ziggis coffee menu prices

Is Ziggi’s the perfect base for the yummiest coffee? Ziggis coffee menu prices

Discovering the perfect coffee spot can be challenging, but I’ve got a secret: Ziggis coffee is my go-to. With a diverse menu at each location, there’s something for everyone. I’ve gathered the latest Ziggi’s coffee menu prices, showcasing their top-notch offerings. Find out what to order and how it stacks up against other cafes. Quality and value guaranteed!

Ziggis coffee menu prices


Drink (Hot or Iced)Price 
Iced Fireside$6.20+
Hot Fireside$5.30+
Iced Verde Matcha Latte$6.20+
Hot Verde Matcha Latte$5.30+
Iced White Mocha$6.20+
Hot White Mocha$5.30+
Iced Mocha$6.20+
Hot Mocha$5.30+
Iced Turtle$6.20+
Hot Turtle$5.30+
Iced Caramel Macchiato$6.20+
Hot Caramel Macchiato$5.30+
Iced Salted Caramel Latte$6.20+
Hot Salted Caramel Latte$5.30+
Iced Pumpkin Pie Latte$6.20+
Hot Pumpkin Pie Latte$5.30+
Iced Raspberry Truffle$6.20+
Hot Raspberry Truffle$5.30+
Iced Hazelnut Cream Latte$6.20+
Hot Hazelnut Cream Latte$5.30+
Iced Colorado Mocha$6.20+
Hot Colorado Mocha$5.30+


Drink Price 
Create Your Own Blender$7.30+
Java Chip Blender$7.30+
Raspberry Truffle Blender$7.30+
Frozen Chai$7.30+
Cookies ‘n Cream Blender$7.30+
Coffee Toffee Blender$7.30+
Vanilla Blender$7.30+
White Mocha Blender$7.30+
Frozen Campfire Cocoa$7.30+
Caramel Macchiato Blender$7.30+
Peanut Butter Mocha Blender$7.30+
Mile High Twist Blender$7.30+
Mocha Blender$7.30+

Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies Price 
Strawberry Smoothie$6.30+
Strawberry Banana Smoothie$6.30+
Mango Smoothie$6.30+
Piña Colada Smoothie$6.30+
Peach Smoothie$6.30+
Wildberry Smoothie$6.30+
Lemonade Smoothie$6.30+
Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie$6.30+

Red Bull Infusions

Red Bull InfusionsPrice 
Iced Red Bull Infusion$7.15+
Frozen Red Bull Infusion$7.90+


Gold Rush$5.50+
Hot Campfire Cocoa$3.55+
Iced Coffee$4.00+
Cold Brew$4.75+
Daily Brew$2.90+
Café Au Lait$3.55+
Iced Americano$4.30+
Hot Americano$3.55+
Iced Latte$5.50+
Hot Latte$4.75+

Teas & Chai

Teas & ChaiPrice 
Iced Chai Tea$5.95+
Hot Chai Tea$5.35+
Iced Matcha Tea Latte$5.95+
Hot Matcha Tea Latte$5.35+
Arnold Palmer$3.90+
Iced Tea$3.55+
Hot Tea$3.55+

Italian Sodas

Italian SodasPrice 
Create Your Own Italian Soda$3.55+
Midnight Berry$3.55+
Colorado Sunrise$3.55+


Item Price 
Frozen Campfire Cocoa$3.55+
Cotton Candy$3.55+
Cotton Candy$3.55+
Shark Bite$3.55+
Lava Frost$3.55+

Eats and Treats

Everything Bagel Breakfast Sandwich$5.35+400
Waffle Breakfast Sandwich$5.35+490
Plain Bagel Breakfast Sandwich$5.35+400
Gluten-Free Breakfast Sandwich$5.35+516
Bean & Cheese Burrito$5.35+410
Beef & Potato Burrito$5.35+380
Bacon Burrito$5.35+450
Chorizo Burrito$5.35+470
Sausage Burrito$5.35+450
Egg & Cheese Burrito$5.35+430
Pesto & Turkey Panini$5.35+552
Grilled Cheese Panini$5.35+470
Cinnamon Roll$5.35+777
Gluten-Free Cinnamon Swirl Bread$5.35+444
Gluten-Free Lemon Poppy Raspberry Bread$5.35+444
Banana Chocolate Chip Bread$5.35+371
Blueberry Lemon Bread$5.35+328
Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.35+456
Snickerdoodle Cookie$5.35+494
Cookies N’ Cream Cake Pop$5.35+150
Birthday Cake Cake Pop$5.35+140

*Please note that the calorie counts provided are approximate and may vary. For more information and detailed nutritional facts, please visit the official Ziggi’s Coffee website.

Customer Review

Ziggi’s Coffee has received rave reviews from satisfied customers. One visitor from Texas was thoroughly impressed, stating, “The drinks are great and the breakfast sandwiches were wonderful. The barista was also knowledgeable and kind.” Another customer, who was a loyal Starbucks fan, found Ziggi’s flavor to be even better, exclaiming, “Wished I had tried sooner as it beat the flavor of Starbucks.” The delicious coffee drinks at Ziggi’s were highly praised, with one reviewer stating, “OMG their Coffee Drinks are SOOO good! They even give you a chocolate covered espresso bean with every coffee drink.”

Customers also appreciated the better selection and prices compared to Starbucks, along with the friendly baristas. One enthusiastic recommendation summed it up with, “Try it, you’ll like it!” Another customer highlighted the amazing staff and variety of flavors, particularly recommending the energizing infusion drink.

Parking availability and a range of coffee flavors were mentioned as positive aspects of Ziggi’s. While some found the coffee a bit on the sweeter side, it was still described as tasting good. One customer enjoyed the Banana Latte with hints of banana and a balanced coffee taste. However, a seasonal winter drink, the Mistletoe Latte, was deemed too sweet for one individual’s preference.

Taking everything into account, Ziggi’s Coffee has left a positive impression on customers, offering great drinks, friendly service, and a variety of flavors to choose from.

ziggis coffee

How to order coffee from Ziggi’s? 

Ordering coffee or pastries from Ziggi’s isn’t complicated. Actually, you can drive into the coffee house and enjoy your coffee, other drinks, and snacks. 

Apart from drive-through services, you can register online on their web and shop for your preferred products. You can order your coffee online and buy e-gift cards and branded merchandise. 

The E-Club services in the coffee house ensure that you can enjoy coffee at a discounted price. There are also free coffee and coupons. 

A Brief History of Ziggi’s coffee

Ziggi’s Coffee is a coffee chain that was founded in 2004 by Brandon and Camrin Knudsen in Longmont, Colorado, USA. The first location was a small coffee shop on the corner of Main Street in downtown Longmont. The company’s mission from the beginning was to provide not only a superior cup of coffee but also superior customer service.

Over the years, Ziggi’s Coffee has expanded to include multiple drive-thru and coffeehouse locations across the United States, with a focus on providing high-quality coffee and a welcoming atmosphere. In 2016, the company began offering franchising opportunities, allowing others to own and operate their own Ziggi’s Coffee locations.

Today, Ziggi’s Coffee is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and community involvement. They continue to expand and grow, with a focus on providing a memorable coffee experience for their customers.

Franchise Program

Are you ready to dive into the world of coffee entrepreneurship? Ziggi’s Coffee offers a fantastic franchise opportunity with comprehensive support and a range of business models to choose from. Take a look at the detailed table below for more information on the financial requirements and support provided:

Franchise Program FeaturesDetails
Total Investment Range$199,700 – $910,500
Available AgreementsSingle and Area Developers
Minimum Liquidity$150,000
Business ModelsCafe, Cafe & Drive-Thru, Double-Sided Drive-Thru
Training and SupportReal ownership experience-based programs
Marketing AssistanceGrand opening kits, custom press releases, social media support, and more
Funding OpportunitiesAccess to select financing options

Ziggi’s Coffee leverages its extensive experience to help franchisees choose the perfect location, providing guidance throughout the site selection process. Franchisees receive full support in customizing their Ziggi’s location to meet brand standards. Comprehensive training is offered through Ziggi’s Online University, manager hands-on training, and on-site training during the opening phase.

Franchisees can rely on Ziggi’s Coffee for comprehensive marketing assistance, including strategic guidance for pre-opening and ongoing marketing efforts. From innovative coupons to engaging social media campaigns, Ziggi’s Coffee equips franchisees with effective tools to attract customers and establish a strong local presence.

Ziggis Contact Information

Operating hours: 05:00 AM to 07:00 PM from Monday to Friday; 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM on Weekends; On holidays the coffee house is always open apart from Christmas; On Thanksgiving days, the opening time is from 12:00 PM.

Address: 400 Main Street, Longmont, CO 80501

Tel: 303-682-5120

Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Social Media

Important Links

Official Websitehttps://www.ziggiscoffee.com/
Download Apphttps://apps.apple.com/us/app/ziggis-coffee/id1136870204, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details
Find a ziggi’s coffeehttps://www.ziggiscoffee.com/find-a-ziggis
Gift Cardshttps://www.ziggiscoffee.com/gift-cards

Final words

With multiple stores, getting into Ziggi’s coffee house ensures you quench your thirst for coffee. Besides, there is a range of other drinks and snacks to enjoy. Ziggi’s coffee menu prices make it easy to spot your preferred drink. Therefore, as you look for a great cup of joe, probably Ziggi’s is the place to try. 


Does ziggi’s coffee have decaf coffee?

Yes, Ziggi’s Coffee offers decaf coffee that is 100% water processed. This process ensures a reduced environmental impact and lower acidity while maintaining a great taste. The decaf coffee is a medium roast with a smooth, silky texture and delightful walnut flavor. The beans used are grown at an elevation of 1400 meters in Honduras. Additionally, the decaf coffee is certified organic by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and is Fair Trade Certified.

Does ziggi’s coffee have keto options?

Yes, Ziggi’s Coffee offers keto options for customers following a ketogenic diet. They provide a selection of beverages and food items that are low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats, catering to the needs of keto-conscious individuals. Check here.

Are there gluten-free options available at Ziggi’s Coffee?

Ziggi’s Coffee values customers with dietary restrictions, including gluten-free individuals. Their menu features delicious gluten-free options, like the handcrafted breakfast sandwich with savory sausage, fluffy egg, and melted cheese, allowing everyone to enjoy their offerings worry-free.

Is Ziggi’s coffee a Christian company?

Ziggi’s coffee has been serving the community regardless of religious affiliations. Thus, everyone can hop there and enjoy their coffee in peace. 

Does Ziggys have cold foam?

Yes, the coffee shop has maple, which is amazing and super delicious. 

Who owns Ziggi’s coffee?

Ziggi’s Coffee is owned by a couple; Brandon and Camrin Knudsen.

Where did Ziggi’s coffee start? 

Ziggi’s Coffee began in Longmont, Colorado, USA in 2004. The first location was a small corner shop in downtown Longmont. Since then, the company has expanded to multiple drive-thru and coffeehouse locations across the United States. It now has 50 locations, with the majority being franchised and 8 company-owned.

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