Pavement Coffeehouse menu prices

Looking for Good Coffee to Re-Energize Your Body? Pavement Coffeehouse Menu Prices

Exploring Boston city should be a perfect opportunity to discover new coffee houses. Especially if you are a coffee enthusiast, a good café will give you a reason to be motivated. Pavement Café is one of the fantastic spots where coffeeholic can spend their time. 

Before heading into the coffee house, let’s see what pavement coffeehouse menu prices look like. It’s time to discover how the coffee and bagels in the coffeehouse taste. Let’s go. 

What is Pavement Coffeehouse? 

Pavement Coffeehouse is an independent coffeehouse based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Founded in 2009 by Larry Margulies, it has been dealing with single-sourced coffee and roasting. 

The founder, also the owner, aimed to create a unique place where people could enjoy fresh coffee. Since the coffeehouse establishment, it has maintained customers and creates unique coffee that appeals to every coffee drinker. 

What’s popular at Pavement Coffeehouse? 

When you think about getting into Pavement coffeehouse, you might wonder what’s popular in its menu item. The most popular items include cold brew, Spanish latte, iced coffee, Sunrise, and Tequila sunrise. Apart from these popular treats, the menu is extensive and worth testing.

Where does Pavement coffeehouse come from? 

The coffee that Pavement coffeehouse comes from Africa and South America. The coffee is sourced from contracted farmers and small farmers, and cooperatives. Due to the single sourcing, the coffee is always clean, safe, and sustainably produced.

Does Pavement Coffeehouse Serve Lunch? 

The café offers food in their stores. However, the available food and snacks are available all day. Whether you want to enjoy the food in the morning, during lunch hours, or evening, there are treats as long as the stores are open. 

How Many Pavement Coffeehouse Locations Are There? 

When around Boston, it is easy to enjoy coffee from Pavement Coffee beverages in its multiple locations within the city of Boston. This ensures customers can enjoy great coffee without restriction. As of February 2023, the coffee house had 8 locations. 

Pavement Coffeehouse Menu Prices

Pavement Coffeehouse coffee

Bagels & Spreads

Item Price
Build Your Own$2.95
Bagel, as is$2.95
Half Dozen Bagels$15.95

Bagel Sandwiches

Item Price 
Egg & Cheese$7.95
Tequila Sunrise$10.95
Presto! Pesto!$10.95
The Fix$9.95
Vegan SunriseVegan Sunrise
Vegan Egg & Cheese$8.45
Vegan Tequila Sunrise$10.95
Vegan Presto! Pesto!$11.45
Classic Lox$11.95
Classic Turkey$9.95
Spicy Tempeh$9.95

Pastries & Other

Item Price 
Yogurt Parfait$5.50
Overnight Oats$6.00
Blueberry Muffin$4.00
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin$3.75
Chocolate Croissant$4.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.50
Coconut Cookie (vegan)$2.50
Banana Muffin (vegan)$4.00
Cape Cod Chips$2.50
Granola Bag$8.00


Item Price 
Hot Coffee$3.25
Iced Coffee$3.75
Cold Brew$4.25
Iced Death Cream$5.25
Iced Maple Death Cream$4.00
Red Eye$4.00
Iced Red Eye$4.00
Box of Coffee$25.00

Hot Drinks

Item Price 
Vanilla Latte$6.00
Maple Latte$6.00
Spanish Latte$6.00
Hot Chocolate$4.75
Hot Tea$3.75
Chai Latte$3.75
Matcha Latte$5.50
Matcha Latte$5.50
Cinnamon-Fig Latte$6.00
Apple Cider$4.75

Iced Drinks

Item Price 
Iced Latte$5.50
Iced Americano$4.25
Iced Vanilla Latte$6.00
Iced Mocha$6.00
Iced Maple Latte$6.25
Iced Spanish Latte$6.00
Iced Tea$3.75
Iced Chai Latte$5.50
Iced Matcha Latte$5.75
Iced Cinnamon-Fig Latte$6.00

Other Drinks

Item Price 
Bottled Water$2.50
Chocolate Milk$4.50
Green Juice$6.50
Orange Juice$5.50

How to Order from Pavement Coffeehouse? 

Pavement café is a great place to enjoy your coffee. It allows for different ways to order your coffee. But is Pavement Coffeehouse online ordering available? The café provides dine-in, takeaway, and online ordering. Online pre-ordering is achieved through Toasttab

To order your brewed coffee or food from Pavement Coffeehouse, follow the following process. 

1. Log into the Pavement Coffeehouse website. 

How to Order from Pavement Coffeehouse 1

2. Click on the location icon to reveal all Pavement café stores. 

How to Order from Pavement Coffeehouse 2

3. Select your ideal locations and click ‘Order Ahead.’ You will be directed to Toasttab ordering page. 

How to Order from Pavement Coffeehouse 3

4. Pick your menu item, customize it, and click ‘Add to cart.’

How to Order from Pavement Coffeehouse 4

Pavement Coffeehouse Contact Information and Operating Hours. 

Postal Address: 1243 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, Massachusetts, 02134, United 


Operating Time: Mon -Sun 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 617-236-1500 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Final Words 

When good coffee is all you need, Pavement Coffeehouse menu prices offer you a wide selection. The coffee, tea, and bagels are some amazing treats to enjoy in the café. Also, the coffeehouse provides a perfect atmosphere for all coffee drinkers. 


Does Pavement café have vegetarian options? 

Yes, the café offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly food and drinks. 

Is Pavement coffeehouse good for kids? 

The café is a perfect place for kids since it has food and drinks that kids can enjoy. 

Is Pavement Coffeehouse good for groups? 

The coffeehouse is suitable for groups since it has a large space accommodating 64 people per lot.

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