how to flavor cold brew coffee

How to flavor cold brew coffee? 15 Great cold coffee Recipe ideas at home

Hot brewed coffee is the most popular beverage among coffee lovers. However, you are missing out a lot if you have not tried cold brewed coffee

Unlike the hot version, cold brewing is fantastic in keeping the coffee tasty and less acidic. However, it’s a bit strong since the amount of grounded coffee is a bit high. 

Flavoring drip coffee is super easy. But, can you flavor cold brewed coffee? Find out how to flavor cold brew stress-free and get the best experience.  

What is cold brew coffee?

As the name suggests, cold brew coffee doesn’t involve boiling or using espresso machines. Instead, ground coffee is steeped in cold water for around 12 -20 hours. 

Besides taking longer to prepare, the coffee is made from the coarse ground. Further, it’s much more concentrated since one part of coffee is added, then four to eight parts of water. 

Since adding flavors to cold coffee can be challenging, it is still possible to add some zest. 

15 Cold brew ideas

Do you love cold brewed coffee but have no idea how to spice it? This is what adds to coffee for flavor. 

1. Use flavored coffee beans 

Flavored coffee beans are available on the market. The good thing is these coffee beans are already flavored. Therefore, when steeping, the coffee comes out with a flavor. 

With flavor already incorporated in the bean, there is no need for additional add-ins. 

Typically, you can get coffee beans with different flavors like vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, blueberry, and bourbon, among others. 

2. Sweeten with honey 

Does it sound too obvious? Of course, you might have some honey in your pantry but no idea how to flavor your coffee. 

Since honey has an exceptional taste, it will give your cold brew coffee a unique essence. 

Although it doesn’t dissolve easily on cold coffee, a thorough stirring will ensure a great sip. 

3. Brew coffee with spices 

When it comes to spices, they are great for hot and cold brewed coffee. Adding some spices when brewing your coffee is a great step toward achieving great flavor. 

As the coffee brews, the spices will infuse, leaving your coffee tasting delicious. 

You can bet on outstanding flavor whether you choose grounded or whole-sized spices. 

4. Add simple flavoring syrup 

There are tons of syrups available that can flavor your coffee. Although syrups are best suited for hot coffee, you can still add cold brewed coffee. 

Some of the syrups are simple to make at home. Therefore, you can always enjoy an upgraded coffee at home. 

Some of the best syrups include Apple, Cheesecake, Lavender and Pistachio. 

Regarding how much syrup to put in coffee, it depends on the type and your liking. 

5. Homemade fruit syrup 

Fruits are fantastic and offer an excellent way to flavor your coffee. With fruits at home, it is easy to make a syrup which will give cold brewed coffee some elevation. 

You don’t need to stick to lemon; strawberries, blueberries and other fruits are superb. 

A pinch of sugar is ideal to ensure balanced coffee sweetening. 

6. Peppermint Mocha Frappe

If you have some time, you can make a Starbucks-styled drink from your cold-brewed coffee. The peppermint mocha frape is a fantastic way to beat day-long fatigue. 

 You are good to go with ingredients such as brewed coffee, coconut milk, chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, and mint extract. 

what to add to coffee for flavor

7. Pumpkin Spiced cold brew coffee 

When it is seasonal to get pumpkin spiced coffee, the best alternative is to make it at home. 

The good thing is you can get a bit creative. Pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and your milk of choice will transform your coffee into a thrill. 

8. Oranges spiced cold brew coffee. 

While many people are familiar with coffee spiced with lemon, you can substitute with orange. The oranges available in your home make the coffee attain a citrusy essence. 

The orange peel, cloves and sugar syrup result in a unique taste. It’s a blend of various flavors to make the coffee exceptional. Some cinnamon, too, will improve your expectations. 

9. Condensed milk and cold brew 

When you want to enhance the flavor of your cold brewed coffee, it’s simple if you have condensed milk. Especially when you love the creamy taste, adding milk is enough. 

Whether you love dairy or non-dairy condensed milk, it suits you well in your likings. 

Condensed milk adds sweetness and creaminess, resulting in a delicious beverage. Milk is one of the things to put in cold brew coffee to enhance its flavor. 

10. Mexican flavor addition 

Instead of drinking your cold brew bald, you can add some flavor. Going the Mexican way is fantastic and changes how your coffee tastes. 

Usually, the Mexican flavor entails unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar, cinnamon and chili powder. The resulting drink is super refreshing. 

11. Vanilla Almond Honey Coffee 

Coffee is amazing when it has a creamy and sweet essence. This is achievable in different ways. But, one of the ideal ways to flavor your cold brewed coffee is with vanilla almond milk. 

An ounce of honey is a fantastic add-in to finish the drink and give it excellent results. The combination of these ingredients results in a flavorful brew. 

12. Vietnamese style coffee 

Having diverse ways to flavor your cold brew coffee means no limited recipes. But, in Vietnamese styles of coffee, what to mix with cold brew concentrate? 

It’s simple to enjoy this coffee by adding cold brew concentrate, ice cubes, and sweetened condensed milk. It results in excellent iced coffee for summers

13. Top it up with cold foam

You don’t need a complicated ingredient to make super tasty cold brew coffee. But what to add to coffee for flavor? With cold foam, it’s simple to add some taste to your beverage. 

The topping up includes heavy cream, milk and simple syrup. You can expect outstanding flavor which delights your mood. Creamy yet sweet, its throat calming. 

14. Tonic flavored cold brew coffee 

If you like it fizzing, coffee can also fizz. All you need is tonic water and add it to your coffee. 

The combination of cold brew coffee, tonic water and ice produces the perfect summer drink. You can garnish it with your favorite fruit to flavor. 

Tonic is one of what to add to cold brew coffee at home for a good tasting beverage. 

15. Simple shake with spices 

If you forget to steep your coffee with spices, relax. You can enjoy spiced cold brew coffee by simply shaking it with ground spices. 

There are many spices you can get at groceries or stores. Whether you like gingerly, peppermint or cinnamon, a simple shake is all that is needed. 

You can enjoy fresh tasting cold brew coffee with just a cocktail shaker. 


Can I use regular ground coffee for cold brew? 

Yes, but regular grounded coffee can result in over-extraction. Usually, cold brew coffee requires medium ground coffee

How to make cold brew coffee fast? 

Cold brew coffee doesn’t have shortcuts. You have to allow it steep for the recommended 12-18 hours. 

Although there are other improvised methods, the results aren’t the same as steeping for the recommended time. 

How to make cold brew overnight? 

Making cold brew coffee overnight is simple. You need 1 ounce of ground beans for 1 cup of water

Place the bean and water in a glass jar and cover it. Then steep for 12 hours and strain using a filter or sieve. 

Your cold brew coffee is ready to blend with your favorite flavor.

How to make coffee syrup for coffee milk? 

Suppose you want to make coffee syrup for coffee milk; it’s fast and straightforward. 

To make coffee syrup, prepare a concentrated coffee brew and add sugar. You can use regular ground coffee or use instant coffee. 

How to use flavored syrup in coffee?

Using flavored syrup in coffee is straightforward. Mostly, syrups are best for warm coffee beverages. However, they are also remarkable for cold brewed coffee. 


Making a flavored coffee drink elevates it to another level. However, many people are afraid to try new tricks. Although these tips show you how to flavor cold brew coffee, there are numerous tricks. You aren’t limited to what you can try when making a flavored coffee.