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Gravity Coffee, Delicious and Irresistible. Gravity Coffee Menu Prices Guide

Gravity Coffee has been serving delicious and quality coffee to customers since its establishment. With exceptionally crafted coffee, the coffee house always ensures you enjoy a fantastic beverage. Unlike other coffee houses, Gravity Coffee specializes in beverages that ensure a great experience. 

From uniquely brewed coffee to energy drinks, you can also enjoy bagged coffee. This gravity coffee menu prices guide is what you need before getting into the coffee house. With every drink prepared in Gravity Coffee, check which one you are ready to grab. 

What is gravity coffee? 

Gravity coffee is a drive-thru coffee shop based in the United States of America. Specifically, the brand has multiple locations and is involved in selling top-notch coffee and other beverages. 

Although it’s not as popular as other large coffee shops, Gravity Coffee is excellent. Since its establishment, it has expanded and improved its services to ensure customers get the best deals. 

Who owns Gravity Coffee? 

Well, I know you might be wondering who is the owner of gravity coffee. The brand was founded in 2015 by Maximo Ansola III in Tacoma, Washington. With the franchising business model, the company has expanded and allows investors to invest in the coffee industry. 

How many locations are Gravity Coffee? 

Since the company’s establishment, it has expanded from one store to multiple locations. According to the company’s LinkedIn, it is developing up to 100 locations in different pacific northwest states.

Besides locations, an aspiring investor might be wondering, how much is gravity coffee worth? Also, how much is needed to invest in Gravity’s coffee franchising business? 

The company revenue is estimated to be $17 million per year. For anyone looking to open a Gravity Coffee franchised store, you need to have $300,000 in liquid cash and a net worth of over $1 million. 

Where to buy gravity coffee beans and beverages? 

gravity coffee drink

If you want to enjoy the coffee from Gravity coffee, the first option is to get into their drive-thru stores. You can get coffee beans, brewed coffee and energy drinks. 

Alternatively, you can order your coffee online through their website. The webstore has a collection of coffee and other branded merchandise. Additionally, the ability to order your coffee and buy e-Gift cards is fantastic. 

When the app is your best way to shop, GC has an app for Apple and Android smartphone users.

While shipping online is convenient, does gravity coffee take apple pay? Whether you are shopping in the stores, online or through the app, Gravity Coffee accepts multiple payment methods. You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay and major debit cards. 

What are Gravity Coffee operating hours? 

There is a scheduled operating time if you want to visit the Gravity Coffee stores or collect your pre-ordered coffee. Usually, most locations are open from 04:30 AM to 08:00 PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the stores open from 05:00 AM to 08:00 PM. 

Apart from the daily opening times, the coffee shop opens on most holidays. However, the operating hours might be reduced. It is always advisable to check with your local store. 

Gravity Coffee Menu Prices

Gravity Bites

Bites Price 
Breakfast Cookie$2.55
Protein Puck$2.95
Muffin Top$2.95

Stay Grounded

Stay GroundedPrice 
White Chocolate Americano$3.35
Salted Caramel Macchiato$3.95
White Mocha$3.95

Blended Coffees

Blended CoffeesPrice 
Blended Snickers Coffee$4.95
Blended Milky Way Coffee$4.95
Blended Mocha Coffee$4.95
Blended Coconut White Mocha Coffee$5.15
Blended Caramel Coffee$4.85
Blended White Chocolate Coffee$4.95

GC Energy 

GC EnergyPrice 
Phoenix (Raspberry, pomegranate, and orange juice)$4.95
High Voltage(Pineapple, peach, and lemonade)$4.95
GC Energy Fusions(Create your own flavor combination)$4.95
Interstellar(Orange, raspberry, blackberry, vanilla, and cream)$4.95
Down to Earth(Blue raspberry, green apple, and cream)$4.95
Supernova(Guavaberry lemonade with secret twist)$4.95

Another Galaxy

Another GalaxyPrice 
Area 51(A highly classified (expert) mint with a blast of caffeine)$4.45
Eclipse(A blend Valencia orange mocha topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle)$4.45
Cosmo(white chocolate mocha with raspberry and coconut topped with whipped cream)$4.45
3rd Dimension(A blend of chocolate and macadamia nut topped with whipped cream)$4.45
The Force(A white chocolate Americano made with signature white coffee. Topped off with chocolate milk)$4.45

Blended Cream

Blended CreamPrice 
Peanut Butter Protein$5.95
Chocolate Banana$5.35

Coffee Alternatives

Coffee AlternativesPrice 
Orange Juice$2.95
Fresh Fruit Lemonade$3.55
Italian Soda$3.55

Chai and Tea Fusion 

Chai and Tea Fusion Price 
GC Palmer$3.95
Peach Passion$3.95
Sunburst Mimosa$3.95
Assorted Tea$2.35
London Fog$3.45
Dirty Chai$4.25
Chai Tea$4.25

Fruit Smoothies 

Fruit SmoothiesPrice
PB & J Smoothie$4.95
Peaches & Cream Smoothie$4.95
Raspberry Smoothie$4.95
Mango Smoothie$4.95
Strawberry Smoothie$5.15

GC Signature Blend

GC Signature BlendPrice 
Ground Coffee$11.95
Whole Bean Coffee$11.95

Kid’s Planet

Kid’s PlanetPrice 
Strawberry Lemonade$2.45
Cotton Candy Italian Soda$2.45
Chocolate Milk$1.75
Hot Cocoa$1.75

Final Words 

There’s no doubt Gravity coffee menu prices are excellent. It takes care of everyone. For coffee and non-coffee lovers, the menu ensures that everyone enjoys delicious beverages. Besides, the amazing bagged coffee and other merchandise allow you to drink coffee at the café and at home. 


Is there a gravity coffee secret menu?

Yes. You can enjoy the secret menu at Gravity coffee. You can always order Calisto, 13 moons, and purple rain, among other secret menu beverages.

What energy drink does gravity coffee use?

The company uses green coffee extracts for caffeine, carbonated water, sugar and other ingredients. 

How much caffeine is in gravity energy coffee? 

The coffee comes in 250 ml cans containing 80mg of caffeine. 

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