panda express menu prices

Panda Express Menu Prices Latest Updates 

When you want to enjoy Chinese-themed cuisine while in the US, Panda express is your perfect place. It is one of the known chain restaurants that offer Chinese food. 

One of the restaurant’s distinctive features compared to rivals is its cheaper menus. Usually, the brand offers a fast-food style which makes it a bit different than other Chinese-themed restaurants. 

With its signature meals like Mandarin chicken, orange chicken, and others. This Panda Express menu prices offers you everything you need to know about this restaurant. 

Whether you want to drive in or order online, check what you can enjoy. 

What is panda express?

Panda case is an American fast food restaurant that offers a Chinese-themed menu. Despite offering Chinese cuisine, the restaurant was founded in Glendale, California, by Andrew Cherng and Peggy Cherng. 

Founded in 1983, the fast-food restaurant has expanded to different states and countries outside the US. Actually, the restaurant has over 2,300 locations around the world. 

The restaurant is present in other countries apart from the US. You can get the restaurant in UAE, Japan, South Korea, and other South American countries. 

Besides being a Chinese restaurant based in America, who owns Panda Express? The restaurant is a subsidiary of Panda Restaurant Group. The group also owns Panda Inn, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, and Hibachi-San.

Panda Express operation time

The restaurant doesn’t operate 24 hours. Therefore, it’s essential to check the operating time. 

Since the operation time is essential, what time does Panda open? For you to enjoy meals at the restaurant, the opening time is 11:00 am from Monday to Sunday. 

If the opening time is consistent, what time does Panda express close on weekdays? Panda Express closes business at 9:30 from Sunday to Thursday. However, the closing time is 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Apart from the regular opening hours, Panda express is also available on most holidays. The only time that the restaurant doesn’t open is Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and Easter Sunday. 

Does Panda Express have coffee?

As I l checked on the restaurant menu, it doesn’t seem to offer coffee. Therefore, you need to check for alternative drinks. 

The most popular drinks at the restaurant are soft drinks, Lemonade, Fountain Drink, and juice. 

Panda Express Summarized 

Panda Express Create Your Plate Menu 

With Mixed Veggies, Chow Mein, White Steamed Rice, Brown Steamed Rice, and Fried Rice sides 

Meal SizePrice 
Honey Walnut Shrimp$1.25
Firecracker Shrimp$1.25
Black Pepper Angus Steak$1.25
Additional Charge – Premium Entree$1.25
Super GreensHalf $9.30
Super GreensFull $9.30
White Steamed RiceHalf$9.30
White Steamed RiceFull $9.30
Fried RiceHalf $9.30
Fried RiceFull $9.30
Chow MeinHalf $9.30
Chow MeinFull $9.30
Any 1 Side & 3 Entrees$9.30
Super GreensHalf $7.80
Super GreensFull $7.80
White Steamed RiceHalf $7.80
White Steamed RiceFull$7.80
Fried RiceHalf $7.80
Fried RiceFull $7.80
Chow MeinHalf $7.80
Chow MeinFull$7.80
Any 1 Side & 2 Entrees$7.80

Panda Express Bowl Menu 

Sides: Mixed Veggies, Chow Mein, White Steamed Rice, Brown Steamed Rice, and Fried Rice 

Bowl Size Price 
Honey Walnut Shrimp$1.25
Firecracker Shrimp$1.25
Black Pepper Angus Steak$1.25
Additional Charge – Premium Entree$1.25
Super GreensHalf $6.30
Super GreensFull $6.30
White Steamed RiceHalf $6.30
White Steamed RiceFull $6.30
Fried RiceHalf $6.30
Fried RiceFull $6.30
Chow MeinHalf $6.30
Chow MeinFull $6.30
Any 1 Side & 1 Entree$6.30

Panda Express Kid’s Meal Menu (Under 11 Years) 

Keds menuSize Price 
Honey Walnut Shrimp$0.75
Firecracker Shrimp$0.75
Black Pepper Angus Steak$0.75
Additional Charge – Premium Entree$0.75
Super GreensHalf $5.40
Super GreensFull $5.40
White Steamed RiceHalf $5.40
White Steamed RiceFull $5.40
Fried RiceHalf$5.40
Fried RiceFull $5.40
Chow MeinHalf $5.40
Chow MeinFull $5.40
Any 1 Jr. Side, 1 Jr. Entree, 12 oz. Drink & Cookie$5.40

Panda Express Family Feast Menu 

Family FeastPrice 
Honey Walnut Shrimp$3.75
Firecracker Shrimp$3.75
Black Pepper Angus Steak$3.75
Additional Charge – Premium Entree$3.75
Super Greens$20.00
White Steamed Rice$20.00
Fried Rice$20.00
Chow Mein$20.00
2 Large Sides & 3 Large Entrees$20.00
what to order at panda express

Panda Express A La Carte Menu 

A La Carte Entrees Size Prices 
Super GreensMedium $3.20
Super GreensLarge $4.20
White Steamed RiceMedium $3.20
White Steamed RiceLarge $4.20
Fried RiceMedium $3.20
Fried RiceLarge $4.20
Chow MeinMedium$3.20
Chow MeinLarge $4.20
Cream Cheese RangoonSmall $1.95
Cream Cheese RangoonMedium $5.80
Cream Cheese RangoonLarge $7.90
Chicken Egg RollSmall $1.95
Chicken Egg RollMedium $7.50
Chicken Egg RollLarge $10.20
Veggie Spring RollSmall $1.95
Veggie Spring RollMedium $7.50
Veggie Spring RollLarge $10.20
Honey Walnut ShrimpSmall$5.45
Honey Walnut ShrimpMedium $10.00
Honey Walnut ShrimpLarge $13.95
Broccoli BeefSmall $4.20
Broccoli BeefMedium $7.50
Broccoli BeefLarge $10.20
Beijing BeefSmall $4.20
Beijing BeefMedium $7.50
Beijing BeefLarge $10.20
Black Pepper ChickenSmall $4.20
Black Pepper ChickenMedium $7.50
Black Pepper ChickenLarge $10.20
Mushroom ChickenSmall $4.20
Mushroom ChickenMedium $7.50
Mushroom ChickenLarge $10.20
Kung Pao ChickenSmall $4.20
Kung Pao ChickenMedium $7.50
Kung Pao ChickenLarge $10.20
SweetFire Chicken BreastSmall $4.20
SweetFire Chicken BreastMedium $7.50
SweetFire Chicken BreastLarge $10.20
Grilled Teriyaki ChickenSmall $4.20
Grilled Teriyaki ChickenMedium $7.50
Grilled Teriyaki ChickenLarge $10.20
The Original Orange ChickenSmall $4.20
The Original Orange ChickenMedium $7.50
The Original Orange ChickenLarge $10.20
Firecracker ShrimpSmall $4.20
Firecracker ShrimpMedium $7.50
Firecracker ShrimpLarge $10.20
Black Pepper Angus SteakSmall$4.20
Black Pepper Angus SteakMedium $7.50
Black Pepper Angus SteakLarge $10.20

Panda Express Drinks Menu 

Drinks Size Price 
SpriteSmall $1.90
SpriteMedium $2.10
SpriteLarge $2.30
Minute Maid LemonadeSmall $1.90
Minute Maid LemonadeMedium $2.10
Minute Maid LemonadeLarge $2.30
Fanta StrawberrySmall $1.90
Fanta StrawberryMedium $2.10
Fanta StrawberryLarge $2.30
Fanta OrangeSmall $1.90
Fanta OrangeMedium $2.10
Fanta OrangeLarge $2.30
Barq’s Root BeerSmall $1.90
Barq’s Root BeerMedium $2.10
Barq’s Root BeerLarge $2.30
Coca Cola CherrySmall $1.90
Coca Cola CherryMedium $2.10
Coca Cola CherryLarge $2.30
Coca Cola Zero SugarSmall $1.90
Coca Cola Zero SugarMedium $2.10
Coca Cola Zero SugarLarge $2.30
Dr PepperSmall $1.90
Dr PepperMedium $2.10
Dr PepperLarge $2.30
Diet CokeSmall $1.90
Diet CokeMedium $2.10
Diet CokeLarge $2.30
Coca ColaSmall $1.90
Coca ColaMedium $2.10
Coca ColaLarge $2.30

Panda Express Appetizers Menu 

Appetizer Size Price 
Cream Cheese RangoonSmall $1.90
Cream Cheese RangoonLarge $7.90
Veggie Spring RollSmall $1.90
Veggie Spring RollLarge $7.90
Chicken Egg RollSmall $1.90
Chicken Egg RollLarge $7.90

Panda Express FAQ 

When will Panda Express have a full menu? 

The full menu is always available at Panda express website. Therefore, you can get the menu on their website. 

What time do they close panda express? 

Panda Express usually closes at 9:30 pm from Sunday to Thursday. However, on Friday and Saturday, the restaurant closes at 10:00 pm. 

Where’s the nearest panda express?

The nearest Panda Express is easy to locate through the locator page. Therefore, you don’t need to struggle to find it physically. 

What to order at Panda Express?

There are many Asian-inspired meals you can order different meals. The famous meals are Mandarin chicken, orange chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, and others. 

How many ounces in a large Panda Express drink? 

The largest drink at Panda Express measures 42 ounces. Depending on the drink, the number of calories differs. 

Why is panda express so good? 

Panda is good because of the fresh vegetables and other ingredients. The Asian-inspired meals are healthy and yummy. 


Panda Express is the place where you can enjoy fresh Chinese themed American food. The fresh and professionally prepared meals leave you delighted. Therefore, the Panda Express menu price features here give the latest information you need.