Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee Review

The Sweetness of Drinking Smooth Organic Coffee: Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee Review

Drinking coffee isn’t a hobby anymore; it’s a lifestyle nowadays. But, not only any coffee that makes your day superb. Lifeboost offers some of the best organic coffee you can find in the world.

Organic coffee is fantastic since it’s one of the safest for everyone. Especially for people who have issues drinking regular coffee. Once you have Optimist light roast from Lifeboost, it makes your life smoother. 

To give you what to expect when buying coffee, this is the Lifeboost light roast coffee review. Find out whether it’s the best coffee to delight your moments.

Lifeboost light roast coffee review


  • Freshly roasted on order 
  • High-quality pure arabica beans
  • Higher levels of antioxidants 
  • More original beans flavor

  • Higher caffeine than dark roast 
  • The coffee isn’t blended

Lifeboost Optimist light roast is part of the unique coffee that is safe and light for everyone. Instead of conventional coffee, Lifeboost uses single-sourced and processed speciality coffee to maintain 100% organic standards. 

The Lifeboost light roast gives the authentic original coffee flavor from the origin. The original flavor, smooth nature, and ease on the stomach make it superb.


Coffee origin is one of the major determinants of overall quality. Lifeboost always single-source coffee to ensure quality is always consistent.

The coffee comes from the Nicaraguan mountains, known for the best coffee production. Besides, the coffee comes from exclusive farms certified to grow organic coffee.

Besides single sourcing, the coffee growing is under shades to maximize the quality. Also, pesticides and other synthetic chemicals are not used, keeping the coffee 100% organic. 


Aroma is one of the defining coffee characteristics that every drinker considers. Therefore, Lifeboost ensures the best farmers have the best practices to yield great smelling coffee. 

The Optimist light roast offers notes of honey, apple and honeysuckle. Since the beans are light roast, they exhibit more of the real beans aroma with slight effects of roasting. 


Like the aroma, coffee is distinguishable by its flavor. Lifeboost light roast has some of the best flavors you can enjoy. 

It is low acid coffee with sweet honey, apple and honeysuckle flavor. Compared to medium and dark roast, it’s slightly acidic and has more of the original bean flavor. 


The appearance of Lifeboost Optimist light roast coffee is superb. Its color is consistent without color variation. Usually, the coffee is clean and free from mold and deformed beans. 

Besides, the light roasting gives the beans a light brown color. Unlike the dark roast, this coffee doesn’t have an oily shine. 


On the packaging, Lifeboost always ensures coffee gets the perfect packet that keeps it safe and free from elements. 

Normally, the bag is airtight and recyclable. With an easy to open top, the packet ensures easy opening and resealing after use. The coffee comes in 12oz bags that are recyclable with impressive imprints. 


If you want to enjoy Lifeboost coffee, pricing is highly flexible. There is one time buy and subscribe & save. 

For one time buy, you can buy one packet for $27.95. Also, 3 bags at $24.95 each with 29% price off. 6 bags cost $22.95 per bag with a 34% discount. 

For a great discount, ‘Subscribe & Save’ is the ideal option. A single packet will cost $24.60 without a discount. However, 3 bags cost $21.96 per bag and 6 packs for $20.20 per bag. The 3 and 6 packs attract 37% and 42% discounts, respectively. 

Don’t buy Lifeboost Light coffee IF 

You love dark roasted organic coffee 

While light roast is impressive, not everyone loves it. To make a beverage from dark roast, you need to go for Lifeboost low acid dark roast.

You love coffee packets with large opening 

Lifeboost light roast coffee packaging has a small opening that makes it hard to scoop. Thus, if you want easy to scoop coffee, you can try another option. 


While there are many brands of coffee, Lifeboost is one of the best choices. It has amazing coffee that ensures you drink quality GMO-free organic coffee. With Lifeboost light roast coffee review, you can enjoy your drink without questions. 


Why is Lifeboost Nicaraguan coffee famous? 

The coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil and is entirely organic. It has no chemicals and is 100% organic. 

Is Lifeboost coffee mold free?

Yes, the coffee has third-party testing for over 400 mycotoxins. This is one of the safest coffee to drink.

Is the coffee vegan friendly? 

The coffee is vegan-friendly. It’s pure coffee without additives and is gluten-free. 

Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee

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