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KFC Menu Prices Latest Menu Updated For 2022

KFC is one of the largest chain restaurants in the world. Known as Kentucky fried chicken, you must have heard a bit of restaurant information. 

The restaurant offers a range of menus which make it famous. Actually, it’s among the top 5 restaurants. It is one of the most famous because of its signature fried chicken. 

Finding the latest KFC menu prices is impressive to ensure your target meal. 

Besides the fantastic fried chicken, the restaurant also sells soft drinks, milkshakes, and desserts. The restaurant is full of goodies for everyone. 

What is KFC?

One thing people ask themselves is what KFC stands for. However, as mentioned above, the initials represent Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

Colonel Harland Sanders and Pete Harman founded the restaurant in Kentucky in 1930. 

It dealt specifically with pressure fried chicken during the initial opening years, seasoned with Sander’s secret recipe. However, later there was the introduction of other menus. 

KFC went international in the 1960s when the brand opened a restaurant in Canada. 

Currently, the brand is available in over 150 locations worldwide with 25,000+ locations. Also, it’s a subsidiary of Yum! Brands and work through franchising. 

KFC operating time 

Like other businesses, KFC also has daily operating timelines. Therefore, you can only enjoy the meals when the restaurant is open. 

In connection to the operating time, you might be wondering what time does KFC open up? The standard opening time is around 10:00 am. 

Apart from the opening time, what time does KFC close? One thing is the restaurant doesn’t operate 24 hours. The closing time is from 10:00 pm to 12:00 pm, depending on the location. 

The operating time is impressive and lets you enjoy lunch and dinner. But what time does KFC serve lunch? 

You can enjoy lunch at KFC starting from the opening to closing time. Therefore, the meals available when opening are available all-day long. 

Does KFC have Coffee? 

Well, the availability of coffee at KFC is dependent on the location. Some of the locations offer coffee as well as other drinks. 

The typical drinks you can enjoy in restaurants worldwide are soft drinks and bottled water. However, some locations offer different coffee styles

You can enjoy black coffee, americano, lattes and others. Therefore, if you are like Do KFC sell lattes, the availability depends on your location. 

If the coffee isn’t available in your location, other beverages are available to grab. 

Regarding what coffee KFC sells, there are different options for locations with a coffee menu. You can always enjoy hot or cold coffee and various coffee styles. 

Is KFC expensive?

Some people feel the restaurant is expensive. However, the fingerpicking chicken and other delicacies made by professionals ensure quality is on point. 

The good thing is you can choose the right meal for your budget. However, if you are wondering why KFC is so expensive, it’s because of the increasing cost of products. 

Furthermore, the restaurant has over 800,000 employees, which means it spends considerable money on labor. Also, other business aspects like marketing and so contribute to the pricing. 

KFC Menu Summarized

how much is KFC

KFC combo Menu 

(Sides and medium drinks included) 

combo Menu Price
Go Large Combo$1.50
2 Chicken Littles – Combo$5.29
Popcorn Nuggets – Combo$5.49
2 Pc. Chicken – Combo$5.99

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken Menu

Nashville Hot ChickenPrice
8 Pc. Meal (8 Pc. Chicken, Large Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits)$21.99
2 Pc. Basket (Drumstick & Thigh, Coleslaw & Biscuit)$5.49
1 Pc. Basket (Chicken Breast, Coleslaw & Biscuit)$5.49

KFC Nashville Hot Tenders Menu 

Nashville Hot TendersPrice
24 Pc. Tailgate Meal (24 Tenders)$29.99
12 Pc. Meal (12 Tenders, Large Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits)$21.99
3 Pc. Basket (3 Tenders, Coleslaw & Biscuit)$5.49

KFC Tenders, Popcorn Nuggets, and Wings Menu 

Tenders, Popcorn Nuggets, and WingsSize Price
Popcorn NuggetsLarge$3.99
Kentucky Fried Wings6 Pcs$5.99
Kentucky Fried Wings12 Pcs $9.99
Kentucky Fried Wings24 Pcs $18.99
Kentucky Fried Wings48 Pcs $36.99
Chicken Tenders – Combo$5.993 Pcs 
Chicken Tenders3 Pcs$3.99
Chicken Tenders6 Pcs $6.99
Chicken Tenders12 Pcs $12.99

KFC Kid’s Meal Menu 

Kid’s Meal Price 
Drumstick, 1 Chicken Little, 1 Tender, or Popcorn Nuggets, and Individual Side, and Applesauce, or Small Drink$3.99

KCF Sandwiches Menu 

Sandwiches Price 
Chicken Sandwich$1.75

KFC Family Meals Menu 

Family MealsPrice 
Tenders Meal (12 Pc. Tenders, 2 Large Sides, 4 Biscuits & 6 Sauces)$19.99
16 Pc. Chicken Only$24.99
16 Pc. Meal with 4 Large Sides & 8 Biscuits$36.99
12 Pc. Chicken Only$20.49
12 Pc. Meal with 3 Large Sides & 6 Biscuits$29.99
8 Pc. Chicken Only$14.99
8 Pc. Meal with 2 Large Sides & 4 Biscuits$21.99

KFC Homestyle Sides Menu 

Homestyle SidesSizePrice
2 Biscuits$1.49
Mac & CheeseIndividual $1.99
Mac & CheeseLarge $3.79
Green BeansIndividual$1.99
Green BeansLarge $3.79
Sweet Kernel CornIndividual$1.99
Sweet Kernel CornLarge $3.79
Cole SlawIndividual$1.99
Cole SlawLarge $3.79
Baked BeansIndividual$1.99
Baked BeansLarge $3.79
Secret Recipe FriesIndividual$1.99
Secret Recipe FriesLarge $3.79
Mashed PotatoesIndividual$1.99
Mashed PotatoesLarge $3.79

KFC drink menu

Drink menuSizePrice
Strawberry LemonadeMedium$2.29
Strawberry Lemonade½ Gallon$3.99
Lemonade½ Gallon$3.49
Iced Tea½ Gallon$2.49
Aquafina WaterBottle $1.69
Soft DrinkMedium $1.69
Soft DrinkLarge$1.99

$20 Family Fill Up Menu

$20 Family Fill Up Price 
12 Pieces of Extra Crispy Tenders with 2 Large Mashed Potatoes, Large Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits$20.00
8 Pieces Extr Crispy Chicken with 2 Large Mashed Potatoes, Large Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits$20.00
8 Pc. Chicken, 2 Large Mashed Potatoes, Large Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits$20.00

KFC $5 Fill Ups Menu 

$5 Fill UpsPrice 
Pot Pie, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.00
Famous Bowl, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.00
Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.00
3 Pc. Tenders, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.00
2 Pc. Drum & Thigh, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.00

KFC Big Box Meals Menu 

Big Box MealsPrice 
5 pc. Tenders with 2 Sides$7.99
3 Pc. Chicken Box$7.99
Crispy Colonel Combo with 2 Sides$7.99

KFC Colonel’s Value Menu 

Colonel’s ValuePrice 
Go Cup – 3 Hot Wings & Wedges$1.49
Go Cup – 2 Tenders & Wedges$1.49
Go Cup – Chicken Little & Wedges$1.49
Go Cup – Popcorn Nuggets & Wedges$1.49
1 Chicken Little$1.49
3 Hot Wings$2.29

KFC Desserts Menu 

DessertsSize Price 
Cookies3 Pcs $1.29
Cookies12 Pcs $4.49
Cakes $3.99

KFC Classics Menu 

Classics Menu Price 
Pot Pie$6.19
KFC Famous Bowl$6.19

KFC Promotions Menu 

$10 Popcorn Nuggets$10
Tenders and Fries Meal$5.49
$20 Fill Up$20
$30 Fill Up$30


What to get at KFC?

There are a lot of meals to get at KFC. Usually, the most famous menu at the restaurant is fried chicken.

Why is KFC so good?

One and the most striking thing about KFC is the signature chicken. The secret recipe makes their chicken taste amazing. Therefore, you can notice the difference in their menu compared to competitors. 

Who is KFC owned by?

The restaurant is a whole subsidiary of Yum! Brands. However, the brand operates under a franchising business model. 

What does KFC have? 

If you are in KFC, you can have a variety of meals. The most famous is fried chicken cooked in a secret recipe. 

Is KFC a real person?

KFC is not a person but rather a registered brand. However, the restaurant was opened by Colonel Harland David Sanders. 

Does KFC have a hidden menu?

Yes. You can get two secret menus: Triple Stacker Burger and Zinger Chipster. 

How much is a cup of coffee at KFC?

The cost of coffee in locations that sell the beverages differs. Therefore, it’s ideal to confirm with your location for actual prices.


Getting the unique chicken recipe at KFC is amazing. However, having a KFC menu price allows choosing your favorite meal easily. Despite the menu being a bit expensive, the quality of the chicken is outstanding.