Is cold brew coffee less acidic

Is cold brew coffee less acidic?

A boost of caffeine in the morning or the middle of the afternoon may be beneficial to your daily activities and how effective you can be, especially given the hectic and dynamic environment in which we live today. 

However, because of its acidity people with acid reflux find it difficult to consume it routinely. In these instances, cold brew is often the superior caffeine containing beverage since it is less acidic, but why is it less acidic? To know more continue reading.

Why is cold brew less acidic?

Traditional coffee is typically more acidic compared to cold brew for three primary reasons: the size of the grind, the roasting procedure, and the brewing procedure.

Ground Size

The amount of coffee grounds used will determine how acidic your cup of coffee will be. The release of oils from the bean is what causes acidity. Therefore, coarser ground beans will create considerably higher amounts of acidity. Grind your beans considerably more finely if you like less acid.

Process of roasting

You’re lucky if you enjoy a good dark roast and struggle with acid reflux or IBS. Coffee beans typically have less acidity the hotter & longer they are roasted.

Brewing Method

The water temp will have the last say in how much acidity your coffee has once it is ready to brew.

Due to the high levels of acid in the fatty oils found in coffee beans, your coffee will probably be more acidic if you brew it in a bigger pot of hot water. The hot water can break these oils up much more quickly, adding much more acid to the coffee. As a result, making your coffee a cold brew will lessen the quantity of acid that leaks from the bean.

Is cold brew better for acid reflux?

Cold-brewed coffee is less acidic compared to hot-brewed coffee, making it a healthier option for individuals with acid reflux & gastrointestinal issues. The absence of non-deprotonated acid molecules renders cold brew coffee smoother for most individuals. 

Because cold brew coffee is extracted at room or lower temperatures, fewer acids are extracted than in hot brew. The hot brew coffee contains a greater concentration of acids which may be unpleasant for certain individuals. 

What is the cold brew acidity level?

The acidity of cold brew is lower than that of hot brew. Cold-brewed dark-roast coffee can be a preferable choice for coffee consumers who experience heartburn after consuming ordinary coffee. Further, the pH of cold brew coffee ranges from 4.85 to 5.13.

Cold brew vs hot coffee

The main distinctions between cold brew & hot brew coffee are as follows.

  • Brewing period: While the cold brew procedure might take up to 24 hours, hot brews can be created in only a few minutes. Since cold-brewing is a more time consuming process than hot brewing , it is smoother, less acidic and has less caffeine than hot coffee because cold water absorbs flavor differently than hot water.
  • Taste: When coffee is heated on a specific temp, polyphenols are converted into caffeic and quinic acid. These chemicals have an intensely bitter flavor. As coffee continues to be heated, more of these chemicals are created.  This is the reason coffee prepared with hot water does not taste so good. On the other hand, cold coffee is less acidic and less bitter.

Cold brew coffee vs regular coffee

Cold brew might be healthier in comparison to the regular one. This is because it is less acidic than regular coffee. Many individuals find it more pleasant, since it requires less milk sugar and calorie-dense cream, to hide its acidic flavor.


Final Thought

Cold brewed coffee is less acidic than the hot brewed coffee, making it a healthier alternative for the people with acid reflux and gastrointestinal disorders.  Also, it is less acidic than the regular one. The pH value of cold brew coffee ranges from 4.85 to 5.13.  

It has a smoother and sweeter flavor compared to regular hot coffee. Cold-brewed coffee can be a preferable choice for coffee consumers who experience heartburn, nausea, reflux after consuming regular coffee.

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