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What Is the Atomic Coffee Bar Signature Coffee? Atomic Coffee Bar Menu Prices

Atomic Coffee Bar is one of the places where coffee is served to create an exceptional experience. The environment and staff are amazing when you want to relax and explore various coffee drinks at the coffee shop. 

For anyone looking to experience some of the best taste, it’s worth checking the latest atomic coffee bar menu prices. This drive-thru is a superb option when you need to take a break from the large coffee chains. Sit tight as we explore more together.

What Is the Atomic Coffee Bar?

Atomic coffee bar is a West Coast-styled coffee shop that offers drive-thru services. The establishment was founded by two brothers, Peter and Steve, from Portland, Oregon. They opened the first location in Davenport, Iowa, in 2016 to provide outstanding coffee  in the  town.  

Serving the Quad Cities areas, the coffee bar specializes in various coffee and non-coffee drinks. 

What Is Popular at Atomic Coffee Bar? 

Atomic coffee bar, as the name suggests, deals with coffee. However, you might be wondering, what are the popular items at the Atomic Coffee Bar. Among the available menu, the most popular options include Nutty Professor, Iced Caramel Fusion, and energy drinks. Besides the drinks, you can also grab Peanut Butter Espresso Cookies and muffin tops. 

Where Does Atomic Coffee Bar Get Its Coffee From? 

The coffee bar doesn’t roast its coffee. However, it sources the coffee from Intelligentsia. According to intelligentsia, it sources coffee from different countries in Central America and Africa.
Apart from sourcing from different regions, the company also engages in direct and single sourcing from farmers. Is the coffee organic? The coffee isn’t organic but meets all the safety and production recommendations to ensure safety and quality standards. 

Can I Drink Decaf Coffee at Atomic Coffee Bar? 

When you can’t handle caffeine, Atomic coffee bar has you covered. It offers caffeinated and decaf coffee options. Therefore, sensitive people to caffeine can still enjoy amazing coffee drinks. 

How Many Atomic Coffee Bars Are There? 

Since its establishment, the coffee shop has expanded, and as of 2023, it had 2 locations. The headquarters are in Davenport, Iowa, while the other location is in Bettendorf, Iowa. 

Does Atomic Coffee Bar Serve Breakfast? 

Unfortunately, the establishment doesn’t serve breakfast. However, you can enjoy freshly baked snacks alongside your cup of coffee. 

Atomic Coffee Bar Menu Prices 

atomic coffee bar menu

Coffee Drinks

Item 12oz 16oz 20oz 
Nutty Professor$3.45$3.95$4.70
White Choc. Bliss$3.45$3.95$4.70
Caramel Fusion$3.45$3.95$4.70
B-52 Bomber$4.70$5.20$5.70
Drip Coffee $1.45$1.95$2.40

Iced Drinks 

Item 16oz24oz
Cold Brew $3.45$3.95
Iced Tea $2.020$$2.70
Matcha Iced Tea $4.20

Teas (Hot) 

Item 12oz16oz20oz
Hot Tea $2.05
Matcha Latte 
Chai Tea Latte $3.50$4.00$4.70

Blended Drinks 

Item 16oz24oz
Protein Smoothie $5.50
Fruit Smoothie $3.95$4.70
Energy $3.50$4.00
Chai Frappe $4.20$4.70

Not Coffee 

Item Small Medium Large 
Energy $3.25$3.75
Soda $1.95$2.45
Hot Chocolate $2.20$2.70$3.20
Kid Steamer $1.70

Atomic Add-Ons 

Item Price 
Muffin Top / Cookie$2.50
Protein Puck$3.00
Almond, Coconut, Soy Milk $0.85
Extra Flavor Shot$0.50
Extra Shot Espresso$0.90
Extra 2x Shot Espresso$1.45

How to Order from Atomic Coffee Bar? 

Atomic Coffee bar is a drive-thru establishment. Therefore, you can only order your coffee and take it away. There are no dine-in services or deliveries offered at the coffee bar. 

Atomic Coffee Bar Contact Information and Operating Time 

Postal address: 4707 N Brady St, Davenport, IA, United States, Iowa

Operating Time: Mon-Sat 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Sun 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM 

Telephone: +1 503-686-5055 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Final words 

Although Atomic Coffee Bar menu prices aren’t large, there are amazing drinks to celebrate. The coffee, tea, and other drinks are refreshing. Whether you want your beverage hot or cold, the coffee bar offers an excellent way to start and end your day. 


How much caffeine is there in Atomic Coffee bar coffee?

The caffeine content for an average cup of coffee at Atomic coffee ranges from 100 mg to 120mg for a 12oz cup. 

Does Atomic Coffee Bar have gift cards? 

You can buy gift cards from Toastab or at the coffee bar store. 

Is Atomic Coffee bar pets-friendly? 

Yes, the establishment is pet friendly. 

Where does Atomic Coffee Bar get its tea?

The tea leaves used at the coffee bar are sourced from Kilogram Tea. 

Where does Atomic Coffee Bar get its syrups?

The syrups used in the coffee bar come from Torani.

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