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Starbucks reusable cup discount: Does it apply to everyone? 

Single-use cups are becoming discouraged by most fast-food and coffee shops. This is due to the impact they have on the environment. It is estimated that 6.5 million trees  are cut yearly to make these cups. 

Besides cutting trees, the thin plastic film in these cups makes them challenging to recycle without a specialized factory. 

In one year, 16 billion single cups are used. This is without accounting for other resources like water and energy used to produce them. 

To limit the single-use cups, Starbucks has embarked on a discount program. Starbucks reusable cup discount enables customers to receive price cuts when they bring their cups for refills. 

However, can anyone get a discount? Can every cup qualify for the program? Let’s find out.

What Is the Reusable Cups Program? 

The Starbucks reusable cup program is decades old. Started in 1985, the program is still ongoing. 

The reusable program is pretty simple. It entails customer bringing their clean cups and getting their aspired beverages refilled. This is a bid to save the planet from pollution by single-use cups clogging landfills every year. 

Besides the reusable cup program, Starbucks also allows customers to borrow cups. The program entails ordering a drink, and you return the cup to the kiosk when through. 

The cups are professionally washed and sanitized for reuse instead of tossing them away. However, the borrowing program is only for beverages served in SODO 8 cups. 

How does the Starbucks reusable cup program work? 

Although the reusable cup policy exists, not everyone is entitled to it. Also, you can’t use any cup to get a drink. 

According to Starbucks, you have to follow terms and regulations. 

To use reusable cups, you must fulfill the following conditions. 

  • Be a Starbucks reward member
  • Have at least one star from a purchase in the last two years 
  • Purchases are only available in participating in-cafes
  • Only hand-crafted beverages, brewed tea and coffees qualifies for reusable cups. 
  • You only get 25 stars, even if you make two purchases using reusable cups. 
  • The points earned from reusable cups are not transferrable to other offers. 

Is there a discount by using reusable cups? 

Starbucks is encouraging people to use reusable cups to save the environment. Not only does the program help to conserve nature, but you also get rewarded for that. 

According to Starbucks, once you buy a drink and bring your cup, there are 25 points earned. 

As if the points aren’t enough, your drink will cost you 10 cents less. 

After accumulating the points, you can always redeem them for free drinks, a modified menu and Starbucks merchandise. 

It is worth noting that the earned points are bound to expire after 6 months. 

Can you still get Starbucks reusable cups
Starbucks reusable cup

Can you still get Starbucks single-use cups?

Since the company is encouraging people to use reusable cups, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to get reusable ones. 

Single-use cups are still in use at Starbucks. This is despite the company striving to get rid of them. However, by 2025, the company wants to move to reusable cups. 

You can buy a drink using a single-use cup, but it will cost more than a reusable one. Also, the cups are available for purchase in their stores. 

What types of reusable cups does Starbucks accept? 

When going for a drink at Starbucks, using a reusable cup is not a must; you carry a branded one. As long as it is of recommended quality and size, it is acceptable. 

However, to feel like you are coming from a Starbucks café, there are reusable cups in their stores. The Starbucks reusable cup price depends on the quality. 

Some of the drinkware cost more compared to others. For instance, the quality of cold cups is different from that of cold cups. 

The cups are available in their Starbucks merchandise section or their Amazon store

If you want to enjoy a drink at Starbucks using a reusable cup, the following is what you need to know. 

  • You can carry any personal cup; not a must from Starbucks
  • The cup must be clean 
  • Ceramic and glassware cups are not accepted unless provided by Starbucks. 
  • The cup must be of recommended sizes for hot and cold drinks. 

Are reusable cups available all over the world? 

According to the available information, the company started the reusable program in the US. However, it rolled out the program to other regions. 

According to the company blog, the company aims to eliminate single-use cups by 2025. Therefore, the program will run in phases. 

The first region was the US, and the test program rolled out in other regions. Currently, the reusable cup program is active in different stores worldwide. 

Starbucks reusable cups FAQ 

Can you still get Starbucks reusable cups? 

Yes, reusable cups are available, and you can get them at the company kiosks or buy them at their stores. 

Besides, other online stores sell reusable branded Starbucks drinkware. 

How to get a free Starbucks reusable cup?

If you are an ardent Starbucks customer, you have a chance to get a free reusable cup. The secret is to buy more and get bonus points which you can redeem to get a free reusable cup. 

Do you get a discount at Starbucks for using a reusable cup?

Once you use a reusable cup, you get a 10 cents discount and 25-star points. 

Do you need a reusable cup for a free refill at Starbucks?

To earn a free drink, you need points to get a refill. It doesn’t necessarily mean using a reusable cup to get a free refill. 

What size is the red Starbucks reusable cup?

The red Starbucks reusable cup is 16 oz. It’s a limited-edition cup that is gifted to customers and made from 50% recycled materials. 

How many times can one refill a reusable cup in one day? 

Normally, Starbucks allows only for a maximum of 3 times per day.


As Starbucks struggles to eliminate disposable cups from its stores, you can take the chance and enjoy the discounts. The use of these reusable cups helps to save our planet. 

With Starbucks reusable cup discount, you will save a few dollars a month. Especially if you are a frequent customer, the 10-cent plus free redeemable pints are enough to buy you an extra free drink. 

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