Jet coffee menu prices

Jet coffee menu prices 2023 updates

Jet coffee is one of the coffee shops where everyone feels at home. Offering amazing customer service and fresh coffee, I always like their services. With a vibrant team of staff and a clear mission, outstanding services are guaranteed. 

Jet coffee menu prices featured in this guide offer the available menu and prices to expect. Whether your favorite choice is coffee, latte, tea or a breakfast treat, let’s see what you can grab. 

What is Jet coffee? 

Jet coffee is a coffee brand that is based in Lafayette, LA. According to the company, it is locally owned and strives to provide the best coffee with unmatched speed. Established in 2019, the coffee shop offers drive-thru, in-person and online services; it has continued to perform excellently. 

Besides establishment and success, who owns jet coffee? Well, the coffee shop is owned by John and Stephanie Tommasini. Fueled by passion and inspiration to provide quality coffee, the brand always keeps the customers returning. 

Where is Jet coffee? 

As stated, Jet coffee was founded in Lafayette, Louisiana. The coffee shop started in a 1,800-square-foot area, providing amazing space for people to relax and enjoy the delicious jet coffee menu. 

Since the first store, the brand has added other locations. As of December 2022, there are 2 jet coffee locations, with an upcoming one in the summer of 2023. The upcoming location is massive, measuring 2.5 acres which will be located in Ambassador Town Center. 

Does Jet coffee have subscription services? 

Apart from getting your espresso or latte, Jet coffee has bagged coffee. Walking into the store, you can get your coffee. Also, ordering online is convenient since there are subscription services. 

Once you register, you can get your coffee delivered to your location. 

How to subscribe to Jet coffee delivery? 

Subscribing to Jet coffee is super easy. The process is as follows. 

1. Get into the Jet coffee official website.  

order Jet coffee 1

2. On the home page, check for the ‘Subscription’ button and click. 

order Jet coffee2

3. Select your preferred coffee between Phantom, Ascender and Night Prowler. 

order Jet coffee3

4. After selecting the product, choose bean state (Ground/whole bean) and delivery duration. 

order Jet coffee4

5. Click the “Sign up” button to complete the process. 

Does jet coffee have a secret menu? 

YES! They do have. And the better news is you can even choose between different secret menus. 

The famous secret menu includes Pink lady, among others. Besides, you can enjoy the jet coffee energy drink menu as part of the secret menu. The good thing is energy drinks are available in combos, or you can ask for a customized drink from a Jet coffee barista. 

Jet coffee menu prices

Jet Squad

Jet Squad Size Price 
Hero – Irish cream sensation Small $4.00
Hero – Irish cream sensation Medium $4.50
Hero – Irish cream sensation Large $5.50
Dream On – Cane sugar delight Small $4.00
Dream On – Cane sugar delight Medium $4.50
Dream On – Cane sugar delight Large $5.50
Bomber- Chocolate Macadamia delight Small $4.00
Bomber- Chocolate Macadamia delight Medium $4.50
Bomber- Chocolate Macadamia delight Large $5.50
Super Hero- extra shots Small $4.00
Super Hero- extra shots Medium $4.50
Super Hero- extra shots $5.50
Jet Fuel – Vanilla Mocha with 2 extra shots Small $4.00
Jet Fuel – Vanilla Mocha with 2 extra shots Medium $4.50
Jet Fuel – Vanilla Mocha with 2 extra shots Large $5.50
White chocolate Mocha Small $4.00
White chocolate Mocha Medium $4.50
White chocolate Mocha Large 
Cocamocha – Coconut Mocha Small $4.00
Cocamocha – Coconut Mocha Medium $4.50
Cocamocha – Coconut Mocha Large $5.50
Caramella – Caramel Mocha Small $4.00
Caramella – Caramel Mocha Medium $4.50
Caramella – Caramel Mocha Large $5.50


Smoothies Size Price 
Smoothies Flavors:(Green Apple, Peach, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Mango, Wildberry, Lemonade)16 oz$4.50
Smoothies Flavors:(Green Apple, Peach, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Mango, Wildberry, Lemonade)24 oz $5.50
Smoothies Flavors:(Green Apple, Peach, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Mango, Wildberry, Lemonade)32 oz $6.75 

Jet Frost 

Jet FrostSize Price 
Jet Frost – 50/50 Half freeze (Half frost affogato style: $0.50 extra)16 oz$4.50
Jet Frost – 50/50 Half freeze(Half frost affogato style: $0.50 extra)24 oz$5.50
Jet Frost – 50/50 Half freeze(Half frost affogato style: $0.50 extra)32 oz $6.75

Energy drink 

Energy drink Price 
Iced $3.75
Blended $4.75

Jet classic 

Jet Classic Size Price 
Jet Coffee – Medium Roast Small $2.25
Jet Coffee – Medium Roast Medium $2.50
Jet Coffee – Medium Roast Large$2.75
Jet Americano Small $2.00
Jet AmericanoMedium $2.50
Jet AmericanoLarge$3.50
Cold BrewSmall$4.00
Cold BrewMedium $5.35
Cold BrewLarge $6.50
Hot Chocolate Small $2.25
Hot ChocolateMedium $2.75
Hot ChocolateLarge$3.75
Lemonade Small $3.25
LemonadeMedium $3.75
LemonadeLarge $4.25


Oregon Chai Latte,
Matcha Green Tea Latte 
Small $4.00
Oregon Chai Latte,
Matcha Green Tea Latte 
Medium $4.50
Oregon Chai Latte,
Matcha Green Tea Latte 
Large $5.25
Iced Tea (black/Green) Small $2.75
Iced Tea (black/Green)Medium $3.25
Iced Tea (black/Green)Large $3.75
Hot Tea (bag)$2.25

Lil Jets 

Lil Jets Price 
Kids Smoothies $3.35
Apple Juice $2.25
Hot Chocolate$2.25
Lemonade $2.25
Freeze 50/50$3.35


Pastries Price 
Muffins (Banana, Blueberry, Cranberry, Double Chocolate)$2.75
Dessert Bar(Chocolate Death, Granola Nut, Raspberry Jammer)$3.25
Umpqua Oat &Straw Propeller $3.75
Biscotti(Hazelnut, Java Bean)$3.25 
Croissants(Butter, Chocolate)$2.75
Bagels (Asiago, Cinnamon Raisin Everything, Plain $2.00
Protein Punks (Sunflower Butter Coconut Almond Dark Chocolate)$3.25

How to order from Jet coffee? 

Jet coffee has versatile means for ordering bagged coffee. You can order online  through their website or visit their store. However, the cafe offers drive-thru and dine-in services only. Meaning, you need to walk into their cafe to order food and beverages. Jet coffee doesn’t have delivery services for people who love placing orders online. 

Jet Coffee contact information 

Postal address: 101 Camino Real, suite A Lafayette, LA

Operating Hours: Mon to Fri 05:00 AM – 08 PM, Sat 6:00 AM- 9:00 PM, Sun 7:00 AM-8:00 PM.

Telephone: (877) 585-1085

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Final words 

Jet coffee is the ultimate option when you need to taste great coffee fresh and roasted by experts. It offers specialty coffee and fresh pastry, which keeps your appetite quenched. With Jet coffee menu prices guide, it’s evident that you can enjoy great choices at the coffee shop. 


Does jet coffee have a gluten free menu? 

Apart from the pastries, beverages are gluten-free. For gluten-sensitive people, you can enjoy coffee and other beverages without worrying about gluten intolerance. 

How is Jet coffee rated? 

The coffee shop has a high rating on different platforms. It has 4.9/5 on Google and 4.5/5 on Facebook, and 5/5 on Yelp

Does Jet coffee have outdoor seating space? 

Yes, apart from indoor space, you can enjoy relaxing outdoors as you sip your coffee.