Fabula Decaf Dark K-Cup Pods Review: Is It the Same as Regular Fabula Dark Roast Coffee?

Dark roast coffee is fantastic and some people adore it. However, not everyone tolerates caffeine. The good news is you can enjoy dark roast coffee free from caffeine. 

Fabula offers great decaf dark roast coffee in standard packs and pods. Thus, if you have a Keurig machine, it is easy and convenient to enjoy coffee anywhere. 

Suppose you have not tried Fabula coffee pods; it’s your time to do so. This Fabula decaf dark K-cup pods review lets you get information about the coffee. 

Find out whether it is the right coffee that you should consider next.

Fabula Decaf Dark K-cup Pods Review


  • Ideal for caffeine intolerant drinkers 
  • Quick preparation 
  • Bold flavor and aroma 
  • Authentic dark roast flavor 
  • No caffeine side effects

  • It might contain unhealthy cholesterol
  • Has traces of caffeine

If your love for a dark roast is unmatched, there is no doubt Fabula has the right coffee for you. The coffee is always unique to give drinkers an unrivaled experience. 

The coffee is 100% organic and has low acid. Therefore, even people with issues with regular coffee can enjoy Fabula Dark roast decaf pods. 

Besides, the company has great deals for every customer. The pricing and free shipping are some of the astounding experiences. 


Fabula dark roast coffee is impressive, attributed to the source. Grown in the southern part of Mexico’s highlands, the coffee enjoys the best conditions. 

The coffee is grown in high mountains with volcanic soils to produce the best beans. They are organically grown under a natural microclimate to maturity. 

Apart from perfect growing conditions, the beans come from accredited farms. With farmers boasting decades of coffee growing, the coffee is safe and clean. 


The growing conditions of Fabula coffee set the foundation for the best flavors. The coffee has complex yet appealing aromas that motivate you to enjoy it even more. 

Generally, the Fabula dark roast coffee has nutty, shortbread with Mesquite and notes of baking spices. 

Besides being caffeine free, the coffee has an authentic aroma of regular dark roast coffee. 


A great flavor is evident when drinking decaf dark roast K-cup coffee. Despite the decaffeination process, there is no loss of flavor. 

The swiss water method used to remove caffeine is natural and doesn’t affect the flavor. 

Fabula decaf dark roast comes with bold, sweet spice, nutty, and chocolate. The roasty essence also gives this peerless deliciousness. 


Fabula ensures that coffee has all properties perfect besides the main characteristics. Appearance is impressive, and the beans have a dark brown color. 

Even after grinding the coffee to a fine ground, the coffee retains the original color. Also, the oily nature of dark coffee beans is noticeable.

When you brew these coffee pods, they deliver fantastic-looking beverages. The appearance of the drinks is just like you would expect.


Fabula Decaf Dark K-Cup Pods Review: Is It the Same as Regular Fabula Dark Roast Coffee? 2 Fabula Decaf Dark K-cup Pods ReviewPackaging is vital for keeping the coffee fresh. Fabula only delivers freshly roasted and packaged coffee. Even to make the story sweet, they pack their pods in an airtight material. 

The pods protect the coffee from air leaks hence keeping it fresh. The paper packaging materials are compostable therefore caring for the environment.

Apart from the pouches made of paper, the box is sleek and Eco-friendly. 


Fabula coffee quality is premium. Therefore, the coffee is premium priced. Consequently, you can always correlate price and quality. 

Amazingly the pricing is considerate, and you can buy a single box or multiple. Whether you want a single purchase or to become a member, Fabula is flexible. 

Usually, a one-time buy has 1, 2, and 3 boxes selling at $39.99, $33.99, and $31.99, respectively. Besides, two packs have a 15% discount while three packs come with 20%. 

Well, becoming a subscribed member is the best choice for anyone looking for a constant supply of coffee. 

The subscribe and save lets you enjoy a massive discount on their coffee packs. A 2 box comes with a 20% discount and sells at $31.99. On the other hand, 3 packs have a 25% discount and sell at $29.99. 

The 4 packs come with a 35% price cut and sell at $25.99 per bag. This option offers  the cheapest decaf k-cups among all Fabula packages.  

Don’t buy Fabula Decaf Dark K-cup pods IF 

You like flavored dark roast decaf coffee 

Some coffee drinkers like enjoying flavored decaf dark roast coffee. If you find Fabula decaf dark roast K-cup coffee too plain, you can choose flavored versions like Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel and others. 

You have Fabula bagged dark roast decaf coffee 

Whether you are using regular Fabula coffee and thinking of switching to pods, there is no need since the aroma, flavor and other qualities are the same. Thus, considering pods are expensive, you better stick to your standard Fabula coffee. 


Worries should be over if you have been hesitant about getting Fabula decaf dark roast coffee. We have explained everything you need to know through Fabula decaf dark K-cup pods review. 

The aroma is heavenly together with flavor, which makes the coffee unbeatable. With minimal acid, it’s time to enjoy your dark roast in peace. 


How much caffeine does Fabula decaf medium k cup have?

Fabula has coffee pods with 12 grams of coffee. Considering the coffee has standard caffeine content. Based on the standard estimates, Fabula decaf medium k cup has approximately 2mg or less caffeine. 

Are decaffeinated coffee pods healthy?

Decaf coffee pods are healthy and worth it for caffeine-sensitive people. With 99% caffeine removed, there are no more side effects. 

Can you get decaf Keurig pods?

YES, you can get decaf Keurig pods. Keurig is known for making K-cup machines as well as coffee pods.

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