. Being free from plastic ensures they are safe and have no leaching during brewing. 

Each box has 24 pods measuring 12 grams, which is more than the other coffee pods. 


Buying Fabula cinnamon K-cups coffee is convenient. There is a package for everyone, depending on their needs. 

The buying options are one-time or subscription. For one time buy, you can get a single box. Also, there are two and three boxes, each having a 15% and 25% discount. 

Fabula allows you to buy the coffee in installments for purchases above $50 at no interest fee.

Like other coffee from Fabula, subscribe and save is also available. You can enjoy huge discounts ranging from 20% for two boxes to 35% for 4 boxes. 

Don’t Buy Fabula cinnamon K-cups coffee if

You don’t love caffeinated cinnamon coffee 

This one doesn’t have a decaf option for people who don’t take caffeinated coffee. Thus, you can opt for another flavor for caffeine-free coffee.

You don’t like spicy spices 

Despite being refreshing and tasty, Cinnamon can be a bit spicy. For coffee drinkers who don’t like spicy flavors, you can enjoy other non-spicy options. 


Cinnamon-flavored coffee is an excellent option for getting an ideal cup of coffee. Fabula cinnamon K-cup coffee review is the ultimate guide to great coffee. The pods are fresh and allow for preparing a tasty and healthy beverage. 


Is Fabula cinnamon k-cups available in decaf? 

The cinnamon coffee pods aren’t available in a decaf option.

Are the cinnamon coffee pods from Fabula machine specific? 

The coffee pods are designed to work with most of the Keurig models. 

Is Cinnamon good for your kidneys? 

Consuming Cinnamon is safe for the kidneys. Research has established that it doesn’t affect the kidneys negatively.

Cinnamon Coffee pods k-cup

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