how to sweeten cold brew coffee

How to sweeten cold brew coffee at Home [9 Simple and Efficient ways]

Cold brew coffee is delightful for everyone who love coffee. But, some people love to enjoy it sweetened. 

With cold brew coffee gaining popularity, it is essential to know how to sweeten your drink. With different ways of adding enhancement to your coffee, you should easily achieve a super tasty drink. 

If you are wondering how to sweeten cold brew coffee, I will show you some simple options available. Let’s see whether you can use other options besides ordinary table sugar. 

How to make cold brew coffee sweeter – 9 Options 

The most common sweetener that people tend to use is sugar syrup. It’s cheap and easy to make at home. 

When it comes to cold coffee, using granulated sugar can be tricky. It’s, therefore, essential to use syrups since they dissolve easily. 

But, even before you think of sweetening your coffee, is cold brew sweet? For coffeeholics, they enjoy drinking bald cold brew. But, when you want to take the flavor a step higher, adding sweetener is on point. 

To enjoy a great beverage, this is what to add to your coffee. 


Honey is one of the simple sweeteners for cold coffee. In most cases, honey is semi-liquid, making it easy to dissolve in cold drinks. 

Unlike sugar, honey is natural, which is better for anyone looking to go natural. Actually, honey is a better option for people who want to watch the amount of sugar intake. 

Warming your honey before use is good to improve the viscosity. Also, even after adding honey, you can still add other enhancers. 

Sugar syrup 

Sugar syrup is used instead of granulated sugar. It dissolves readily, which makes it perfect for cold drinks since it dissolves quickly. 

While sugar syrups are available in stores, you can make yours at home. It only requires you to use regular sugar and water to obtain a perfect syrup. 

To make a simple sugar syrup, you need the following components. 

  • 1 cup water 
  • 1 cup sugar 
  • Saucepan 

To prepare the syrup, 

  • Add sugar and water in a saucepan. 
  • Heat the mixture at medium heat until it boils. 
  • Remove heat and transfer the syrup into a jar and let it cool. 
  • To ensure syrup longevity, store it in a refrigerator. It can last for up to 3 months. 

Using the syrup is simple, and you can add it to your iced coffee or cold brew coffee quickly. Ideally, 2 spoons are enough to make one cup of coffee. 

Use the correct coffee water ratio 

Brewing your coffee in the right process should result in a naturally sweet beverage. Usually, when making cold brew coffee, the process is slow yet results in less acid and balanced coffee. 

The recommended ratio for coffee to water is 1:8. By letting the brew rest for 12 -18 hours, you should get a perfect drink. 

Also, you can mix a 1:4 coffee to water ratio to make concentrated coffee syrup. 

To avoid unpleasant coffee, avoid brewing for more than 20 hours. 

Coconut milk/water 

Coconut is a fantastic nut that ensures life is full of sweetness. The fresh part is great for making milk and has water which you can enjoy. 

Instead of diluting your coffee with water, you can add coconut water. It will create coconut-flavored coffee with fantastic refreshment. 

Alternatively, you can make coconut milk to create a creamy coffee drink

Suppose you want to have homemade coconut milk; it’s super easy. You need to have the following. 

  • ½ Fresh coconut 
  • 2 cups of water 
  • High powered blender 
  • Cheesecloth 

 To prepare coconut milk, 

  • Add the fresh coconut into a blender and add the water.
  • Blend until the mixture turns smooth 
  • Strain your milk using cheesecloth 

Once the milk is ready, you can use it to spice up your cold brew coffee. 

how to make coffee light and sweet

Agave nectar/ maguey syrup 

Agave nectar is a type of sweetener that is extracted from the blue agave plant. This sisal look-alike plan produces some of the sweetest natural sweeteners. 

The nectar is super sweet, meaning only a small amount is needed to make your coffee appealing

Since the syrup dissolves easily, you can use it in your coffee without problems. 

Chocolate syrup 

If you love coffee and chocolate flavor, you should try this syrup. It is simple to use than chocolate sauce. 

The good thing is coffee blends well with chocolate to give a fantastic drink. It’s one of the main ingredients when making Mocha

It is not restricted when it comes to chocolate syrup. You can pick any chocolate syrup or cocoa. 

Caramel syrup 

If you love the caramel flavor, add it to your coffee to enhance the taste. Usually, the caramel is sugar heated to attain brown color. 

Caramel is easy to make at home by heating brown sugar and water to form a thick syrup. 

Although it’s a bit thick, it’s perfect for sweetening your cold brew coffee. 


Milk is another way to add sweetness to your coffee. Especially when using whole milk, it makes your coffee have a creamy touch. 

You can use regular milk to enjoy a great coffee, especially for people who love dairy milk. However, adding milk should be on a concentrated cold brew to prevent watering down. 

Grounded cinnamon 

Cinnamon is one of the essential spices that perfectly pair with hot and cold coffee. Cinnamon ground is essential in sweetening your coffee. 

Whether you add it during steeping or after brewing, it will ensure the drink has an appealing flavor. 

Cinnamon also blends well with other spices to make flavorful coffee. 

Maple syrup 

When honey or simple syrup isn’t available, you can go for maple syrup. It has similar qualities as simple sugar syrup, meaning dissolving it in cold coffee is straightforward. 

The syrup is obtained from the maple tree’s Xylem sap, making it one of the ideal natural sweeteners. 

Apart from adding syrup, you can also add other ingredients to enhance the overall flavor. 


What do you put in coffee?

 You can add a lot of ingredients to your coffee. The most common are sweeteners, spices, milk, and creamers. 

How to add sugar to cold brew?

Adding sugar to a cold brew should not be a stress. Making sugar syrup is the easiest way to sweeten your cold coffee. 

How to make coffee light and sweet? 

Light and sweet coffee is made by mixing hot coffee, granulated sugar, and 1% low fat milk. 

How to sweeten Starbucks cold brew coffee? 

Usually, Starbucks offers a range of cold coffee sweeteners. You can use sugar syrup and Splenda. Further, you can add a variety of creamers. 


While brewing cold coffee right way can result in a sweet brew. However, it’s easy to move it a step higher by adding enhancements. By knowing how to sweeten cold brew coffee like the steps elaborated here, there are no more boring beverages.