Klatch Coffee Menu Prices

Is Klatch Coffee Worth Your Money? Klatch Coffee Menu Prices

In most cases, people are obsessed with large coffee houses. But, I have discovered even small chain coffee shops offer fantastic coffee and other drinks. One of my latest experiences is Klatch Coffee which offers excellent brewed and bagged coffee. 

Apart from having coffee, there I enjoy delicious and fresh food. The coffee is roasted at the company roastery by an expert; thus, it’s fantastic and awakens your taste buds. If you want to try this coffee shop, I’ve shared klatch coffee menu prices to offer an easy and quick insight. 

What is klatch coffee? 

Klatch is a German word for an informal gathering where people hold casual conversations and coffee is served. Klatch coffee is a coffee roasting company that deals with spatiality coffee. The company has been offering award-winning coffee since its strict when it comes to quality. 

Founded in 1993 by Mike Perry, it sources, roasts, brews, and sells coffee to different regions around the globe. Founded as a family company in Rancho Cucamonga, California, it has expanded to a world-class coffee company. 

Currently, the company is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Who owns klatch coffee?

Regarding the ownership, the coffee brand is owned by Mike Perry. It is run by the owner alongside his wife and two daughters.

Where is Klatch Coffee located?

The first location was opened in Rancho Cucamonga, California. However, the company has expanded to other areas. Currently, the company has 7 stores where you can enjoy brewed coffee and other menu items. 

According to the company’s website, the brand is still expanding, and they are still planning to open new locations. 

Where to buy klatch coffee?

Buying Klatch coffee is super simple. Its high-quality coffee is from premium beans sourced from the best producers. One of the simplest ways to buy bagged coffee is through their website. Actually, the newly launched website offers seamless services like one-time purchases and subscription options. 

Apart from buying from the official website, you can shop for coffee from other online groceries. 

For brewed coffee, it is available in your nearest café. Also, you can buy bagged coffee and merchandise from the company’s coffee shops. 

Is there a Klatch coffee app? If you find shopping using an app more convenient, Klatch has an app. Therefore, it’s possible to preorder and pick up your coffee at your nearest locations. Using the app lets you enjoy rewards.

Klatch Coffee

Where to buy Klatch coffee gift cards? 

One of the amazing things is you can buy Klatch gift cards and Klatch coffee coupons. Usually, gift cards and coupons are available in company coffee shops and websites. 

Besides the official websites and stores, you can get coupons from leading online gift card stores. However, the cards are only redeemable in Klatch coffee stores or online. 

When does Klatch coffee open? 

For anyone who wants to visit Klatch coffee stores, they are always open on weekdays and weekends. The stores are open from Monday to Friday from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM. On weekends, opening time is 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. However, the opening and closing times might differ depending on the location. 

klatch coffee menu prices


The Original$7.00
The Showoff$9.75
Gluten Free Breakfast Wrap$11.00
Greek Yogurt Cup$5.00
Breakfast Brioche$10.00
Everything Bagel$4.00
Plain Bagel$4.00

Paninis & Sandwiches

Paninis & SandwichesPrice 
The Club$12.00
Turkey Provolone$10.50
Turkey Provolone Avocado$12.00
The Veggie$9.25
Ham and Swiss Panini$10.00
Turkey Pesto Panini$10.00

Artisan Toasts

Artisan ToastsPrice 
Goat Cheese and Honey Toasts$9.25
Avocado Toasts$9.25


Lemon Poppy Loaf$4.00
Chocolate Croissant$4.00
Butter Croissant$4.00
Fresh Baked Glorious Morning Muffin$4.00
Fresh Baked Cappucino Chip Muffin$4.00
Fresh Baked Blueberry Muffin$4.00

Whole Bean Coffee

Whole Bean CoffeePrice 
Blue Thunder$20.00
Belle Espresso$20.00

Hot Drinks

Hot DrinksPrice 
Award-Winning Brew of the Day$3.00
Crème Brûlée Latte$5.75
Vanilla Bean Latte$5.50

Iced Drinks

Iced DrinksPrice 
Iced Vanilla Bean Latte$5.60
Iced Latte$5.00
Iced Mocha$5.75
Iced Crème Brûlée Latte$5.75
Cold Brew$4.25

Blended Drinks

Blended DrinksPrice 
Patio Special Shake$7.25
Mocha Shake$7.00
Cappuccino Shake$6.75
Oat Milk Capp on Tap$5.00
Blended Crème Brûlée$6.75
Blended Eskimocha$6.25

Tea & More 

Tea & MorePrice 
Chai Latte$4.50

Final Words 

As you sit and enjoy Klatch coffee, the quality is one of the ultimate features to notice. Whether you choose brewed or bagged coffee, the company ensures satisfaction. With the Klatch coffee menu prices provided above, you are now updated about prices and available items to choose from. 


How do you spell coffee Klatch?

Klatch coffee comes from the German word ‘kaffeeklatsch.’ The word means a casual gathering of people enjoying a coffee. According to Collins dictionary, it’s spelled as (kɔfi klɑtʃ. 

Are Klatch coffee nutrition facts available? 

The klatch coffee calories information isn’t available on their page. However, you can calculate your coffee or beverage’s nutritional value using online calculators

Can I order Klatch coffee online?

Yes, Klatch coffee has different platforms where you can order your coffee online. You can log in to the webpage or use an app.