Hazelnut k-cup coffee review

Best Organic Hazelnut Flavored coffee: Fabula Hazelnut K-cup Coffee Review

Flavored coffee is among the ideal ways to enjoy a great refreshment. But none beats organic and low-acid coffee from Fabula. Whether you want bagged or K-cups, there is a choice. 

Fabula Hazelnut K-cup coffee is the perfect way to boost your day. Since the coffee pods are packed professionally, there is fantastic refreshment. 

For anyone looking to enjoy a great coffee, check this Fabula Hazelnut K-cup coffee review. It reveals everything you need to know about coffee.

Fabula Hazelnut K-cup Coffee Review 


  • Delicious intense aroma 
  • Airtight pods packaging 
  • Excellent coffee extraction 
  • Large and more content

  • No aroma variation 
  • Slightly expensive

Once you are looking to enjoy special coffee, Fabula hazelnut coffee pods are the ultimate choice. The use of organic coffee means you enjoy a healthy beverage. Amazingly, the coffee has more content by 25% than regular pods. This gives you an extra delicious cup of coffee. 


The origin of coffee is vital for overall quality. However, Fabula has a single sourcing policy that ensures every coffee has unique properties. Hazelnut flavored coffee comes from Peru. 

Fabula medium roast coffee comes from Peru, giving it a consistent flavor. Also, the hazelnuts used for flavoring are organic, which keeps the coffee pure and safe. 


One thing about the Fabula Hazelnut coffee is its strong aroma. It usually delivers a combination of medium roast flavors and Hazelnut. 

The actual aroma is roasty, with coffee chocolate and a touch of Hazelnut. Besides, the aftertaste is also superb. 


Flavor is another thing you will notice when you get Hazelnut coffee, the taste is remarkable. Once brewed, Fabula hazelnut coffee pods deliver balanced, rounded chocolate coffee and hints of hazelnuts. 

The coffee and Hazelnut blend well to deliver outstanding and refreshing flavor. 

hazelnut coffee appearance


 The appearance of medium roasted Fabula hazelnut coffee pods is appealing. Usually, if you dismantle the pod, the coffee has a perfect brown color. 

The addition of hazelnut flavoring to the coffee doesn’t affect the appearance of the coffee. Also, the coffee is a medium fine to ensure maximum extraction. 


Unlike bagged coffee, pods are single-use. Therefore, Fabula K-cups are paper made and airtight. There is perfect quality protection, and coffee doesn’t deteriorate. 

Additionally, each pack of Fabula hazelnut K-cup coffee comes with 24 pods. With perfect sealing, the bag protects the pods from elements. 


Buying Fabula Hazelnut coffee pods is easy. You can always enjoy buying single or multiple packs. 

Buying once is possible since you can get a single pack. Also, two and three packages are available at 15% and 20% discount. 

You can register and become a regular customer for the ‘subscribe and save’ option. Besides getting a huge discount of up to 35%, there is free shipment at specified intervals. 

Whether you want delivery after 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 6 weeks, you can choose the ideal options. 

Don’t buy Fabula Hazelnut K-cup coffee if, 

You love instant coffee K-cups 

Fabula Hazelnut coffee pods contain medium grind. Therefore, if you are looking for instant Hazelnut flavored instant coffee, this one isn’t instant coffee. 

You are looking for pods with reusable cups

The coffee pods from Fabula are paper made and hence not reusable. For reusable coffee pods, you can buy refillable ones and use Fabula Hazelnut bagged coffee. 


Fabula Hazelnut coffee is exceptional because it uses organic flavoring to achieve amazing flavor. The k-cups for hazelnut flavor provide an unforgettable experience. 

It’s through this Fabula Hazelnut Coffee K-cup review that you can know what this coffee provides. With more content and intense flavor, a cup of coffee is fulfilling. 


Does Fabula Hazelnut K-Cups have calories? 

The addition of Hazelnut adds a few calories to your coffee. However, Fabula hazelnut coffee only adds about 3 calories. 

Is hazelnut coffee Keto friendly?

Fabula Hazelnut coffee is keto friendly. It doesn’t have added sugar and offers extra low calories. 

How much caffeine does a Fabula hazelnut K Cup have? 

Fabula coffee pods are 12 grams, meaning they are bigger than standard ones. On average, the pods contain around 100-150mg of caffeine.

fabula hazelnut k cup coffee

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