French truck coffee menu prices

Premium Coffee from Best Coffee Producers: French Truck Coffee Menu Prices

Hopping into any French Truck coffee cafés near you allows you to enjoy an excellent brew. The café has some exceptional coffee roasted and brewed by experienced baristas.

The good thing is French Truck coffee menu prices offer some fantastic beverages. Whether your favorite is iced coffee, Chicory coffee, Shakerato and other amazing coffee beverages, they are available to taste. This menu price review offers you the latest treats to get at the café.

What Is French Truck Coffee? 

French Truck coffee is a coffee roastery and café that predominantly serves coffee. Dealing with retail and wholesale coffee, the company is known for its premium quality coffee. 

Founded in 2012 by Geoffrey Meeker in New Orleans, coffee has established itself as the premier coffee house. Inspired by the desire to create a coffee house that serves freshly roasted brewed coffee, the company offers some of the best experiences. 

Why Is French Truck Coffee Popular?

The coffee house is one of the popular establishments in New Orleans. But what is popular at French Truck coffee? The ultimate and most popular treats available at the coffee house include iced coffee, New Orleans Iced Coffee, Latte and Build-a-Biscuit. 

Apart from the brewed coffee and baked products, the coffee house also has exclusive bagged coffee. You can get Ethiopia Checho Bita, Guatemala Finca Dos Socios, Colombian Yellow Pacamara, and Kenya Embu, among others.

Why Is French Coffee So Sweet?

why french truck coffee sweet

Ever wondered why the coffee from French Truck Coffee is super sweet? Well, the coffee employs some of the best tricks to ensure what ends up in your cup is super exciting. The coffee is always freshly roasted before being shipped or brewed. 

Apart from freshly roasted beans, coffee is single-sourced. Actually, the company gets coffee from Latin America and East Africa. The single sourcing ensures the flavor is always consistent. 

How Many French Truck Coffee Locations Are There? 

Since it opened its doors, coffee has established more locations. Headquartered in Telemachus St, New Orleans, Louisiana, the company had 10 locations as of January 2023, spread across Louisiana, Texas and Tennessee. 

French Truck Coffee Menu and Prices

Coffee & Tea 

Item Price 
New Orleans Iced Coffee$4.50
Iced Oji$4.25
Iced Latte$4.50
Iced Mocha$5.00

Hot Drinks 

Item Price 
Just a Cup
Pour Over$3.75
Chai Latte$4.50
Cafe Au Lait$4.25
Chai Latte$5.00
Frosted Mint Mocha$5.95
Hot Chocolate$3.00
Snickerdoodle Latte$4.50


Iced Tea$2.50
Hot Tea$2.50


Item Price 
Chocolate Croissant$5.25
Ham & Cheese CroissantBlueberry Muffin $6.00
Jalapeno Sausage Roll$6.00
Babka Muffin$4.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.50
Everything Bagel$3.50
King Cake Mini$6.00


Item Price 
Croissant Sandwich$10.00
Yogurt & Granola$8.00
Waffle & Fruit$10.00
Waffle Sandwich$11.00
Avocado Toast$6.00
Pimento Toast$6.00
Salmon Toast$7.00
Prosciutto Toast$7.00
Combo Toast$10.00
Quinoa Bowl$9.00


Item Price 
Turkey Sandwich$9.00
Avocado Salad$8.00
Caprese Salad$7.00
Goat Cheese & Pecan Salad$8.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$8.00
Pesto Chicken Sandwich$8.00
Cup of Soup$6.00
Bowl of Soup$8.00
Fruit Cup$5.00
Side of Yogurt$5.00
Side Boiled Egg$3.00
Side Scrambled Egg$2.00
Side of Bacon$3.00
Side of Toast$2.00
Side of Avocado$3.00
Side of Chips$2.00
Side Salad$3.00
Side of Chicken$3.75

Grab & Go 

Item Price 
Bottled Water$2.50
Richard’s Sparkling Water$2.50
Sahale Almonds$2.25
Sahale Pistachio$2.25
Blood Orange Juice$4.95
Strawberry Lemonade$4.95
Orange Pineapple Juice$4.95
French Truck Vanilla Cold Brew Concentrate 32 oz$14.50
French Truck Dark Cold Brew Concentrate 32 oz $12.75
French Truck Medium Cold Brew Concentrate 32 oz$13.25
French Truck Decaf Cold Brew Concentrate 32 oz$14.50

How to order from French Truck Coffee?

Well, French Truck Coffee offers Dine-in and Takeout. However, the café doesn’t offer delivery services. Online ordering enables you to order in advance and collect your food at your nearest selected store. 

One of the amazing things is through the French Truck Coffee website, you can access the menu for all the café locations. Some include French truck coffee Baton Rouge menu, French truck coffee crosstown menu, French truck coffee, and Memphis menu, among other locations. 

This is how to go about French truck coffee orders online. 

1. Log into the French Truck Coffee website and scroll down until you see Visit Us.’ 

how to order french truck coffee online step1

2. Choose your ideal location and click on ‘Order Takeout’ to access the menu on Toasttab.

how to order french truck coffee online step2

3. On the displayed menu, click on your menu item. Customize the item and press ‘add to order.’ 

how to order french truck coffee online step3

French Truck Coffee Contact Information & Operating Time 

Postal address: 116 S Telemachus St, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70125, United States 

Operating Time: Mon-Fri 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Sat-Sun 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Telephone: (504) 298-1115

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Final Words 

French Truck Coffee has excellent beverages, food and freshly roasted bagged coffee to grab. The sweet coffee ensures everyone with a love for great beverages gets maximum satisfaction. Therefore, if you need to kickstart your day with a refreshment, French Truck Coffee menu prices are all you need to check to identify what to grab. 


Does French Truck Coffee offer chicory coffee concentrate?

Yes, the coffee house has chicory coffee in all branches. 

Can I use Apple Pay at French Truck Coffee?

The café allows the use of Apple pay, Google pay and credit cards. 

Is there outdoor seating at French Truck coffee? 

Yes, you can enjoy your coffee inside or outdoors as you get a cool breeze. 

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