How To Roast Coffee Beans

How To Roast Coffee Beans The Right Way

You can roast your coffee in the comfort of your room and still have a tasty coffee just like pros. In this article, you will learn how to roast coffee beans with ease, and with just a little practice you too can be on the road to becoming a pro. 

Also, you’ll have full control over the level of caffeine and the boldness.

To get started with your fresh roasted coffee beans, you need to know that there are different coffee roasts and also different coffee roasting equipment. 

You will need to source the best green coffee beans for home roasting, and you’ll also need to understand the process from the beginning till the end so you can create the best flavor.

In this article, everything has been provided for you with details. Read on…

home coffee roasting

Why Do We Roast Coffee

The coffee Bean is similar to a dry pinto bean in terms of how long it can be stored. Even after a long time of storage, it becomes fresh once again through the roasting process. If coffee isn’t roasted it will be very acidic and bitter, making it inconsumable. It’s the roasting that gives it the aromas and unique taste.

What Happens During the Coffee Roasting Process?

Remember we are not roasting already dark coffee, what is roasted is the green beans. Now, during the roasting process, the green beans change from green to slightly brown then brown and if you still leave it roasting it will change to a very dark color.

And yeah, after the roasting process the beans also become larger.

3 Essential Things You’ll Need For Roasting Your Coffee Beans

  1. Green Coffee – the setback most coffee lovers face is where to buy unroasted coffee beans. It isn’t readily available but you can check your local coffee shops. If you’re lucky you might find where to buy it in your area just by asking around. 
  2. Roaster – there are different kinds of coffee roasters you can use to roast your coffee, and unlike coffee companies, you won’t be needing huge roasters and other coffee roasting equipment. You can get countertop or better still make use of one similar to a popcorn popper Also, you’ll need a couple of bowls, a long wooden spoon for stirring the beans in the popper, and a pair of oven mitts or gloves.
  3. Storage – when you’re done with the roasting you’ll need a place to store it. Wherever you choose has to be very airtight. Nevertheless, you should still use it on time because within a week the coffee will start losing its aroma and flavor.

The Steps To Follow

Step 1 – Gather your equipment

The first step to any successful project is gathering the right equipment. You will need a roasting machine obviously, and yes, a pair of heat resistant gloves, and finally a spoon or turning stick for stirring.

Step 2 – Start roasting

Depending on the amount of coffee you want to roast, throw it into the roaster, be sure to measure so you don’t end up roasting too much. After throwing the fresh coffee beans into the roaster and turning up the heat, start stirring and don’t stop for too long or you’ll end up with nasty looking coffee beans.

With time, you will notice that the once green coffee beans will begin to change color from green to yellow then finally brown. Immediately it turns brown, you should listen for a crack sound. The sound is telling you to expect chaff soon.

roast your own coffee

Step 3 – Check the color 

If they are brown enough, you’d want to stop roasting. This depends on the kind of coffee you want to make, espresso works best with quite dark roasted beans. If you prefer light coffee then stop roasting before it becomes too dark.

Don’t want too much caffeine? Pay attention to the color, the lighter the coffee beans the more caffeine in it.

When you are okay with the color and ready to remove the coffee beans, use a glove so you don’t end up hurting yourself.

Step 4 – Let it breathe

The next step is allowing the beans to cool off, using the coffee immediately is an absolute NO! If you want the best tasting coffee afterward, you need to respect the process guys. Put the recently roasted beans in a container and leave open for about 48 hours. 

After waiting for 48 hours, you can grind the coffee and brew it afterward.


Knowing how to roast coffee beans is advantageous to all coffee lovers. You have full control over your intake of caffeine and also the taste of the coffee through different coffee roasts. Home coffee roasting is budget-friendly and very easy to make. It is one of the best options if you can get the best green coffee beans for home roasting, and this can be sourced by asking at a coffee vendor.

You too can join the league of master coffee brewers and even turn it to a side hustle. Coffee is taken by millions of people worldwide so it’s a profitable venture.

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