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10 Best Coffee Shops In Appleton Wisconsin | Top Spots

Planning on visiting the historic city of Appleton, Wisconsin, and loving a cherry bliss of coffee in the morning to kickstart and spice up your day? I’m your trusty guide. 

Going to Appleton, I wondered if I was ever going to find any good coffee shops in Appleton, Wisconsin, more importantly, an all seasons coffee shop because I loved my coffee and never liked a situation where I couldn’t get it when I wanted. 

Well, I searched and I did find; Below are some of the best coffee shops and gluten-free bakeries for those who love to add eats along, including new Appleton coffee shops that are also good.

10 Best Coffee Shops In Appleton Wisconsin

  1. Caribou Coffee
  2. Brewed Awakenings
  3. ACOCA Coffee and Cafè
  4. Copper Rock Coffee Company
  5. Moon Water Cafe
  6. Jo To Go
  7. Fika Coffee and Tea
  8. All Tied Up Appleton
  9. Seth’s Coffee Drive Thru
  10. Tempest Coffee Collective

Caribou Coffee

Good coffee comes with a lot of detailing, and with each taste and service, you can feel how much Caribou Coffee puts in so much work to add so many unique details to qualify their work. 

It’s a fresh breath of air at this cafe, with their super-nice barista who’s always helpful, their nice spacious seating indoors, and of course their super amazing coffee and pastries. Love them! The prices are average and quite affordable. 

Location: 1200 W Northland Ave, Appleton, WI 54914, United States

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 6am-6pm

Website: cariboucoffee

Phone: +1 920-968-2212

Brewed Awakenings

The moment you step in, you are welcomed by the aesthetically divine decor of Brewed Awakenings. One of the best options for a chill place with amazing scenery and equally amazing coffee and food. There is an option for everyone including vegans. Amazing pocket-friendly prices for great food.

Location: 107 E College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

Working hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-3 pm, Saturday 7:30 am-3 pm, Sunday 8 am-3 pm

Website: brewedawakenings

Phone: +1 920-882-9336

ACOCA Coffee and Cafè

At ACOCA, the coffee is in-house roasted and prepared with purified water establishing a smooth, delectable taste with each gulp. 

With the constantly changing menu, the consistency in making good food coupled with their elite array of drinks is remarkable. 

There is the option to eat and drink inside and outside, and they have such nice and friendly staff who are always ready to help.

Location: 500 W College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

Working hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-3 pm, Saturday-Sunday 7 am-5 pm

Website: acocacoffee

Phone: +1 920-993-1458

Copper Rock Coffee Company

A place indigenous to the natives of Wisconsin, Copper Rock Coffee shop keeps showing years of experience, hard work, and passion in their brew. Locally and globally sourcing their coffee beans and sampling them through fine techniques to make sure the best is gotten. 

The preparation is just awesome and carefully done. Each taste along with a bite of their fine pastries leaves a remarkable taste that keeps you coming back for more. I also found out they make their gelato in-house which is another spectacular thing about them.

Location: 210 W College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

Working hours: Monday-Friday 6:30 am-7 pm, Saturday 7 am-7pm, Sunday 7 am-5 pm

Website: copperrockcoffee 

Phone: +1 920-882-9462

Moon Water Cafè

Grab a huge cup of coffee whenever you visit Moon Water Cafè, why? Because the experience is totally new, fresh, and awesome. 

It has a homely feel to it, maybe because regulars and also the staff there had nice, relatable conversations with me that made me immediately feel at home. I particularly enjoyed their hot chai and scones combo.

Location: 606 N Lawe St, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

Working hours: Monday-Friday 9 am-3 pm

Website: moonwatercafe

Phone: +1 920-475-6992

Jo To Go

Jo To Go in appleton

Serving great caramel macchiato is just one of those things Jo To Go does really well. Their coffee drinks mixed with white chocolate is just a mouth’s delight. 

Another thing that makes Jo To Go awesome is the really sweet staff around and the owner, they make the place such a good place when having a bad day or you just want to start your day off on a good note.

Location: 3419 N Richmond St, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

Working hours: Monday-Friday 6 am-2 pm

Phone: +1 920-738-0761

Fika Coffee and Tea

A truly welcoming environment, stylish and sophisticated decor, and amazing tea are just some of the many things that make Fika dear to our hearts. 

From the moment you enter, you feel well and right. I do believe the right environment sets the mood for a good coffee. I recommend you try out their Boba tea, it’s a whole new different taste. All in all, Fika is a really awesome place.

Location: 207 W College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

Working hours: Monday-Thursday 11 am-6 pm, Friday-Saturday 10 am-7 pm, Sunday 11 am-3 pm

Website: fikateabar

Phone: +1 920-381-1956

All Tied Up Appleton

All Tied Up Appleton

All Tied Up Appleton is great for everything, coffee blends, and food, and also sells flowers and has extremely nice decor. I just love how each variety of coffee has multiple flavors for you to enjoy and guess which it is. The staff are also friendly and always active to their customer’s needs.

Location: 324 E College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

Working hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-5 pm, Saturday 7 am-3 pm

Website: alltiedupfloralcafe

Phone: +1 920-257-4067

Seth’s Coffee Drive Thru

An amazing downtown Appleton coffee shop with a cute little drive-thru/walk-up. It is so easily accessible from anywhere around town, and they have great coffee selections for both adults and even milder cocoa products for kids, like milkshakes and chocolate drinks. 

Pocket-friendly prices and friendly customers are one of the things I loved about Seth’s.

Location: 323 E Washington St, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

Working hours: Monday-Friday 6:30 am-4 pm, Saturday-Sunday 7 am-2 pm

Website: Seth’s coffee

Phone: +1 920-221-3310

Tempest Coffee Collective

Meet Tempest coffee shop, one of the best cafes I got to visit. Their coffee tastes outstanding, and you can choose from lots of seasonal Flavors available on their menu. If you’re hungry, their food menu also has much to choose from. 

The cafe is located in a beautiful environment with good parking availability and a classic outdoor patio for when you feel like seating outside. I highly recommend this cafe. 

Location: 181 Riverheath Way #1100, Appleton, WI 54915, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-3pm

Website: tempestcoffeecollective

Phone: +1 920-939-2153


Is there an atlas coffee shop appleton wi?

There was, currently it doesn’t exist as the once-famous Atlas Waterfront Cafe & Gathering Room is now permanently closed. 

Is Appleton Wisconsin a good place to live?

With a number of noteworthy features that keep people busy all year long, Appleton is one of the best locations to live in the United States. The entertainment never ends thanks to a performing arts center that draws Broadway productions to the area and the Trout Museum of Art in the center of downtown.

Which are the best coffee shops and gluten free bakeries in Appleton?

If you are looking for a cafe serving gluten-free options in Appleton, here are a few recommendations; Ann’s Gluten Free Bakery, Happy Bellies Bake Shop, Bagelicious, and Cornflower Cafe are some of the best you would find in Appleton. 

Is there a cat coffee shop In Appleton?

Yes, there is. The Pawfee Shop Cat Cafe is a famous coffee shop where you can bring your cat, adopt cats, or make donations


Good coffee brings the shine to life. It’s like having life filled in a cup. Visiting a whole new City shouldn’t deprive you of that awesome taste and feel. Appleton is a lovely place to be and even live in, the coffee spots and experience make it all the better. When you’re trying out an Appleton new coffee shop or an old one, be sure to have a great time and a coffee-tastic day.

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