Here is Starbucks puppuccino for your pet!

At Starbucks, happiness is not limited to Frappuccinos, Refreshers, and Espresso. There is also a dog frappuccino from Starbucks that is Puppuccino. Hence, bring your furry friend in for a Puppuccino!

Our dog-friendly secret menu only has one thing, but it is trendy and loved by both us and our pets. Whipped cream is a favorite of many people, and it will be served to your dog in a sample-size cup or an espresso.

Ask for a Puppuccino, or just ask for a cup of whipped cream for your dog. Starbucks is always glad to help people who want to order something from Starbucks’ “Secret Menu.”

What is a puppuccino?

The Puppuccino, which baristas the world over adore, is a deceptively simple beverage. It’s just a little cup of whipped cream from Starbucks that is customized as per your dog’s specifications. There is no caffeine or tea, or any other form of coffee in the cup, only pure whipped cream.

Are puppuccinos safe for dogs?

There’s nothing wrong with giving your dog the Puppuccino as a treat once in a while. If your dog has a problem with digestion, you might want to avoid giving it dairy. It can be dangerous to give your dog too much dairy. Keep it to one cup of milk for each dog.

In addition, to see if your dog can have a little whipped cream, ask your vet first.

How much is a pup cup at Starbucks?

Well, you can get puppuccinos out at no cost. However, it’s not very polite to just walk into a cafe and ask for a free drink without ordering something. Further, if you don’t want to get a treat for yourself, at least give a tip.

Can puppies have whipped cream?

Of course, yes! For most dogs, whipped cream isn’t bad. Same as humans, not all dogs can digest dairy products without much fuss. Your dog might not be able to eat lactose, so don’t get that puppuccino from your next trip to Starbucks.

Additionally, unsweetened whipped cream is the best kind for dogs because it doesn’t have a lot of sugar. People who want to make whipped cream for their dogs can make it with almond milk, vegan milk, or coconut milk.

Furthermore, to be safe, you must only give your dog a small amount of whipped cream on infrequent occasions. Generally, most dogs are lactose intolerant. Hence, if your dog eats more than some licks of whipped cream, they will most likely get a stomach ache from it.

Does Starbucks have dog drinks?

Yes, Starbucks has introduced a beverage for your pet friend. However, Puppuccinos are not part of the official Starbucks menu; you won’t be able to see them in the Starbucks app. In other words, you won’t be able to find the Puppuccino in the app because this item is in the secret menu of Starbucks. However, you can get it through the drive-thru window or from the counter. If you don’t want to ask for a “Puppuccino,” you can just ask for a cup of whipped cream for dogs.

What is the Starbucks dog policy?

Yes, dogs are allowed at Starbucks. But they have to stay outside on the patio. When people go to Starbucks, they can bring their pets with them. They even have a drink called the “Puppuccino.” This is a cup of whipped cream or foamed milk that is only for dogs. This means your dog will experience a creamy treat just as you do.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you concerned about your furry friend and have doubts in your head about this drink? Well, here are the questions you may have about puppuccino. Let’s have a look.

What's in a puppuccino?
It looks fancy; however, this Starbucks secret thing on the menu for dogs is just an espresso cup with whipped cream in it, even though it looks fancy. Since whipped cream is usually harmless for dogs to eat, people who are afraid they might make their dog sick don’t have to worry about that.
How to make a puppuccino for dogs?
Starbucks isn’t the only place where you can get this dog-friendly whipped cream treat, though. Start making a puppuccino in your kitchen with a little help from your own. Do not be afraid of the four-syllable name because it’s so fancy and unique. A puppuccino has only one thing in it: whipped cream!
Does Starbucks have a puppuccino?
Yes, Starbucks does have a puppuccino. Additionally, Starbucks registered for the trademark “Puppuccino” in May 2021.

Final words

Now, you and your furry friend enjoy yourself together. So, go and buy a cappuccino for yourself and a puppuccino for your furry one.

Starbucks Puppuccino Recipe

Recipe by Scarlett JonesCourse: Drinks


Prep time


Cooking time


Total time



It only takes 5 minutes to make these drinks for your pet friend, and you already have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen. So simple and healthy!


  • Whipped cream- 4 oz

  • Cap and Barista apron (optional)

  • A small cup or dish that you don’t mind getting dog slobber on is what you need.


  • Grab a cup of coffee (or bowl). Portion control is essential because dogs should only eat whipped cream in small amounts. Ensure the cup holds the right amount of food for each person (approximately 2-4 ounces). Also, keep in mind that the cup is big enough for your dog’s snout to fit through.
  • It’s time to put the whipped cream into a cup. This is the easiest way to make whipped cream. You can also make whipped cream with real whipped cream in a can.
  • It’s time to serve your dog the Puppuccino.

Nutrition Facts

1 servings per container

  • Amount Per ServingCalories291
  • % Daily Value *
  • Total Fat 25g 39%
    • Saturated Fat 16g 80%
  • Cholesterol 86mg 29%
  • Sodium 9mg 1%
  • Total Carbohydrate 14g 5%
    • Sugars 9g
  • Protein 4g 8%

    * The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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