Does decaffeination change coffee aroma and flavor? Fabula Decaf Medium Roast Coffee Review 

Coffee is a great beverage and many people love it. However, not everyone drinks regular caffeinated coffee. If you have issues with caffeinated coffee, decaf is a perfect option. 

Fabula has coffee for everyone. Whether you love regular or decaf coffee, there is a choice to ensure satisfaction for everyone. 

The Fabula decaf medium roast review lets you know about this coffee in detail. However, does it lose its original flavor after decaffeination? Let’s see how it performs compared to caffeinated coffee from Fabula. 

Fabula Decaf Medium Roast Coffee Review


  • Caffeine free 
  • Original coffee taste 
  • Freshly roasted and packed 
  • Easy on your stomach

  • No caffeine stimulation 
  • Artificial aftertaste

If you have caffeine sensitivity, there is no doubt this coffee is the perfect pick for a great beverage. The coffee is processed in friendly ways to ensure it maintains quality. 

The coffee boasts extra low levels of caffeine, hence ideal for caffeine-sensitive drinkers. 

Fabula uses the Swiss Water method to decaffeinate the coffee. This allows the coffee to remain organic even when the caffeine is eliminated. 


When it comes to the origin of coffee, it is crucial for the quality and affects general characteristics. Fabula decaf medium roast is excellent and originates from the Southern highlands of Mexico close to Guatemala. 

The region is perfect for growing top-quality beans with the best aspects. Besides the perfect conditions, the farmers use best practices to ensure coffee attains the best quality. 


Although the coffee is decaf, it doesn’t lose its aroma. You enjoy great aromas just like regular coffee. 

Fabula decaf medium roast coffee beans come with an enticing aroma. Once you sip, it delivers delicious raisins, dates, chocolate, and mixed nuts. Further, the spicy and cedar tones ensure a considerable difference from other decafs. 


The fantastic thing with Fabula decaf coffee is that it doesn’t change the aroma. Actually, the beans maintain the original flavor without compromise during the decaffeination process. 

Fabula decaf medium roast tastes are complex and offer a combination of tones. The coffee is full-bodied with a rich dark chocolate flavor and a nutty finish. 

The complex flavor ensures even the aftertaste is impressive. 


Decaf coffee is slightly lighter compared to the regular one. However, you can’t tell this unless you take the measurements. 

Additionally, the physical appearance is slight, with decaf looking a bit darker. Although you can notice slight differences, the coffee doesn’t differ much. 

Since Fabula is organic, decaf coffee appears to have remarkable similarities in color with a regular medium roast

Fabula Decaf Medium Roast Coffee Package


Packaging is impressive when you look at medium decaf coffee. The packaging bags have unique and attractive colors depending on whether you want ground or whole beans. 

The packaging involves premium materials that are easy to recycle. Also, Fabula doesn’t overprint the packs to ensure easy recyclability. 


The price of Fabula Medium Roast coffee is amazing. You can get the coffee easily by purchasing single or multiple packs. 

Usually, a single pack is available for one-time buyers and doesn’t have a discount. The 2 and 3 bags have 10% and 15% discounts respectively.

The other option is subscribing, where you can enjoy a 25% save for 3 bags, 30% for 4 bags, and 35% for 6 bags. 

The discount is per bag hence saving you a good amount.

Fabula Decaf Medium Roast benefits

Fabula decaf medium roast coffee is all you need to enjoy amazing benefits. The coffee offers amazing caffeine-free refreshments. Even when you drink it, there is no sleep disruption. 

The decaf medium roast coffee also doesn’t affect your blood pressure. The ability to boost mental functionality is great for keeping your memory functioning perfectly. 

Since caffeine adds acidity to coffee, this decaf has reduced acidity

Don’t buy Fabula decaf medium roast if, 

You love k-pods 

If you love preparing coffee using k-cup machines, they are available at Fabula. Therefore you can skip this type and grab medium roast decaf k-pods. 

You love regular coffee 

When caffeine is your daily companion, this coffee doesn’t have caffeine. Therefore, a regular Fabula medium roast is best for body stimulation and energy boost. 

How to brew Fabula Decaf medium coffee

Brewing Fabula decaf coffee should not be a stress to you. It is easy to make a beverage in a normal way in a regular medium roast. 

With a French Press, making delicious and sweet decaf coffee is simple. 

  1. Measure your coffee and put it in an open French press 
  2. Take boiled water and add it to a French press 
  3. Put the plunger and wait for 3-4 minutes before pushing it down for coffee to steep
  4. Push the plunger down slowly until it touches the bottom. 
  5. Pour your drink into a cup and enjoy 

Besides the French press, you can also use cold brewing or drip methods


Although some people can’t drink coffee due to caffeine, thus decaf coffee is a good option. Its low acid, GMO-free, and decaf enable everyone to enjoy coffee without hiccups. 

Since this Fabula Decaf medium roast review offers a clear oversight, it’s easy to know whether to buy or not. Overall, the coffee is great for caffeine-sensitive people. 


Can you buy a medium roast decaf coffee?

Medium roast decaf coffee is available at Fabula at a great price. Its organic and decaffeination process is also chemical free. 

What is Fabula decaf medium roast coffee caffeine content?

Although Fabula decaf is decaffeinated, there are still traces of caffeine. Decaf has an average caffeine level of 2mg per beverage cup. 

Is it safe to drink Fabula decaffeinated coffee?

Drinking Fabula decaf coffee is safe. The coffee undergoes natural methods of caffeine extraction hence keeping it chemical-free. 

Does decaffeination change coffee aroma and flavor? Fabula Decaf Medium Roast Coffee Review  1 Fabula Decaf Medium Roast Coffee Review

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