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Where can I get great coffee? Latest Philz coffee menu prices Guide

While Starbucks may be widely known, let me introduce you to another exceptional coffee haven: Philz. It’s one of my personal favorites, renowned for its exclusive single-origin coffee offerings. Sprinkled across various locations in the US, Philz is the place to relish premium single-sourced coffee.

Curious about what’s on their menu? Look no further – I’ve got the latest Philz coffee menu prices for you. Keep an eye out for both regular and secret menus, coming your way.

What is Philz coffee? A Brief History

Since its very inception, this coffee shop has been setting the coffee scene abuzz with its exceptional brewed and packaged creations. With its roots deeply embedded in the lively heart of San Francisco, Philz Coffee has branched out across the nation, proudly boasting a network of 69 locations as of 2023.

The Philz Coffee saga kicks off with the journey of Phil Jaber, a Palestine emigrant whose story forms the foundation of this thriving establishment. In an intriguing twist of destiny, he took over a modest convenience store back in 1978, snugly nestled within San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District – the very birthplace that would witness the rise of Philz Coffee.

Fast forward to 2003, a pivotal moment after a remarkable 25 years of exploration and experimentation. It was during this juncture that the evolution unfolded; the unassuming convenience store shape-shifted into the iconic Philz Coffee we have come to love. From 2003 to 2022, the brand experienced exponential growth, spreading its wings and establishing its presence in diverse states, resulting in an impressive tally of 69 locations.

But Philz Coffee isn’t merely about coffee; it’s a narrative of unrelenting passion, unwavering perseverance, and an unceasing quest for excellence. What started within the walls of a convenience store has blossomed into a sprawling coffee empire, driven by the pursuit of crafting the perfect cup of joe.

Dining Delights at Philz Coffee

Wondering if Philz Coffee offers more than just a caffeine fix? You’re in for a treat, as this coffee haven provides both bites and brews that’ll satisfy your cravings.

Beyond the aromatic coffee, Philz serves up a range of delightful edibles that perfectly complement your sips. The diverse menu includes delectable baked goods such as banana bread, plain bagels, oatmeal cookies, and more. However, it’s important to note that dairy-based fare isn’t on the coffee shop’s culinary roster.

Now, let’s get to the heart of it – what’s Philz Coffee truly renowned for in terms of both java and food? If you’re seeking the quintessential Philz experience, look no further than their iconic pour-over coffee. With a legacy of mastery in crafting this style of brew, you can rest assured that it’s the ultimate highlight of your visit to Philz.

philz coffee featured menu

Philz coffee menu prices

Light roast coffee

Coffee Size Price 
Sooooo Good1lb $3.50
Canopy of Heaven1 lb $4.72

Medium Roast

Silken Spendor$3.50

Medium Blend Roast 

CoffeeFlavor SizePrice 
Philtered SoulHazelnut flavor and Chocolate.1lb $14.20
TesoraCaramel, nuts, and butter.1lb$14.56
UnityBerries, Dark Chocolate, Toasted Marshmallow1lb$21.63
PhilharmonicCardamom, maple, and earth with fresh mint leaves.1lb$16.46
Silken SplendorDark Cocoa, Citrus, Butterscotch.1lb$16.46
Julie’s UltimateToast, berry, and vanilla.1lb$14.56
Greater Alarm1lb$14.56

Dark Roasts Coffee

Coffee Price 
Jacob’s Wonderbar Brew$3.50

Lighter Blends Coffee 

Ambrosia Coffee of God1lb$18.94
Dancing Water1lb$14.56
New Manhattan1lb$14.56

Darker Blends Coffee 

Aromatic ArabicSmoke, Walnut, Earth.1lb$14.56
Smoke, Walnut, Earth.Toffee, Cherry, Cinnamon.1lb$14.56
EcstaticChocolate, Syrup, Caramel.1lb$22.01
Tantalizing TurkishCardamom, Tobacco, Herbs.1lb$14.56
Jacob’s WonderbarDark chocolate, smoke, and nuts.1lb$16.84

Featured Creations

Item Price 
Mocha Tesora$5.74
Iced Coffee Rose$5.42
Ecstatic Iced Coffee$3.79

Specialty Coffees 

Philz “Mocha” Tesora$4.51

Decaf Coffee 

Luca’s Unplugged Decaf1lb$19.15

Single Origin Coffee 


Hot Chocolate

Item Price 
Phil’z Hot Chocolate$3.51

Teas and Varietals 

Item Price 
Philz Iced Tea$3.94
Phil’z Fresh Chai$3.51
Mint Tea – Herbal$3.51
Mint Tea$3.50
Yerba Mate Tea$3.51
Green Tea$6.13
Istanbul Treat$3.50
Chamomile Tea$3.51
Black Tea$3.32

Food and bakery 

Food Price 
Lemon Poppy Tea Bread$4.85
Banana Bread$4.30
Plain Bagel$4.61
Kouign Aman$5.45
Soft Pretzel$4.60
Seasonal Danish$5.15
Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.70
Everything Bagel$4.61
Seasonal Fruit Danish$5.15
Poppy Lemon Slice$4.30
Butter Croissant$4.38
Chocolate Babka$5.45
Almond Croissant$5.22
Philz Plant Powered Sandwich$8.77
Blueberry Muffin$4.96
Ancho Chili Burrito$7.57
Turkey Sausage Sandwich$8.11
Chocolate Croissant$5.24
Bacon and Egg Burrito$7.58

Brewing Philz Coffee at Home

Love sipping on that Philz goodness? Well, you can totally whip up the same magic right in your own kitchen. See, Philz sells their roasted coffee, which means you can be the maestro behind your own cup. But where can you get your hands on Philz coffee for home? Easy peasy – they’ve got packed coffee up for grabs, either at their spots or online.

So, you’re thinking, “How do I get that coffee shipped to my doorstep?” No sweat! Ordering your dose of Philz online is like a walk in the park. All you gotta do is sign up online or snag their app for the full experience.

Having an account with Philz gives you the green light to get your go-to drink or some packed coffee ready for your home brew setup.

Now, let’s talk brew styles, according to the Philz brew guide. You’ve got options – cold brewing, French Press, Pour-over, and Auto-drip. Fancy, right?

But if you’re after a no-fuss, simple Philz cup, pour-over is your golden ticket. You don’t need fancy gadgets for this one. Here’s how to rock it:

  1. Measure out 6 oz of water and get it bubbling in a pot.
  2. Toss a filter in a strainer and give it a little prewet.
  3. Grind 10 grams of that coffee goodness.
  4. Pop the coffee into the filter and pour that water in, slow and spiral-style.
  5. You’re all set! Sip it hot or let it chill and toss in some ice for a cool pour-over experience.

There you go, coffee wizard! Your home Philz magic is just a few simple steps away.

Real Customer Experiences at Philz Coffee

Customers truly appreciate the vintage charm found at the original Philz Coffee spot in the Mission – even if it’s showing a bit of wear and tear. The ambiance of bygone days, complete with murals and cozy seating, creates an inviting space to unwind. They’re quick to point out that the service and overall vibes hit the mark.

Speaking of hits, the Mint mojito is a real winner at Philz Coffee, especially when the weather is scorching. The staff’s friendly demeanor and efficient service enhance the experience. And here’s something that stood out for them: the vegan options, including the much-loved impossible breakfast sandwich.

Simplicity shines through in Philz Coffee’s mobile ordering system. Customers are enthusiastic about the personal touch – seeing the picture of the coffee maker crafting their cup. It adds an extra layer of connection and convenience to their coffee journey.

Beyond just coffee, Philz Coffee delivers a personalized, dynamic, and unforgettable experience. From vintage aesthetics to delectable food offerings, the affection for this coffee haven is unquestionably real.

The Secret Behind Philz Coffee’s Excellence

Ever wondered what makes Philz Coffee stand out? Well, there’s a single compelling reason, especially for coffee aficionados. Philz has perfected the art of coffee brewing, making it an exceptional choice for those who truly savor their coffee experience. Notably, their expertise lies in the realm of pour-over coffee, crafted with precision using single-origin beans.

But the allure doesn’t stop at their brewing prowess. Philz Coffee offers a treasure trove of options, extending beyond the cup. For home enthusiasts, there’s the opportunity to take home their magic by purchasing their meticulously packed coffee. Whether your taste leans towards light, medium, dark, or decaffeinated, Philz has got you covered.

Yet, it’s not just about the beans; it’s the heartwarming experience that comes with every visit. The staff at Philz creates a welcoming ambiance that feels like home. And the best part? Your cup of coffee is made to order, ensuring every sip is a taste of freshness and craftsmanship, right there as you wait.

So, what makes Philz coffee so good? It’s a combination of expertise, dedication, and that unmistakable feeling of warmth that transcends each cup, making Philz Coffee a haven for coffee lovers seeking an extraordinary experience.

Contact Information

Operating Hours:

On regular days, the coffee house opens at 5:30 AM and closes at 6:00 PM. However, on event days, the coffee shop extends its hours, opening at 5:30 AM and closing at 10:00 PM.

For holidays, operating hours may vary by location. Typically, most stores are closed on Christmas, and on Thanksgiving Day, they have limited hours. To get the most accurate information, it’s recommended to confirm with your chosen location directly.

HQ Address: 1258 Minnesota St, San Francisco CA, 94107

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +1 415 841 1178

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In the realm of Philz coffee menu prices, it’s truly a gem. Despite serving up top-tier coffee, the cost remains wonderfully wallet-friendly. With a delightful array of coffee options and tasty nibbles, this coffee spot is a prime pick for unwinding. And let’s not forget the stellar service – whether you’re in for a freshly brewed cup or snagging some packed beans, they’ve got you covered.


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