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The Ultimate List of 21 Viral Starbucks Tiktok Drinks

Everyone who uses their phone knows that Tiktok is a sensational app. Even if you don’t have Tiktok downloaded on your device, you would have come across Tiktok videos through your other social media handles. One of the best uses of watching such videos, other than entertainment, is the access to abundant creative ideas and recipes. Well, Starbucks Tiktok drinks are no less a sensation in this way too!

Many Tiktokers have gone out of their way to provide their audience with delicious Starbucks must-try drinks, and we have compiled the perfect list for you to try these fantastic drinks!

What is the Tiktok Drink at Starbucks?

The Tiktok drinks at Starbucks are popular customized drinks that went viral through Tiktok. These are mostly Starbucks secret menu Tiktok drink that has been popularized by Tiktokers globally. These drinks are a must-try as they come highly recommended by many.

So, if you are a huge fan of Starbucks and love the various drinks available at your nearest Starbucks store, this is your sign to grab one of these unconventional beverages!

List of 21 Best Starbucks Tiktok Drinks

Without wasting your time, here we present a freshly curated list of the most viral Tiktok Starbucks drinks that should be your next Starbucks order.

1. The Tiktok Drink

One of the most popular and widely ordered Tiktok drinks is a truly delightful Starbucks creation and must be tried out by everyone at least once! This drink has the base of the famous Strawberry Acai Refresher.

Ask your barista to serve you a Strawberry Acai refresher blended with three scoops of strawberry and blackberry inclusions. Have this refreshing drink on a hot summer afternoon and give yourself a chilly treat.

2. White Mocha Iced Coffee

One of the most popular Tiktok viral drinks at Starbucks is the White Mocha Iced Coffee, an unbelievably tasty coffee from the Starbucks secret menu.

So, on your next visit, ask the barista for an iced coffee with pumps of white mocha and sweet cream. This thick and creamy iced coffee will add a great flavor to your routine life!

3.     Gummy Bear Drink

Don’t get misguided by thinking this drink is for kids only because you will be surprised to know how popular this drink is among adults as well!

This sweet drink at Starbucks is made on a base of lemonade. Just ask your barista for three pumps of raspberry syrup added to lemonade, and you will get yourself a delicious drink to beat the summer heat!

4.     Sunset Drink

If you think that the drink’s name is really pretty, wait till you try out this delicious beverage on your next Starbucks visit.

Ask the barista for a mango dragon fruit lemonade without the dragon fruit inclusions. To it, get added some peach juice and layer it with iced passion tango tea. If this drink doesn’t make you go back again and again to Starbucks, you are probably not a Starbucks fan.

5.     Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

Anyone who loves strawberry-flavored food items and beverages should thank us in advance as this Starbucks secret menu item is the right choice for them!

On your next visit to Starbucks, ask your barista for a Strawberry Frappuccino with three pumps of white mocha sauce and two pumps each of vanilla powder and cinnamon dolce. This exquisite drink is best-suited to fulfill your coffee needs with a dash of strawberry sweetness.

6.     Strawberry Foam Matcha Latte

Take an iced matcha latte and add strawberries and vanilla sweet cream cold foam blended with strawberry puree.

The drink you get now is a delicious and beautiful Strawberry Foam Matcha Latte, curated especially for all sweet-tooth people! So, get hold of this fruity delight, and you will keep going back for more.

7.     Vietnamese Iced Coffee

If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee from a different country far away by sitting in the comfort of a Starbucks, then the Vietnamese Iced Coffee is just for you!

Made specially by adding classic syrup and extra vanilla whipped cream to a venti double shot on ice, this is a savory escape from your regular coffee orders.

8.     The Kinder Bueno Drink

If you thoroughly enjoy eating chocolate, you would have surely tried the Kinder Bueno chocolate bar at least once in your life. And, if you are an ardent chocolate lover like us, then this drink is heaven-sent for you.

So, prepared by adding a shot of hazelnut to the regular iced white mocha, try out this drink if you enjoy the complementing flavors of chocolate and coffee.

9.     Skittles Frappuccino

If you, as a child, have ever wondered what a rainbow-colored drink might taste like, the Skittles Frappuccino is the delicious answer to such doubt.

This Starbucks drink that tastes as good as it looks is prepared by adding four pumps of vanilla to one and a half pump of raspberry syrup to a venti-sized strawberry Frappuccino.

10. Oreo Frappuccino

Even if you are not a cookie or a chocolate fan, you would have tasted the famous Oreo cookies at least once in your life, and fans would assure you that delicacies made with Oreo are as delicious as the cookie in itself.

Thus, if you are an Oreo fan or someone who enjoys a sweet and chocolaty drink, then the Oreo Frappuccino is a perfect match for you. Ask your barista and order a mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino with white mocha syrup instead of the regular mocha syrup, and voila! Your exquisite drink is here!

11. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Drink

There is no questioning the delicious flavor of chocolate-covered strawberry. And, to your pleasure, there is a Starbucks Tiktok drink that closely resembles the powerful flavors of chocolate and strawberry.

Just ask your barista for a pink drink topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam that has mocha added to it. This lip-smacking drink is going to make you keep craving for more.

12. Pumpkin Pie Frappuccino

The Pumpkin Pie Frappuccino is a secret menu item perfect for you if you want to get a cozy drink that will remind you of the fall season. Prepared by blending dolce syrup and scoops of cinnamon powder, this drink is served with whipped cream and sprinkled cinnamon dolce.

This delicious drink, with its various flavors complementing each other, is the perfect fall treat.

13. Tiktok Starbucks Iced Coffee White Mocha and Sweet Cream Foam

If you are a Starbucks coffee fan and enjoy a cold, chilly coffee, this drink is the ideal choice. The Iced Mocha White Mocha is served blended with vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

The caramel drizzle on the sides of the cup adds just the right amount of sweetness to this exemplary secret menu drink. However, you can order this drink in a cold brew alternative, and the taste would remain exquisite!

14. Apple Pie Frappuccino

Another delicious holiday beverage available at Starbucks but hidden from the public eye is the Apple pie Frappuccino.

This drink is the best holiday cheer, prepared by adding cinnamon dolce, caramel syrup, heavy cream, and apple juice to a regular creme Frappuccino. It is sweet and delicious and has a unique and rich flavor that will keep you going back for more.

15. Buttercream Frappuccino

The amazing Buttercream Frappuccino is a creamy Starbucks secret menu item that will soothe all your cravings.

So, if you want to try this tasty beverage out, ask your barista for a Vanilla bean Frappuccino with two dabs of caramel syrup and two drops of toffee nut syrup served with caramel in the cup. It is perfect for satiating your sugar cravings and tasting something unusual.

16.  Starbucks Sour Patch Drink

The Sour Patch Kid drink is a must-try for your kids and yourselves if you enjoy the delicious taste of Starbucks lemonade.

Give your regular lemonade a sweet and fruity flavor by adding three pumps of classic and raspberry syrups, topped with the flavorful strawberry acai. It is well-suited to add a splash of flavor to your vacation blues and is enjoyed heartily by kids.

17. Moana Frappuccino

Inspired by the lovely Disney movie Moana, the Moana Frappuccino is a favorite among people who enjoy a fruity drink from time to time.

So, on your next visit to Starbucks, ask for a white mocha Frappuccino with a strawberry puree topped with graham crackers and having a base of graham crackers. You can thank us later for introducing you to one of the most delicious and fruits Starbucks Tiktok drinks.

18. Berry Caramel Frappuccino

This one might seem like a complicated order to remember, but we assure you, once you try this, you will not want to go for the regular options available at Starbucks anymore. This drink is for all those who enjoy a good fruity drink, and you won’t be disappointed at all.

You only need to ask your barista for a Strawberry Acai Lemonade with strawberry puree, apple juice, double scoops each of mango dragon fruit, and strawberry. Then, tell them to double blend this and serve it topped with caramel drizzle.

19. Tiktok Iced Chai Latte

sweet drink at starbucks

Iced Chai Latte is one of the most bought Starbucks drinks, loved by everyone who enjoys a good cup of tea and doesn’t want to compromise on their caffeine intake.

Make your Iced Chai Latte even tastier by requesting the barista make an iced chai latte with oat milk and add to that brown sugar and vanilla sweet cream cold foam. Try out this delicious beverage on your next visit, and yes, you can thank us later.

20. Tiktok Pink Drink

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would have surely heard about this famous Tiktok Starbucks drink popularly called the Tiktok Pink Drink. Made exclusively as part of the Starbucks Secret Menu, this drink is a delicious pink drink substituted with heavy cream and shake with vanilla bean powder.

The topping of whipped cream adds even more charm and delight to this beverage. It is not just fantastic to sip but the perfect aesthetic drink that you need to show off to all your friends.

21. Matcha Pink Drink

Add a healthy twist to your regular pink drink by ordering one with matcha blended vanilla sweet cream cold foam. This drink is a brilliant balance of sweetness and flavor.

The drink looks not only beautiful but also tastes delicious. The vanilla and matcha flavors infuse well and give an exquisite flavor perfect for a self-care day treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the accumulated list of superb Starbucks Tiktok drinks was helpful. However, it is okay to have some queries regarding these drinks. Thus, we bring you the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

How to order the Tiktok drink at Starbucks?
To order any of the Tiktok drinks at Starbucks, all you need to do is ensure that you know what to order, and the barista is relatively free to make the secret menu item you are expecting. Almost all Starbucks baristas have been trained to prepare such customized orders, and you can quickly get any Tiktok drink without racking your brain.
How to order sweet cream on Starbucks app?
The sweet cream is a delicious addition to great multiple drinks, and it is easy to get added even through the Starbucks app. To add it to any of your glasses, tap on the ‘toppings’ option in your app, and by clicking on sweet cream, you will be good to go!
How to add sweet cream foam on Starbucks app?
Don’t stress when trying to add the tasty sweet cream foam to your customized beverage. Now, you can easily get it done by clicking on the toppings option and choosing this alternative.

Final Thoughts

The delicious Starbucks secret menu drinks, popularly known as the Starbucks Tiktok drinks, are perfect for adding charm to your regular dull day and making a flavorful impact on your heart. So, try these beverages on your next visit, and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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