Fabula Decaf Medium K-Cup Pods Review – Coffee Pods for People with Acid Reflux

Enjoying a coffee that will refresh your body without increasing your heartbeat is satisfying. However, it is only possible when you opt for decaf coffee. 

Fabula is home to standard and decaf coffee. It comes in K-cup pods as well as standard packaging. 

K-cups are amazingly convenient since it’s easy and fast to make coffee. Besides, they are neat since no experience is needed to make barista-quality coffee. 

This Fabula decaf medium k-cups pod review is handy for anyone who doesn’t drink caffeinated coffee. It has everything you need to know regarding this coffee.

Fabula Decaf Medium K-cup Pods Review


  • Safe and caffeine-free 
  • Naturally decaffeinated 
  • Chemicals and mold-free 
  • Single-origin 
  • Easy to brew

  • No blended coffee 
  • Machine compatibility issues

Fabula decaf medium roast is an excellent choice for coffee drinkers with caffeine issues

The coffee is organic and undergoes natural ways to remove the caffeine. Fabula uses a Swiss water method to extract caffeine. Therebefore, it doesn’t have harmful chemicals and delivers natural goodness. 


The origin of this coffee is from selected farms that are certified to grow organic coffee. Fabula medium roast coffee comes from Veracruz in Mexico. 

The region borders Guatemala and is perfect for growing coffee. Due to high elevation and deep soils, coffee is always of the highest grade. Also, small batch sourcing facilitates excellent overall quality. 

With the area boasting mountains and a cool climate, the coffee gets the best aroma. Further, farmers use natural shading to create a microclimate that enhances perfect coffee growing. 


Fabula decaf medium coffee pods offer a real authentic aroma. Like bagged coffee, they have an intense scent since they are airtight. Therefore, they don’t experience fast degradation. 

The aroma is impressive exhibiting notes of cedar, raisins, dates, and mixed nuts. A chocolate finish blends well with other undertones to bring out fantastic coffee. 


The flavor, just like the aroma, is distinguishable and outstanding. The coffee has some of the best and intense flavors, which are excellent for brightening your coffee drinking experience. 

Usually, the medium roast decaf K-cup pods are inviting and rich, with a full-bodied nutty flavor. Besides, the nutty and chocolate notes also enhance the overall coffee flavor. 


Another unique feature of this coffee is its appearance. It has a perfect light brown color since roasting is by professionals. 

The balanced medium roast and perfect fine grind give it an appealing look. Therefore, even when making a coffee brew, it comes out with a perfect brown color. 

Since the roasting is moderate, the coffee has a little oil, maintaining the flavor longer. 


Fabula Decaf Medium K-Cup Pods Review - Coffee Pods for People with Acid Reflux 2 Fabula Decaf Medium K-cup Pods ReviewOne of the areas where Fabula is perfect is the packaging of coffee pods. The pods have an airtight design which is fantastic for keeping the coffee in its original form. 

The packaging ensures every customer appreciates the coffee pods for reliability. Besides keeping coffee fresh, the pods are made from paper. 

Even when the pods and boxes end up in landfills, they readily decompose; hence, they are eco-friendly. 


Every box of Fabula decaf medium roast k-cup pods comes with 24 pods. Therefore, you can enjoy a one-time buy which will cost $39.99. Additionally, 2 boxes cost $33.99 with a 10% price cut. 

Buying 3 boxes for one-time buyers will see you spend $31.99 and enjoy a 20% discount. 

If you want to enjoy significant price cuts, subscription services are the best. You can get 2, 3, and 4 boxes at a substantial discount of 20%, 25%, and 35%, respectively. 

The discount is based on the box. Therefore, you can get a significant price cut. 

Don’t buy Fabula Decaf Medium K-cup pods IF

Your machine is not recommended for these pods

Fabula coffee pods are designed to work with specific machines. Therefore, if you don’t own a K-machine, these pods will be problematic working with other coffee makers. 

You love flavored coffee pods

Although these coffee pods are easy to make your drink, they aren’t flavored. However, if you want flavored pods, Fabula has different options.  


For medium coffee lovers, Fabula has a great option that eases your preparation time. These K-cups decaf coffee pods are delicious and safe for people with hypertension and heart conditions. 

Whether you want to buy once or subscribe, this Fabula decaf medium K-cup pod review is an eye opener. Although Fabula coffee pods aren’t the cheapest decaf k-cup pods, they are worthy. 


How much caffeine does Fabula decaf medium k cup have?

Fabula coffee contains a standard level of caffeine. Unlike others with smaller pods, these come in 12 inches of coffee. The amount of caffeine is around 5.5mg per pod. 

Are decaffeinated coffee pods healthy?

Decaffeinated coffee is healthy, especially this one from Fabula. It has no caffeine; it’s organic and is decaffeinated through natural means. 

Can you get decaf Keurig pods?

Like there are Fabula decaf medium pods, you can get Keurig decaf coffee pods.

best medium roast decaf coffee k cup

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